Monday, December 31, 2012

This shall be my last post for 2012

Goodbye 2012! Overall, you have been an awesome year! Muacks!

I have no idea how to spend the last hour of 2012

I have already been on youtube the entire night, and right now I am...blogging.

Seriously though, I am just thinking about so many things that I could have done during the hols but didnt and being all like 'its too late now'. You know how people usually get upset thinking about stuff like that...but not me. I'm all like well if I had done those stuff then I would be regretting not doing the things that I really did, so theres really no point thinking about this point at all.

Tonight is soooo chilly. Here I am wearing a sweater and thick shorts, yet still getting chills. Funny thing is I only realised that like half an hour ago, after I decided to turn off my aircon to save electricity.

I really need to get a life. Or just get to a party.

On a windy night

Its gonna be 2013 in 1hour and 20 mins, and guess what. I AM STUCK AT HOME.

Okay originally I was supposed to go to the airport with my parents to fetch my cousins, but apparently they have a lot of luggage so there won't be enough space for me in the car. And their flight was originally supposed to land in the afternoon but it got delayed by 6 hours to 2130. I was fine with that, cause there would be more than enough time for them to fetch them back then come back to get me so we could all countdown together. But then boofreakinhoo its currently 2230 and their flight still hasnt landed yet.

Moreover, I have been forbidden to leave the house to go join any parties since its apparently too 'chaotic'. You see where this leaves me?

I may end up having to count down on my own.

That would be quite an important moment though; the first new year I am spending alone.


Huh so I have just written a letter to future me. So different from what I usually do. But I guess the best person to tell your 'secrets' to is yourself?

Whilst writing the letter I realised I am not one to display my emotions. In fact, sometimes they are hidden so well that even I don't realise they are there, much less confront them.

Anyways, I have been living this past week being confused about what day it is, since I have been out most of the time and on the days I am home, BOTH my parents took leave, and don't forget all the christmas and new year holidays. That has resulted in me not being able to comprehend (until I happened to glance at the date) that today is the last day of 2012 and school begins in 2 days' time.

You know what would be appropriate right now? A bunch of vulgarities.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why do things like that keep happening?

The scale was off AGAIN. So for days I have been worrying about going past the maximum weight I will allow myself to get to just to realise nothing has changed.

And I believe I need to stop thinking about my weight. My goal is not to be skinny, its to be fit and toned. Gotta keep reminding myself that. Healthy food is better than no food. Water is better than diet soda. Abs are better than sucking in the pooch.

On a completely different note, this song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched the latest ep of HIMYM.

They say I'm open, but am I really?

I wasn't gonna blog about this, but I really think I should.

So the reason why I was home so late was because I was hanging out with 6R people. Or should I say, 2 dudes.

Hahah the 'gathering/outing' was so fail. We originally plan to go wcp, but it started raining so we decided to watch movie instead. So

9 of us turned up
8 of us watched Jack Reacher
6 of us had Subway
5 of us went to hobo under mrt station
6 of us continued hoboing
3 of us hoboed a bit more then went to macs to sit and talk crap

Although in the end it was just the 3 of us talking about weird stuff and gossiping about ex-classmates, it was still so nice catching up and just chillin.

I can't believe i almost didn't go. Li Ren was smsing me the previous day during lion dance and I was so distracted by the stupid gong that I said yes. Thought about backing out last min, but I felt like I was obliged to go, so I went lorh. With the mindset that we were just gonna watch a movie and have a meal together at most. 

Never would I have expected to spend almost 3 hours after that talking to my ex-classmates whom I weren't even that close to, and there were no boundaries at all. Being classmates for 3 years sort of cancelled out the not seeing one another for 3 years part. Thanks guys, for being so amazing. It was seriously damn cool.

Omg we need to have more gatherings like that, but with everybody. I was reminded that there were 45 peeps in 6R. 45!!! Lets not be so pathetic kay, lets all be cool people :)

Now that I think about it, 315 hasn't had a single class outing before. Hahah at least we will all be back together as 415 in a few days time :D

Or maybe they just cant be bothered

For 2 consecutive nights I have reached home later than 2300. Pretty late for me, especially since I had to travel home alone. 

But it has led to the realization of how much freedom my parents have given me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Really hooked

Okay lets all take a moment and look at this face

ARE YOU SEEING HIS FACE. Of course you are. Just look at that SMILE and those EYES.
That brought my fangirl level to 20%.

And this brought it to 50%.

Identical twins!!!!

Its a not-so-true fact that I am not that shallow to judge a book by its cover. Butbutbut just watch their videos! This one is the first one that got me hooked. Like a 100%.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

You know why if I turn up with puffy eyes tomorrow

The longer I lie here staring into the dark, unable to fall asleep, the more scared and worried and overwhelmed I get.

This feeling is not unfamiliar, but it is very very unpleasant.

It makes me want to...cry. I think. And have a breakdown. Or is it called a meltdown? Whatever. Both.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Under the mistletoe

Well he is considerably younger than my darlings. And this song is especially and amazingly suitable now.

So sweet <3

Sarcasm is fun, til it gets mean

3am in the morning, no one for me to rant to :( Seriously guys, its barely even nighttime!

But its ok, sleep early wake early. I totally understand.

Ya that is how sarcastic I usually am. Not very, I know. Point is, I have just witnessed some amazing sarcasm. Even though I am on the side of the receiving end, I couldn't help but admire your work. Its a whole new level of sarcasm, a level so high only the true masters can reach. Oh, and since we are all here to learn, I wikepedia-ed 'sarcasm' and they quoted Thomas Carlyle "Sarcasm is the language of the devil".

Now now, if you are reading this, which you really shouldn't be doing since you are so rule-abiding  and full of reasoning and truly believe in everything including shit taught to you, but I digress. In case you have decided to break a particular rule because you know no one will find out you have broken since you are behind that device of yours, then you are probably breaking down every sentence and word here and thinking that I am no better than you since this entire post is in sarcasm too.

Well guess what, I've got news for you. I could never reach your level even if I wanted to. Its simply too...whats the word..evil and bitchy and egotistical and just plain mean.

I don't understand. Why must you ALWAYS do this? Neither party has anything to gain. And I know you think you can, but the truth is, you CANNOT always get what you want. Would it really hurt so much to let go of certain things? This whole time we have been trying to find that rainbow at the end of  the storm, but you simply refuse to let go of those thunder and lightning and keep dragging over more clouds.

Oh and the boss has spoken "为什么要做得那么绝"

Dude, 2012 is not over yet

I dare say this holiday is NOT a well-deserved break. It has helped me realise how much a slacker I have been this whole entire year. Since I am basically doing the same stuff: internet + my shows + a teeny bit of work, except with more sleep.

Obviously this does not come as a surprise to me, and obviously I need to do something about it. I know kay, it does not evade me that in less than 3 weeks, it will be the start of my last year of secondary school. I am aware that in less than 3 weeks, it will be 2013. And yes, it has been brought to my attention that in 2013,  I will have to sit for my o levels; I will have to be a NCO; I will have to go to internationals; I will have to take my ballet exam; I will have to give a heck about my GPA. Damn it, I do not need to be reminded that i am going to be 16 and an IC-carrier (sidenote: not having to sneak in to NC16 movies anymore (y)).

Do you get my point? LESS THAN 3 WEEKS. I still have 2 weeks and 4 days. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Problem is, I am not the only one

I have become a cynical ass. Refusing to believe the existence of non-judgmental, non-racist, non-discriminative people. Thinking all actions come with motives. Unable to embrace everything that comes across my path.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The rare moments when you can look at your belly and not feel self-hatred

Fell sick almost immediately after coming back. WHERE ARE MY HOLIDAYS.

