Sunday, September 30, 2012


I feel like my room is gonna burst. Its not disorganised, its not messy (well not really), and its not super small. I think there are just too many things in here. I tried to get rid of some stuff, but was quite unsuccessful. I like my room to be this place where I can survive in for at least a few days. I try to cut it off from the rest of the house, by placing every single one of my items somewhere within these four walls. A bit like my own house within this house.

Okay I have no idea what the point of that would be, but it just feel so safe to have your own little space.

But then stuff keep piling up, and space in running out. And recently I bought a lot of stuff online, and I think they are all going to arrive in the same week. When that happens, I would have this whole load of clothes and accessories and other stuff-that-i-could-do-without-but-i-bought-anyway-because-i-need-to-satisfy-my-shopaholic-urges. I have no more space in my wardrobe to put my clothes and I think if I forcefully hag some more the rods are gonna give way. All the drawers are full and requires extra effort for stuffing everything in before it can close properly. The one section dedicated to accessories is so messy that I am proud of myself for being able to source out what I want. The book shelf is becoming more and more crowded. The table was not made for someone trying to mug eyas. There is a pointless extra chair which serves only one purpose: piling clothes on. Even my bathroom is getting crowded.

Okay, after eyas. After eyas then I will do something about it. Just try and not move anything until then.

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