Sunday, May 31, 2015

no regrets ok

IM IN THE BLOGGING MOOD hahahhahaha so yes TERM 2 IS OVER holyfuck the past week has been v interesting and a lot of action happened AFTER GP which was basically just wed night and thurs and fri but it really doesnt feel like GP was just 3 days ago

After gp paper ended at 530 there was extra chem lesson (ya im srs) and it was zzzzz. oh but mr wong treated pizza!!!! Its damn sad to stand on the weighing scale nowadays cos the number keeps increasing butttt pizza hehe

Then idk what was the point of sch on thurs and fri cause i basically learnt nothing. 
sat through 3 tutorials on thurs and the person sitting beside me was v entertaining (yes it was a unique experience)

BUT BAND CONCERT WAS A V NICE NIGHT. even tho music is so not my thing but kim was there to explain everything (LUVLUV) and because i couldnt hear the mistakes i was just so damn impressed hahahah.  like SO COOL to see friends performing omg im v proud of my cathigh boys hahahah. 

that time supporting kelly also ohmyyyy sososososo impressed by her and they way they just freaking dominated the court W.O.W. hahahaha afterwards me and gilly were just raving about how damn cool she is and dude SHE IS OUR FRIEND. 

fri lessons were also a joke. survived half of double physics but i gave up during the second hr hahahaha not bad alr the person beside me slept through the whole 2 hours HAHA

ROCKOUT. damn good workout it was wilddddddd. so glad i got convinced to go last min it was such a legit way to end the term YAYYYY I WAS LEGIT DAMN HAPPY

And then today morning i redownloaded insta to update myself but wow its rly so distracting like idk why im so interested in other ppl's lives esp since its just their facade. and now with the trend of spam/pte accounts ppl think they are such big deals to have the power to choose their friends ugh v annoying.

ok anw FIRST DAY OF JUNE HOLS well spent w kim and gilly. went orchard to find them to study after tuition and lol all i did was 1 chapter of org chem HAHA but omg mad talk at dinner. Went for dinner at 6 and we left at 10. and to think we actually planned to study after dinner ahhahahaha but RLY vvvvvv glad that we can talk so much shit hehe much love.

i just think its amazing how people become friends. ok matt categorised the levels of friendship on her blog (free plubz for uuuuuu) but like most of my closet friends now i didnt even realise we were becoming friends and then BOOM theres just this moment i realise 'wow im so glad you are in my life'. 

havent blogged in so long but yes first half of j2 life has been intense. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Do i really not have boundaries wth i had no idea things were so extreme. But now that i know i also damn  unsure???? HELPPPPP like everytime i think of something i should do (or not do) then some people will tell me im gonna regret doing that  but then everybody keeps offering different advice and no one can see from my pov and omggggggg KELLY I NEED TO TALK TO YOU