Original plan was to lose 2kg by end of holidays; but that seem to have accomplished itself what with me having no appetite and expelling everything i eat.

But idc if i am still sick tmr, i am going to see xiaogui. AGAINNNNN. And conveniently he likes the west side of spore :D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Musings on the road

On the way home from airport now, and looking out at the singapore scenery i am once again overwhelmed by how different the lifestyle here and back in sarawak is.

I cannot decide whether i prefer the lifestyle here or in sarawak. I was sad to leave, yet i am happy to be back. But now that i am back i really hope to be able to hang on to some part of sarawak, and not just throw away everything i have learnt on the trip.

A mere five days ago i was still ignorant and unaware of this, happily going around the shopping mall looking for things to buy that are going to make me happy.

I dare to say that these five days have opened my eyes to a lot a lot of things. The problem is there is still sosososo much other things out there for me to see.

But up till the next rsp trip, i am afraid that its unavoidable for me to turn back into that not-so-blissfully ignorant and unaware person.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kucing is not kuching, kucing is pusat

Awake at 6.15, but breakfast is at 7.30. So rare right, for me to be up earlier than necessary.

Even though i finished watching all the episodes of white collar, i keep feeling like there are more for me to watch when i go back. But there arent :( the next ep comes out like next year. You know what this is called? Its called addicted. HAVE YOU SEEN MATT BOMER'S SMILE.

Tbh i finished watching all my shows before leaving. Meaning i have nothing to watch when i go back. Howhowhow. One simply cannot be left with no shows to watch.

I guess that means rewatching. I shall start with sherlock first then move on to either tbbt or white collar. :)

The sun totally just rose while i was typing all that lol.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chipped nail polish

The scale was off, but i didnt realise, and for 1 minute i thought i had gained 3kg over the past 2 days of rsp trip. I got shocked enough to do some pilates, right in the hotel room.

Ohohoh speaking of hotel rooms we got the bigggg one! :) 2 queen sized beds with 3 full length windows spanning two walls overlooking the river. I know i know sounds so cool rightttt.

Slacking around watching tv now. Just watched the second half of megamind and currently watching contagion. Probably gonna watch tower heist on monday night. Haha all these movies i watched around this time last year too.

I wanna do more shoppingggg.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I yearn for them to be together

I ship couples that are apparently weird/gross/only shipped by the minority.

And the above sentence is based on a single ship, but my biggest ship of all. Snamione.

Uhhuh. Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

So far I only know one other person who ships them and 80% of the people I told responded with 'ew!' My ship started like all other ships: a single fanfic. Started out as a fatherly-daughterly relationship, but things spiraled such that they became romantically involved. I dont know if its the author or the couple, but the fanfic was super sweet and touching and the first one with more than 10 chapters that I actually finished reading. I think what drew me in was the way Snape was able to turn into a gentle confidant for Hermione at the times she needed a trustable adult by her side. Always wanted to know more about the self-sacrificial Snape beyond his cold front.

Not gonna link you; but there are so many of these out there that I think whoever cant find them deserve to be locked away.

Second biggest Harry Potter ship is Drarry. This is not that uncommon right. At least it seems so based on the fanfics and especially the pictures.

Haha these two ships have my four fav characters. Oh excluding Fred and George Weasley. The twins are so awesome that I cannot find them partners to match their level of awesomeness. So guess what. Yep, I ship the two of them together.

I completely understand if this is the last sentence you read on this post/my blog.

Moving on to xiaogui, xiaozhu and rainie yang. At first I didn't know whether to put rainie with zhu or gui, but I learnt about the things that happened while rainie and gui were together a decade ago, and now I want them back together. However what made me like zhu and gui in the first place was because of the 2008-2010 era of ylbfb, when the two of them were on screen together all the time.
Final verdict is that gui should be bi. So that he can be with both rainie and zhu at the same time. :)

This next couple I never realised I shipped until a part a brought it up. Johnlock.
Just 2 more. House and wilson. Neal and Peter.
If you do not understand why I ship these couples, please do not come back until you do.

To offer you a easy way out, youtube videos do evoke certain emotions.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Out of sight, out of mind

Been hiding my legs under jeans and pants and my stomach under t-shirts; makes me unmotivated to keep fit. No work today and tomorrow, guess I am bringing out the crops and tanks and shorts. Haha yeah thats how I try to control my weight and fats: by displaying them.

My table is at its messiest this year. Been covering up the mess with even more mess. So now its like layers of mess that I will need to spend one whole day to clear up. Haish i think that day will come at the end of the hols. In the mean time I shall take up the other tables in the house.

I took out my luggage for rsp trip. Then I stored it away again. I believe I won't start packing until Thursday night.

Been refusing to look at the assessment books stacked on my bookshelf.
Been refusing to take out my stats worksheet and chem notes.
Been refusing to even open my pencil case.

And in case you were wondering, White Collar is an awesome show.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I have been drinking a lot of water everyday

Been neglecting my blog huh.

But nothing much has been going on.

So the last time I posted was a week ago, when we won 2nd in Nationals.

Spent Sunday at wild wild wet and ikea.

Monday morning at CCA, afternoon shopping.

Tuesday morning at CmPS, afternoon shopping again.

Wednesday I didn't go out the whole day; even had my dad send lunch home.

Thursday morning I finished watching watching all the seasons of House I have managed to get my hands on, then I went shopping in the afternoon. Hey, this time it was to get Jenny a (super belated) birthday present kay. And since I was out already, might as well you know, shop.

Friday morning I started re-watching HIMYM, then Jenny's  party in the afternoon. Haha she lives in the same condo as xinyun, so I managed to get a ride to ballet. Thanks!

Its currently 17:41 on Saturday. Haven't been out the whole day, but there is ballet in half an hour, and I was kinda sorta supposed to practise an exercise before that....oops. But HIMYM from the moment I woke up till now hah.

In conclusion time is passing really slowly; I feel like the holidays had started ages ago instead of just a week ago. But next 2 weeks and 2 days will be WEP followed by RSP trip, so at least that will keep me occupied.

And no my parents are not bringing me overseas cause we couldn't agree on a place to go. But at least I will finally be able to get out of Asia next year woohoo.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Keep calm and W.I.S.H.

AHHHHHHHH ohmygod ohmygod wegotsecond ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh howdidwedoit ohmyohmyohmy wearegoingtoAMERICA OHMYGOD WE GOT SECOND.

That was all we could say while going on stage, while on stage, while going off stage, while queueing for food, while eating, while dismantling our booth.

All the time and effort and money and late nights were so worth it.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

buhbye fats, wasn't nice knowing you at all

Motivational pictures aren't supposed to un-motivate you :(

My recent lack of exercise has been so apparent that my dad asked me to go down and run.

Reluctance. But one simply cannot ignore the layers and layers of fats slowly but surely building on.

So I went down. And started running.

Well not really running. More of jogging. Slow jogging.

You should have seen this other guy who literally had sweat dripping off him as he ran.

Back to main point. Once I got past 2km, I couldn't stop.

I had expected to run 2.4km at most, but I just kept running.

My legs were doing the same motion over and over again, to the point I wasn't even aware of it.

I let my mind wander; thought about things that happened today; thought about things that are going to happen; thought about the perks, which I had just begun reading. 

I was trying to remember too. How nice the breeze felt; the feeling of muscles getting toned up; the stability and determination of each step.

In the end my dad had to plant himself in my way before I started on yet another round. 

I think we were both shocked at how long and far I had run. 

But I think its just because the pace was so slow. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not trying to be skinny. Trying to be toned.

Oh gosh I feel so healthy just because I went to get myself an apple. HAHA.

Getting influenced by a lot of people to be healthier. The problem is half of me wants to be healthy but the other half is still living in delusion hoping that a bag of chips is not going too affect my body. So I am stuck in the middle. I jog I eat fruits I drink water. But I laze I eat junk I forget to drink water. Its so on off on off.

Maybe thats why my weight has not changed at all the whole of this year.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can't get enough

Forever 21 stuff finally arrived! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sososoosososo many pieces for me to obsess over! Since they were clearing summer stock, there were so many super cheap crop and tank tops! On top of that, there was 50% off everything + free delivery! So cheap that it is unbelievable.   Somemore the time when I ordered the stuff was when my shopaholic juices were boiling fervently and I ordered so much stuff at one go!

Next week all my accessories are coming too!

So exciting to receive packages and rip them open and rip the stuff inside open and get nice surprises since I usually forget what I have ordered.

Can't wait to get my hands on the parcel coming next week.

Not entirely my fault lorh

Last week I was on the bus with zhang xuan and there was this other RGS person standing opp. us. She had on a yellow nametag and me being kaypo as always was trying to read her name. And after I managed to make out those tiny letters, I was thinking to myself: wow that is a unique spelling...but I think I have seen it before somewhere...hmmm I think I can tell her origins just based on her it really this spelling or is my eyesight just failing me.

Okay on to the main point, after like 20 minutes of staring at this person but pretending to not be staring, her name suddenly went CLICK in my mind. Ohmytian isn't that a part a. OK wait wait calm down. Let me mentally match her name to her face. Wow does she look different with specs. How the pong did I not manage to recognise her at first. Oh great now she must be really creeped out by me. Lets hope she does not recognise me; I have not temped as yet anyway. And is she getting off at the same stop as me? Uh yes she is....okay calmly and slowly walk cool.

Haish dont you think it is extremely fail and sad of me to not recognise my own junior :(

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caught in the rain with no extra clothes

Pounding head. Dry throat. Weak limbs. Temperature at 38.5. I guess i am sick huh.

Last night's sleep was unrestful, so I woke up a lot earlier than expected this morning. Despite the headache, I decided to watch Sherlock which  required a fair bit of brain power to follow instead of like some funny sitcom. Don't ask me why.

Ohgod now I am sure there is something wrong with me. Do you even know how long it took me to type the above. It was like type, realise I typed something wrong,  thought I deleted, realise I didnt, delete, type again, cycle repeats.

Stop judging me; be nice kay.

I shall now veer off into a completely different topic. Don't you think its so nice of me to warn you?

I think I am supposed to be utterly upset/depressed/crying over my Chem paper. Does the fact that I am not mean that I am escaping and preventing reality from sinking in; or that idgaf anymore? The sad part is, my Chem results are actually not bad when compared to my Malay results.

Okay I don't like thinking about those things. CHANGE TOPIC.

To all of you reading this post and my blog, do you really have nothing better to do than stalk me? I am not an inspirational blogger who would come up with meaningful like philosophies; I am not a celebrity blogger who would garner a lot more views; I am not a fame/money-seeking blogger who would do ads all day and hope to become famous.

And even if you really want to stalk me, there is nothing much here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

While my stomach rumbles

I finished all the shows on my com. Everything is still too fresh in my mind to rewatch.

So I went running. For the first time in at least a month. I kid you not. Ran a longer distance than I expected to, but it was a slow run.

Even though eyas have been over for 5 days, and there was no school these 5 days, I have yet to be able to catch up on my sleep. Eye bags and dark circles are still there. Not pretty :( And they are quite severe. Even concealers can't conceal them, which is quite sad, since you know, concealing is the only job of a concealer...

Okay I shall go sleep.

I want a knit top

Whew past few days were packed. And all the free time I had I spent watching shows and reading a book, in a bid to enjoy at least a bit of 'me time'. Btw, zhang xuan thanks for recommending Sherlock. AWESOME.

Not prepared to get back results at all. These past few days have been like an escape from reality and so many things going on leave no space for thinking about results and GPs and GPA and wtv else.

Tried to clean up my room, but once again, surface cleaning. The files only look neat because they are arranged in one row, but inside, all the worksheets and notes are jumbled up and messed up and screwed up. And its so easy to hide an unsightly closet by simply closing the doors.

I have a feeling the stamina is so bad now that I can't even run 2.4km without stopping. And since I haven't actually went to test it out yet, I don't know whether its true. Everyday I have been telling myself that I should go jog, but everyday that doesn't happen.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jumbled up

The bubble has burst. Oops. Spent 3 hours with platmates, having lunch and chilling at starbucks. Been a long time since I felt so relaxed. And the journey home was perfect. There was no waiting time and although the weather had stared getting cloudy midway it only started raining the moment I got home. So obviously I took a nap. This morning my eyes were hurting cause my eye bags were huge and the under circles were so dark they looked bruised.

My right hand is still hurting slightly. Fortunately there are no more papers that require essay writing or huge chunks of words.

Somehow I was imagining post-eya period to be super free and nothing going on. But nope, a lot of things to deal with. Right after the end of papers tomorrow we are meeting to discuss about orienteering comp, then friday will be eaten up by cmps and ballet. In fact, I think I am expected to spend a lot of time on ncc, cmps and ballet. However, i will still find time to slack. Obviously.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad news come with good news that come with bad news

It is only Tuesday. The second day of the week. Why does it feel like this week has been going on for so long already.

Oh I know why. Maybe because there was no such thing as a weekend. And since a week ago every night was just cramming info and more info and hoping they will just stay there and if they don't, there will at least be this moment of enlightenment during the paper and cursing all those people with a photographic memory. Then the following afternoon would be spent trying to empty the brain of all the previous subjects and cramming new info in.

The good news is, tomorrow will be last day of doing that. For this whole entire year.

The sad thing is, next year will be even worse.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Who needs chem when this exists

OMG one of the first songs of his that I got addicted to. Just now when it came on, I totally got addicted again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What is this nonsense

Ah shit it just dawned on me that after thurs will be a 6-days long holiday. Now that bubble is really bubbling. And keeping me awake.

Good day to you, future me

So, if you have noticed, I have been posting short posts. And rather frequently, compared to usually. And I have noticed that this is something I like to do during the eya period. Last year was updating my facebook, but this year is updating my blog. Because facebook is just not my thing. I wonder is these posts will make any sense to me in the future.

Yeah, this is published

I don't like having drafts. They are just so incomplete. And when you go back to complete a draft, the feeling now and then is not the same, so the whole post will just be ll weird and disjointed. Not good.

I obviously don't have my priorities sorted out right now

There is this bubble in me. It is taking a lot of effort to keep this bubble from bursting. In fact, a bit has burst already. The longer I keep it intact and inside, the bigger the burst is going to be. Which would actually be a good thing if only it doesnt burst before noon on thursday. And once it really does burst, I think the aftereffects would last way longer that they are supposed to. We will see how that goes.

But first there are still 7 more papers. Less than 4 days, come on!

My attention span is longer than a goldfish's

Stocked up on junk food that is supposed to last me the next 3 days. The challenge is to actually make them last that long. I will exercise after eyas end kay. Maybe. I think. I hope. I definitely should.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The word FRINGE seems so weird all of a sudden. I was googling about fringes and it just started being weird. It looks weird, its spelling its weird, its pronunciation is weird. And thinking about it feels weird.  WHATS HAPPENING.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It has gotten to the point where even my mum doesn't know whether to cry or laugh at my sheer lousiness in solving trigo, log and expo equations and my unpreparedness for tomorrow.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I feel like my room is gonna burst. Its not disorganised, its not messy (well not really), and its not super small. I think there are just too many things in here. I tried to get rid of some stuff, but was quite unsuccessful. I like my room to be this place where I can survive in for at least a few days. I try to cut it off from the rest of the house, by placing every single one of my items somewhere within these four walls. A bit like my own house within this house.

Okay I have no idea what the point of that would be, but it just feel so safe to have your own little space.

But then stuff keep piling up, and space in running out. And recently I bought a lot of stuff online, and I think they are all going to arrive in the same week. When that happens, I would have this whole load of clothes and accessories and other stuff-that-i-could-do-without-but-i-bought-anyway-because-i-need-to-satisfy-my-shopaholic-urges. I have no more space in my wardrobe to put my clothes and I think if I forcefully hag some more the rods are gonna give way. All the drawers are full and requires extra effort for stuffing everything in before it can close properly. The one section dedicated to accessories is so messy that I am proud of myself for being able to source out what I want. The book shelf is becoming more and more crowded. The table was not made for someone trying to mug eyas. There is a pointless extra chair which serves only one purpose: piling clothes on. Even my bathroom is getting crowded.

Okay, after eyas. After eyas then I will do something about it. Just try and not move anything until then.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yay so excited for exams

Its getting really hard to suppress that bubble in me. So far its been under control because of a wonderful thing called online shopping (y) If it really bursts, eya revision will just be flung away. So just to calm it down, im going to have a mini shopping session tomorrow. Super mini. Max one hour can. Hey if i dont spend that voucher soon its gonna expire! So, i need to go spend it. Legit kay. Tambahan pula, i need something to look forward to for me to be motivated tomorrow.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My heart burns

I knew I would die if I were to carry my laptop plus bio textbook to school and then to the study room. So, I  asked my dad to cut off internet connection at home. He thought I was being stupid, but I figured that was the only difference between my room and the study room.

BUT I forgot about one thing. My bed. So soft and comfy and nice. Uhhuh you guessed it. I took a nap. For 3 hours. Probably screwed up my sleep cycle again.

I think I will be really screwed if I don't finish bio notes by tomorrow.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am surprised the replay button hasn't spoiled yet

Can't stop listening to this. Ohmytian. I just can't. Super hooked. And its not like this is the first day of listening to it. Since like Wednesday, after Zek sent it to me. I almost cried after the first time. The lyrics are super powerful. And the whole feeling is just so....overwhelming. Especially since recently I have been trying to be grateful and appreciative and overall just happy. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How am I expected to have kids after today's Bio lesson

Its nearing the last day of lessons already! How the pong did this happen? Again.

This year's teachers did not leave super good impressions at first, but you can't say that any one of them is bad. Well, some were quite horrible at first but somehow, throughout the year, everybody became nice.

I really really really want some of them to follow us up next year. And others, eh, I would be glad for a change, but if they really do follow us, then wtv lah. I would rather have them then risk getting some other teachers. Heheh sec fours' experiences.

Now that CCA has stopped, the only purpose of going to school is for lessons. And it doesn't feel all that bad anymore. Because most days end super early, and the only thing you need to concentrate on is studies. Only a couple of days of lessons left this year; I am going to fully appreciate all the lessons with all the teachers.

On a random note, I think people who are able to study at home have extreme self-control. Either that, or they just have no life. I am not going to try to make myself study at home, and risk wasting a lot of time. Maybe during the hols? But then whats the point, its the hols. Well, we will think about that when we get there. Anyways, been spending some time doing things that I am actually supposed to be doing at the study room. I think its quite worth it to have to carry around heavy textbooks and notes and an even heavier laptop in order to have effective study sessions.

Monday, September 17, 2012


For English essay discussion today, we did the only interesting question available. Whether women should/should not be exempted from National Service.

Out of the 3 of us, I was the only one who thought that we should not be exempted. And obviously majority wins. So the plan was to write down a whole list of reasons why we should be exempted, and then choose a few out of that whole list.

But guess what. The list got stuck at no.3.

1. Biologically disadvantaged
2. Loss of femininity
3. Okay I have no idea where this quote came from but apparently its legit "Women in the army are more likely to get raped by their male comrades than get killed in a battle".

Even those who don't want to go NS can only come up with these reasons. Call me a biased NCC person or whatever, but if NCC were a teaser of what the army is like, then there is really a lot a lot that one can gain from NS.

Judging from my parents' view of me being in NCC, I doubt I can ever get their support if I wanted to go to the army. But if it suddenly became compulsory for everybody within the next 3 years, I honestly wouldn't mind.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


You know what just happened? I had 3 whole paragraphs ranting about exams and ballet and stress. But then, I backspaced everything.

It felt quite good watching the words disappear one by one, under my command, right in front of my eyes.

And I really don't want to just keep complaining about everything. I want to appreciate things, be grateful for things, and be happy with my life.

I say happy, not contented. There is a difference. If one becomes contented, one would stop improving. Thus, one should not be fully-contented with everything. But it would be great if one could find happiness in everything.

Life would never be perfect. But life wouldn't even go near perfection if you don't appreciate it.

Yes, ballet lessons may be thrice a week, and taking up a bit more time that I would like it to. But all these years, ballet is the only enrichment I have not given up on. I have stopped badminton, stopped erhu, stopped art, taken breaks from piano; but ballet, it has never stopped being part of my life ever since I started taking lessons. And the only reason is because I don't want it to stop being part of my life . True, there are stressful exams, extreme stretching, impossible moves that somehow need to become possible, sore muscles, bruised joints...; but ballet allows me to find something within myself, something that even I can't describe. Is it inner peace? Expression of my thoughts? I don't know, but what I do know is that ballet deserves all the time I spend on it.

Oh shit that took me way too long. I don't have the luxury of time to pen down more points with such elaborate elaborations. Just a quick list of things I am grateful for:
1. My mum for allowing me to take a break from piano lessons.
2. CCA standdown
3. Taobao
4. Yummy food from steamboat party in the morning

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moths are creepy

Saw this moth-like thingy on my bathroom wall.
Refused to shower there.
Went to use my parents' shower instead.
They had weird combinations of shampoos and conditioners and treatment stuff.
I had to use an anti-dandruff shampoo together with a hairfall control conditioner because those were the only two products from brands that I actually trust.
On hindsight I should have just brought my own stuff over.
Oh god what have I done to my hair.
If you see me tomorrow with crazy screwed up hair, dont laugh kay.
Who the hell would want to shower  in the same space as a moth.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

While ignoring 'preparation of salts'


OMG I had no idea I had missed out one whole topic for Physics. How the hell did it happen. There was not a single mention of WEP in the notebook, like wtf. AND I remember taking down some equations and formulas and stuff., but there was nothing, NOTHING in my notebook. And the transition from the previous topic to the next topic was so smooth it didn't feel like anything was missing.

One whole freaking topic leh.

Fortunately I had some sense to check the slides. BUT WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS for the other topics? AHHH that would be freaking horrible. Fingers crossed that I can do my revision thoroughly and in time.

And the first day of EYA is gonna kill me already. 3 papers, in 3 different languages, lasting all the way till 3pm. Any guesses for my current least fav number? :(

But I shall still be grateful, because being grateful makes me feel good.
1. No more PTs/AAs. I know some people still have theirs due soon.
2. The past week. AWESOME holidays. Considerably lighter wallet, but that's okay.
3. Free stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines. And obviously my darlings get featured a lot; darlings' wall slowly expanding!
4. Youtube and Youku. Bringing me tons of drama, laughter, tutorials and entertainment.
5. Popular at BPP. Today is your last day before you close down for idek how long, but damn, that was one awesome sale. Kinda glad that I only found out about the sale last week though, otherwise I would have went more than twice and wouldn't be able to resist getting more stuff each time.
6. My mom. The expert in all subjects. Or at least being the expert in most subjects and having expert friends for other subjects.
7. Sleep. Lets hope crashing for more than half a day has brought my sleep cycle back to normal and the extra sleep accumulated during the holidays can last me the next 5 weeks.
8. This one primary school classmate. So sweet of you to let me know you care.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Too busy holidaying to blog

Took one look at the eya schedule and closed it. BUT I saved it kay. Only going to face the brutal truth later. I am not done holidaying. NONONONONO I AM NOT DONE. 

These past days have been AWESOME HOLIDAYS. If, you know, they were supposed to be real holidays and not time for us to lock ourselves away and mug like shit.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Migrating to the US seems like a good idea

Cause, you know, their time is 12hrs behind ours, so at least I won't up when the sky is dark and asleep when the sky is bright.

I have been awake since 2330 last night. The only relatively productive thing I have done is to file some stuff. Oh, and I cleared up a clothes heap that was piling up and up and up.

Miraculously, my fever is sort of gone. (y) But now my throat feels like sandpaper.

I think sleeping from 1800 to 2400 is quite good actually. Because I like evening time the least, its just so sad and miserable. The period after midnight and before sunrise is just such a different atmosphere and mood. Its so quiet, except the occasional vehicle-passing-by sound. When you look out, its like black black black, but there is always a little bit of light spilling out from some windows, and those house the people who are still awake too. The best part is getting to witness the sky colour changing as the sun rises. It obviously cannot beat viewing that at the beach, but its not bad lah.

Then the day. Daytime had always seemed so much longer than nighttime, even though they are about the same, but that is probably because I had always spent nighttime sleeping. If it is a sunny day, which happened majority of the days the past few months, you get to go out in light bright clothes and be like a sunshine(?) type of person. If it is a rainy day, which I expect to happen quite often in 1-2 months' time, you get to either huddle up in bed with a good book/drama and hot milo or go out in warm clothing that makes you feel super cozy.

Evening time is just so morbid. You watch the whole day fade away before you, yet being unable to do anything about it. You realise there is a ton of work to be done by the next day, and just feel so tired. Its like a time for emoing and feeling sad :(

I am going to make sure my weekend remain relatively free, and take a break. Before Monday comes and reality sets in.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Burning up does not make me lose my ranting ability

So sad couldnt go back rulang today :( and sorry if i seemed down in the morning. People who were around me i hope i didnt spread anything to you. But then again, maybe you spread it to me! Hmph. Haha i dont think so lah, i could already feel it coming up on wed afternoon.

I think i looked really emo on the bus home today. My earphones were plugged in, and i was leaning back and gazing out of the window. But i was just trying to fall asleep can. Thre were like four groups of rgs ppl, and they were making so much noise, couldnt block out the noise even though my music volume was super loud. Oh yeah it was emo music, about the end of the world or smth. But srsly the whole bus sounded like a fish market because of them. Did they really not realise, or just couldnt even be bothered to be softer?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So i blog

The part of my brain that controls my sleep is seriously screwed. Just now halfway through chem aa i was felling sleepy but now that im comfortably in bed i cant fall asleep?

Jiayou geog people.haha suan.

Forgot to congratulate myself. Last pt/aa of the year is over! Pull through the eyas, and school for the year will be over! :D

It's called 13atch

Batch group is filled with chem aa spam. kinda annoying, dont you think? But i joined in the discussion with platoonmates. less people, less confusion. But now I'm ignoring platoon chat too. heheh. I don't wanna see something and then have to change my report.

But I guess those discussions are helpful? sort of? But from what I see, they are mostly a group of less than 5 people making different points and trying to convince one another and finally arriving at the conclusion that all can work, just need justification.

In this community filled with smart brains, the only one that you can and should trust is the one in your head. All those smart brains each have their own way of thinking and reasoning. Sometimes they clash and waste time trying to argue it out but in the end, it turns our both are correct/wrong. 

I think the problem is that the group is for the WHOLE entire batch, so there are too many voices chiming in. And no one knows everybody there. I feel much more secure in the class group and platoon group.

I can totally imagine whats gonna happen at a batch outing. Everyone would talk to their cliques about going together, and then actually go together as a clique, and even at the actual thing split up into their own little cliques, and the outing coordinator may try to shout over the loud voices for everyone to mingle, but fail.

Then again, it seems like these discussions are bringing 13atch closer together. People sharing notes, sharing info, sharing knowledge. Helping one another, encouraging one another, going through everything together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

My back makes me fell like im paralysed

Yayy blogging using ipod. (y)

If tmr were a sch day, i would either be chionging aa or sound asleep alr. Definitely not here watching house. Wait. Rewatching.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I should just become an owl

Time: 5.09AM

Hohoho new record. Not considering the nap, I have been awake for 23 hours. Even if you count the nap, its 19 hours.


And I am only a bit sleepy. Like how I would feel at 11pm on a normal school night.

Should I go sleep? Or just tahan until I cannot take it? Hmmm.

Well maybe I should let my brain get some rest and power. Chem AA is happily waiting for me to do later on in the day. And you can't exactly do chem when you are all drowsy and sleepy and not thinking.

I am hungry. Very hungry. Doesn't help that I know that there is pizza in the fridge and chips in the kitchen and milo bars somewhere else. I don't know whether it would be acceptable to eat now. Cause I  have been banned from eating and drinking except plain water after 8pm. But if i eat now, it can be considered at breakfast already. So.

Forget it. Off to bed I go. Good morning!

My sleep cycle is screwed too

Maybe due to the 4-hour long nap I took in the afternoon.

And my back is hurting so much I am in no mood to do work. So I shall proceed to download more stuff into the ipod that I finally managed to get my hands on :D

People who can lick their elbows just have shorter-than-average arms

Ah shit my back is screwed. I don't even know how. It just screwed itself. Standing hurts, sitting hurts, lying on my back hurts, lying on my front hurts, hunching hurts, sitting straight hurts. I am not the type to use super vulgar profanities, but right now I am doing so. In my head. Yeah.

Oh something interesting just happened. If I lean back on my chair and move my right shoulder up and down while using the other hand to massage it, my SHOULDER BONE CRACKS.

Crap lah it really hurts a lot.

I want to take pain relief medication. That would totally happen if
1) It were available in liquid form within 10 meters, or
2) I learn how to swallow pills right now, despite many years of failure to do so
3) I knew anything at all about pain relief medication
4) I were enough of a risk-taker to try it despite never having taken pain relief meds before.

Actually, are pain relief meds even meant for these sort of things? I just assumed so, cause I am in pain, and they are meant to relieve pain. Right?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Please give me a holiday on Monday

I foresee a very unfortunate morning in a few mere hours. But things have reached the point where there is no turning back. And it has also reached the point where a few more minutes make no difference anyway. That's why I'm here lying on my bed, blogging.

And being hungry.

And being very tempted to watch another episode of House.

Actually, I would totally do that, if I didn't have to stay back tomorrow today or wake up early on Saturday.

But as it so happens, I do.

Today Yesterday school was soooo slack. I went to school to go for Physics (so guai :D), but Ms Lim wasn't in school. So guess what. I went to school to hit a ball around and do a compre on sex ed. Wow. Such an enriching day.

I haven't rewarded myself in the past 2 weeks. And I don't think I will get the chance to this week. Nevermind, I give myself the next weekend off. Maybe not the whole weekend. Friday + Saturday. Shopping, eating, watching, sleeping, reading. Please don't let anything ruin my plans.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It isn't counted as carefree if you just chose to ignore the troubles

ORD lunch is in less than 12 hours. And I am so responsible for us not having an outfit yet. Anw J8 is bound to have something. right? well, there better be.

This weekend I finished one season of Bones. And its the normal season, not the truncated one. So, I dont know what to feel about my self right now. And I totally just thought that in a Jennamarbles' accent.

Oh can I talk about Internet Icon. The only reason I watched the finale was becuase Justin and the Fu music were there. Had absolutely no interest in finding out who the winner was. Would have been an amazing finale if Justin and the Fu music were the two contestants left.

Back to my first point, I am really interested to find out what sec fours are gonna wear. Can't imagine some of them wearing dresses. But jeans are so informallll. But then again, pirates wear pants?

Back to my second point, I don't understand or know where I am finding the time to finish one season of a show within a week. I just keep finding new shows for myself to watch. And when I really cannot find any, I go back to rewatching. All these can wait until the holidays. Screw it,  not even the holidays, just right after EYAs. Okay, persevere for two more months, and then I will be free. Push harder through these tough times, and the aftermath will seem even better.

Can't stop myself from playing this over and over again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today I came home trice the usual no. of times

My shoulder feel like they are carrying a hundred pounds. In fact, since monday, the weight has only gotten heavier and heavier.

Standing still for one hour plus was no help.

Still, I guess its a small price to pay for finally becoming 'specialists'?

Today is and maybe will be the slackest SA day. We only had Philo exam. By 20 mins, more than half the class had their heads resting on the table. The other half was just fiddling and twiddling around. Haha I Dutch-braided my hair. The teacher was giving me weird looks. But cmon I sit in the last row so its not like I am disturbing anyone.

Apparently I reached home minutes after my dad left. If the bus hadn't taken so long to come, I would have been home before he actually left for work.

Watched an episode of bones before going to the park for bio pt. It was quite creepy at the park, cause it was unusually quiet and empty. Besides me, there were only two other people there. And at the entrance I met this man riding his bicycle s.u.p.e.r s.l.o.w.l.y.

My dad was in a good mood so he dabaoed back lunch for me. Had piano lesson which was super fail cause I was really sleepy (like how I always am at 2pm everyday). Rushed back to school for ORD rehearsal, parade and dinner.

I think we did a pretty good surprise dinner. Especially the ex sec fours coming back part. The looks on sec fours' faces were like 'oh my! ohmygod! yay!' I can't imagine what would have happened if the previous previous and previous previous previous batches had been able to make it too. Then sec fours would have all their ncos together.

Cant't comprehend the fact that next year will be our very own ord already.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ang mos have weird last names

I finished watching one whole season of House. Yep, during the span of these few days.

And you would expect me to start complaining and whining about how unproductive I was and how there is so much work to be done blah blah blah.

Oh I dont know why I just spun two rounds on my spinny chair but I did. And now I am dizzy. @.@

But no, I shall not complain nor whine.

I shall obsess.

House is amazing. Even though I only watched the last two seasons, the finale was still so sad because it meant the end. :( But acc to tmy, it is because of my only watching two our of the eight seasons that is  allowing me to not be bored or tired of House.

Why do amazing shows like House and Ugly Betty have to come to an end? Its always so sad when the last scene, which is somehow always a slowly zooming out thing, comes and the ending music plays and you know its the end. No matter how many times you watch the series, the ending still evokes the same emotions. Even when you have watched the show countless times and know the plot by heart, you are still on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out what happens ultimately but at the same time, not wanting the ending to come at all.

But its okay. I still have 6 more seasons of House to go. Thats twice as long as Ugly Betty.

Oh btw I think House is a weird title for a tv drama series. Like, seriously, House?

Friday, August 10, 2012

This guy is awesome

And he has the same birthday as Singapore!


Not that I want to brag or anything, but I think I am super pro at diy-ing and recycling my old clothes.

Like, seriously.

I cleared out my wardrobe in the morning, realised I had quite a number of shirts I didn't wear that much anymore. Went to youtube and watched some tutorials. Then I turned them into super cute things like bow-backed, cropped, fringed, one-shoulder, off-shoulder shirts and twisted, large armhole, racerback tanks.

I feel like I just bought a lot of new clothes.

Singapore was only 32 when I was born

You know what, 'Friday' is playing on my laptop now. Yeah, the Rebecca Black one. DON'T JUDGE ME. 

So, this song actually stands true. Cause its freaking Friday now.

Oh my what's happening. The Katy Perry Friday is now playing.

This is sorta freaky.


Nevermind, I shall move on. 

So yeah, as I was saying. Term 3 has 3 weeks left. WTP is this. Why do I feel like the June hols just passed. Why why why.

This is so saddening omg. :(

*cue emotional music gif*

Saturday, August 4, 2012

In love with all

I realised that a lot of my obsessions have my appearances in my life before they became obsessions.

Some examples:

1. Harry Potter - Refer to previous post

2. No. 8 Pawnshop - First time I saw it was in 2003. Watched the beginning, only some middle parts and the last episode as they came out. The first drama I watched. Watched every single episode last year.

3. Show Luo - In about 2008, I watched some 100% Entertainment episodes. I think I was searching for ballet stuff, came across By2, then came across some of their performances in 100% Entertainment, and watched all those episodes. The 2 hosts just came across as 2 funny and not-bad-looking hosts. As for now, well...

4. House - During 2010 company chalet, was watching tv in the same room as sec twos, house came on. Watched a bit, didnt really understand cause he speaks super fast and there were no subtitles. Then last year during science we watched a few snippets that were super interesting. Finally found time during the June hols to sit down and really start watching. Became addicted by the first 2 episodes. Finished 1 whole season in less than 1 week.

5. A lot of youtube people. In particular, nigahiga. His first video that I watched was the rebecca black one. Again, another guy who speaks super fast. Somehow, half a year ago I was so obsessed I had a nigahiga marathon and watched all his videos in one day. Btw, his new video is too funny to not watch.

6. Ugly Betty. So idk how many years ago ugly betty was broadcasted on channel 5. Saw the commercial but didnt bother to watch it. Then one day I was so bored and desperately wanted a show to watch. Searched my house and came across this. First few episodes were a bit unexciting, but the rest were sososososo nice. Even when I had stomach flu and had to get hospitalised, I still watched ugly betty while lying in that high bed and throwing up a lot.

7. The Big Bang Theory. My aunt and uncle were watching it when I went to their house one day. They were laughing super loudly can. Tried to watch, but didn't understand any of the jokes they were laughing at. Not my fault kay, most are either sacarstic, scientific or sick. In fact, even now, I find that I understand more and more jokes everytime I rewatch it.

It has been 5 years since the Deathly Hallows were released

Saw that commented on one of the harry potter related picture (yes, i am liker of many pages and yes they are still updated very frequently) and froze. My brain rewound to 5 years ago, and realised that it was true!

No idea why this is coming as such a huge shock to me, but it is.

One of the clearer images I could dig up was one of me at my childcare centre and looking at my teacher reading the book. Back then, I had read the first, at most the first two, books and had no inkling on how great a role harry potter is going to play in my life and the last few years of my childhood.

That same year, the order of the phoenix movie was released. I knew that harry potter was popular, but didn't understand why. Out of curiosity, or probably out of the sheer wanting to join in the crowd, I asked my mom to take me to see that movie. It wasn't interesting to my 10-year-old self at all. There were just a lot of British dudes, a lot of shouting, a lot of sudden flashes of light and a lot of fighting.

Who knew, like so many others in the world, I was going to get captured into the world of harry potter and even when the exit was shown to me, not want to get out. And when I did drift out for a while, the doors still remained wide open(and they always shall), offering me the entrance whenever I need it.

The only reason why I haven't gone there for quite a while because it is darn hard to come back.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still very young kay

In less than two hours, someone will be turning 33. And hundreds of millions of people are going to wish him happy birthday.

I am going to be special. I will wish him that now.


This was never meant to turn out this way

I just looked at the time. Like literally, just. Here is my reaction. WHAT THE SHIT. 

I almost hope that it is my puffy and sore eye not being able to see properly. But, nope, my other eye confirms that its 2200.

My right eye hurts. A LOT. It feels bruised. My mom says its swollen. My dad says I watch too much videos. My grandma says I should ice it. I think I should just go to sleep.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes, that is photobooth

After this horrible terrible week, I woke up today feeling super summery.

Took a bath and felt super refreshed.

Threw on some summery clothes and felt like it was the holidays again.

And look what happened to my nails.

I know I have more useful things to do kay. Thats why there are no designs or patterns. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

“The world is like a mirror; frown at it, and it frowns at you. Smile and it smiles, too”

Piano exam can go screw itself.

Aren't grandpas supposed to be nice?

Why this one act so mean? :(

Must be cuter mah, then more people will like you :)

But its okay, Show stills loves you.

Because he is so sweet.

Aww, he even has a heart for you <3

So handsome right.

So cute right.

Hah, I bet you are jealous.



He wrote 'bra' on the board, paused, said 'this looks wrong', added 'in', then turned around and smiled sheepishly at us. The whole class went from zen mode into alive mode in that split second.

It was freaking hilarious.

Plus the way he moves his arms, especially when he tried to imitate swimming in a straight line.

So funny.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hallelujah I may actually be able to sleep before midnight!

Isn't it so great when something you expected to spend at least an hour on gets completed in less than 20 minutes.

Aiyo why so many feelings

Lethargy - Every time after sunday ballet lesson, listening to music during the walk home, the footsteps become heavier, the back becomes slouchier, the shoulders become droopier. A long week just passed, yet another long week is just mere hours ahead.

Anxiousness - So many things unclear of, so many doubts to clarify, so little time for everything.

Pain - Calf muscles are freaking sore. My toes feel like they are permanently being pinched. There is something that looks like an extra bone but my dad claims is just a blister on both of my fourth toes.

Thirst - Due to plain laziness preventing me from getting up from this super comfortable position.

Loss - Mum away on holiday for the next 2 days means no one to wake me up in the morning. I am completely capable of sleeping through alarms and my dad is super unreliable in this area so...hoping that I can wake up tomorrow despite the foresight of super little sleep.

Nostalgia - We are freaking temping tomorrow. This day and everything else after this day has always seemed so unreachable, but it is TOMORROW. On a side note, I just realised how interesting company's birthdays are.

Sweetness - Yup I just went to get myself a cup of iced green tea.

Uncertainty - So many things going on this week, I have no idea how things will turn out.

Dilemma - You know how I used to just search for xiaozhu videos, but this whole weekend I only searched for xiaogui videos. And you know how my phone used to contain only xiaozhu's music, but I now have every single xiaogui's music. Xiaozhu or xiaogui?

Joy -  Its okay, I can have both! Or maybe the two of them get together and become one. Aw, that will be so sweet.

Un-achievement - Just tidied my room 2 weeks ago, why is it so messy again?

Amazement - How have I been able to neglect xiaogui's cuteness all this while?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I thought I saw 23:00 when it was 22:00. So now I suddenly have one extra hour. And here I am wasting it away. How efficient.

I think pranks are mean. Especially those shows like just for laughs and the jap game shows. Yes, it is a bit funny, but so mean :( People just wanted to use the toilet, then end up kena raised out of the cubicle or kena go for sled ride. 

People should tell me meanings of things. Then I wouldnt have to go around finding out. I have already learnt not to google stuff people tell me to go and find out on my own. Smart right. And people telling me I don't need to know the meaning of what they just said doesn't work either. I will find out somehow. 

Omg this is hilarious :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I need cheering up

The grass looks greener on the other side

Argh should have gone to sleep at 8. Then I wouldnt be aware of all these work that started piling in after 9. And now I am super tired after chionging out a piece of very unsatisfactory work that I turned in anyway because I just can't be bothered anymore.

I can feel my brain juice being squeezed out.

Having 5 active google accounts does not help either. Everyone is sending different stuff to different accounts. No sort of organization whatsoever, not unlike the 2 drawer compartments of my wardrobe.

Today after I got home I didn't even slack. That is a super great achievement can. But I need my slack time.

I think I am going to have a surviving-half-the-week-reward for myself tomorrow.

Hopefully the worst of this week is over.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


How did I allow this book to sit in the corner of my bookshelf for the past 9 months, doing nothing but gathering dust.

How did I even manage to find it at a second-hand book sale 9 months ago.

How did I go through the past few months without finishing an actual (story)book.

How could I have not borrowed any library books for such a long time.

How could I have let myself forget how blissful it is to be able to delve into another world and spend an entire day in it.

How could I have let amazing stories that gave me goosebumps fade from memory.

This morning I woke up with a super desperate craving. I was craving for a good book, desperate to find back that feeling of being lost in a good book. I was originally going to reread shopaholic, but I figured it would take a long time to finish the whole series, so I just picked up a random book slotted right beside that series. So glad that I did. The feelings are coming back bit by bit, but I hardly have enough time to make them stay. And they make me guilty. Because its like if I have the time to read storybooks, then I should spend that time reading textbooks or chinese compositions or music scores or other boring mundane stuff.

How? :(

Oh, apparently this is my 200th post?

Today, I realised that I am a happy person. And I need to be more appreciative of all the things that make me happy. Because they could easily not have appeared in my life at all.

There is no point in being envious of other people who appear to be better. You have no idea what goes on on the other sides of their life.

There is no point in copying other people and thus living in their shadows. You need to stand out and create your own spotlight that features you.

There is also no point in trying to act. Sooner or later, you are going to 露出真相, might as well be confident of who you are.

I seriously need to stop taking everything for granted.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My thumb is swollen :(

Not gonna go to sleep until my grandma and cousin gets here. And apparently their flight has been delayed. So by the time they reach Singapore, travel across Singapore to get here, open suitcases that are full of surprises, talk a bit, and finally settle in, it would be time to get ready for school already.

Why can't I be on holiday like my cousin? Then I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow, or for the rest of the one month that they are here. Then I wouldn't have to face exams and all other sorts of assessments and just chill and relax and home. Then I wouldn't have to wear the same boring attire everyday and be able to dress up according to my mood each day.

Oh dear, I miss my holidays sooooooo much. And other people from other countries just have to keep rubbing it in. Cause they are on freaking summer breaks that last up till 3 months!

Fine I shall go back to revising my Maths :(

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Stood on the weighing scale. Looked down. Stopped breathing. Looked up. Realised laptop was in my arms. Put down laptop. Looked down again. Let out breath that I had been holding.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

“Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?’”

I just went running. In a hoodie. Haha got a few weird looks from other people. But super shiok can. Haven't ran since napfa before the holidays.

The running during PT last Monday was slower than my normal walking speed, so I guess that is not counted.

Okay, so today's run wasn't that fast either, but it was such a different feeling running in a hoodie. I think the reason why I was wearing a hoodie was because it was super cold in the evening, and I was too lazy to take it off before starting the run, so I just kept it on.

Oh and my hair was in a side braid. Cause that was the hairstyle in the evening and if you turn it into a normal ponytail for the run the hair would be all curly and crazed up.

Haha one day I am going to go running in a bikini. Under appropriate circumstances, obviously.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hai Gillian.

Haha today suddenly so sweet ah.

But seriously, so sweet :)

Totally made my day.

Muacks <3

Hai Audrey.

No, I didn't forget 3 July is your birthday.
I just forgot the date today.

But I have now remembered!

Happy Birthday Darling :D

You look taller.

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's almost like I am depressed

Okay, which normal person wouldn't realise that tiled floor causes abrasion when you slide on it.

Even if you really didn't know it, which normal person would continue sliding on it after the first time without at least wearing socks or putting on some type of protection.

And which normal person would continue doing pointe even though you realised that you had forgotten to wear toe pads and your big toes are in serious agony because pointe shoes are so damn hard.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

She's only a decade old

Omg my cousin is so cute.

A few weeks ago she was looking through my accessories and she saw quite a number of owl stuff. Then a few days ago she went to australia for competition and she bought me a super adorable owl necklace there.

During the holidays she spent a super lot of time at my house. And I influenced her to watch Hot Shot and 娱乐百分百. Haha she rooted for my darling's team :D

I have posters and pictures on my wall, and she recognised my darlings :) Well, to be fair, she recognised one direction too. Apparently a lot of people in her class are crazy over them? No, don't judge me. Their poster was on the back of my door and its only there because i think louis is rather cute.

Hoho when she starts to appreciate guys I'm gonna make her fall in love with my darlings. :p

I had one whole crab to myself

Black pepper crab is better than chilli crab, even though the latter is not bad too. 

My tummy can fit one whole crab plus one plate of rice plus one cup of iced lemon tea.

Seriously, i ate one whole crab. Like 1 WHOLE CRAB. black pepper crab. 

It has been so long since I had eaten black pepper crab. oohhhh so nice. 

Zek, I understand what you mean when you said you wanted to vomit out what you had eaten just so that you could have that meal again. 

What a nice youth day :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

"You don't say, I don't say, no one will know"

Haha he is so slack I can't even describe it. He is a good source of entertainment though. Especially today.

I don't know what to post about, or what I can post about. The stats are so high and I have no idea who can be reading all this meaningless stuff. Maybe you can leave me a clue? somewhere, anywhere. Don't leave me here wondering whether I can post what I really want to :(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sometimes I treat myself too nicely

Today there was only one real proper lesson. So slack compared to the past three days. The sleep stored from the holidays is almost running out. :(

Tomorrow afternoon will be reward time! YAY :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i'm an owl

oh god my calves are killing me. And you'd think that sitting down or lying down will be enough; but no, the only thing that works is the fetal position. And that doesn't do much either.

Friday, June 15, 2012

WARNING: no ending

Holiday, holiday, holiday, hooooliiidayyy. WHOOOO!

Apparently, my mood is not in line with the fact that I have be ready to leave in 6 hours' time, thus resulting in my feeling very very unsleepy, thus resulting in my surfing the net, thus resulting in my finding a load of showluo videos which I am going to watch now, which may thus result to my going to sleep very very late. But whatever. Gonna spend more than 2 hours on the road and more than 2 hours on the sea later, which can obviously be used to sleep.

Such a sad thing the trip is so short though :( So hard to match my schedule to my cousin's.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

No such word as 'pixelised'

Oh my its 4.30pm already?! In half an hour's time I will go watch my 100% entertainment, then it will be nighttime already! Wow, what a fast day. Well, in comparison to specs, today was fun (?) and time flies when you are having fun. Is it right to put it this way?

Hoho finally glammed myself up today after 3 days of wearing no.4.

Last 3 days                                                                                                Today
Hair all up in bun and fringe clipped back with black clip                      Hair down with a golden headband
No.4 top with black shirt                                                                        Sheer tank with neon bandeau
Baggy No.4 bottom                                                                                Short skirt
Heavy boots                                                                                           Silver slippers
Fingernails cut short                                                                               Silver toenails + Neon fingernails
Plain face                                                                                               Beautified face
Zero accessories                                                                                     Necklace + ring

Haha but honestly I have finally gotten used to wearing No.4. And now with my rank on, I can have more confidence :) Okay the pixelated uniform looks so cool with that velcro thing and the rank on :D Plus it feels so much lighter and thinner. Yay, can't wait to wear it :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is not the end; this is the beginning

(I deleted this part because certain people think it may tarnish our platoon's image if juniors read it. But it may already be too late...)

Okay so dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed, the guy next to me said "Eh, that course best person ah, from your school right? Wahsei, she look so fierce leh!" Hahaha, you should smile when receiving your award mah, otherwise scare the guys off alr. But I defended you okay, I said you were really nice and friendly :)

Okay so congratulations to you, dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed. 

And you too, dearest-person-who-got-gsk-best-and-whom-secfours-think-is-the-best-friend-of-your-other-award-winning-platoonmate.

Both of you deserved your awards :D

Today was actually really funny and quite enjoyable. Well, except for a giant blister on the sole of each foot. But other than that, the sirs finally became friendly :) My detail had a great IC, so we were first to finish for orienteering, thus we had a lot of time o sit down and chat. And then sometimes the sirs would come over and join in the conversation :) Haha they were so informal that they became sick :p

Specialist Course Phase 3 2012, 4 June to 6 June. We have turned from cadets into specialists, armed with our certificates and ranks and cookies and awards, ready to take the next step in our ncc path, and serve out units to the best of our abilities.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The worst is over, I hope

Te-o Kishanti! 
Gillian called Stephanie 'Sir'. 
Zek called Gillian 'Jenny'. 
Bernadette called Ma'am 'Sir'. 

Haha last year after camp STEEL we all felt like saying 'YES SIR!' to everyone, especially to the teachers.

There are all sorts of sirs, but I have never seen a cute one until this year. Then Shu found out today that he smokes :(  Why Sir, why? :(

While waiting for my nail polish to dry....

1. I starched my collars
2. I folded my sleeves
3. I packed my bag
4. I watched Corner With Love
5. I stalked people on FB
6. I dried my hair

Oh god this post is so pointless :(

Super interesting picture though :D :

Monday, June 4, 2012


I am going to sleep right after this post. *applause*

 I just deleted a whole paragraph about specs. Dunno why I did that....oh wells. No worries, I will give you this instead:

You tell me, how adorable he is <3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hmph I stop posting for a while and readership goes down :(

So, life.

I shall start with Show Luo. Haven't missed a single episode of 100% Entertainment since 2 months ago. Finished watching Hot Shot yesterday. Don't understand why some ppl (tsk Zek) don't like it. Sooo nice. And such a different story from HMS or CWL. And I am now watching CWL. His songs in those 2 dramas are super nice.

Especially love the part at 1:45

1:06  <3

Was babysitting my cousins from Tuesday all the way to Thursday. At least I had my laptop with me and could watch Hot Shot. They started watching with me and I now they recognise Show Luo :D  I brought them to comics connection and they helped me find a bunch of Show Luo cards :p

SPECS COURSE. ohmytian. No, now is my break time before I start memorising SAR 21 stuff, I shall not think about SPECS.

The instant noodles from ATC taste horrible. And now I am getting scolded for wasting food. Great.