Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A bad mixture

I am having mixed feelings about going back to Rulang. I want to see my teachers and my ex-classmates, but I think it will really be quite awkward. Especially since I may most probably be going alone.

I think, what I will do is that I will go back, and if I don’t like being at Rualng, I will just go to my cousin’s house. Havent done so for a long time anyway.

As the wheels go round and round

I realize I can really rant and blog on the bus. When I am not sleeping, and I am not now since it is the holidays!!!! :DDDDDD WHEEEEEEEEE. If I read on the bus, I get dizzy. If I play on my hp, it gets boring. But typing you don’t really have to read the words or anything, just your fingers flying across the keyboard. If only I can type at this speed while doing my essays and stuff.

Ohohoh this girl in this pretty blue dress just came up. It looks pretty on her, not my style though.

I realize (again) I like overload posts. Like I wouldn’t post for this long stretch of time, then BAM! :P


I cant help if we are awesome

Haha, reflective thinking time on the bus. Beside CPL XY. Just started typing down all my thoughts after I ran for this bus and got a seat. 66 is comparatively empty today. Unlike that 190 that has people squeezing onto the steps of the bus.

ANYWAY, back to topic. Actually, there isn’t really a topic here. Hmmm, wtv.

Yeah, Zek, I realize what you mean when you say you like talking to CPL XY. She really is nice. Actually, all temp ncos are nice. You know what, sec threes are nice. Okay fine, RGSNCC(Land) is nice. Yep. In case you didn’t realize, there was a bit of egoing there.

Too bad, I cant help it if we are awesome.


Why do you have to be so smug and arrogant? Why do you have to care so much about little things that don’t matter.

WTP lah.

Everytime I try to shoot you down, you become all pitiful and stuff, then I will back off. But that is exactly why you start suaning me and making me feel bad to make yourself feel good. You start showing off in that super annoying way, of course I get annoyed at you.

Oh, and for once, I am not bitching about my piano teacher. This person shall remain anonymous, since I really don’t want to break that single thread that is connecting us. I just hope that that single thread will multiply. And soon. We don’t have that much time left together.

Celebrating the wonders of life

50th post. A dedication to them :)

They seemed to have changed so much after having a baby.

And I miss those days when they lived right across me and I would spend my weekends at their house, looking though his comic collections, watching his dvds and teasing him.

He is still as cute and funny, but I guess he now has more responsibilities.

And I really really respect them. They have like 2 condos and 1 flat, and they wanted a landed just that they are not Singaporeans. And they have 2 cars, a Mers and a super cool yellow and black sports car.

And everytime I would get huge presents. And for CNY, woah!

I don’t know, but it feels like before their baby, they were sort of focusing on me, and I think I sort of miss that.

But still, yesterday was fun :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh this makes the 7th post in a day. In less than an hour. What a magical number.
There are times when I write out a super long post and end up deleting everything because I hated myself in that post.
I think I need to stop it.
Why am I posting these super short posts?
My ear skin is peeling off. How awesome.
Oh i forgot a title. But i dont want to remember it now. Oh, man. Whatever lah.

Do you think I blabber? I think I blabber.
Dont really wanna talk about dinner. Meh. Just that I think that last year's one was better. And we are organising it next year. How joyful. Oh and we broke record for platoon 3rd factor. 6 out of 10 I think. Sweet.

Now now sec fours. I know some platoonmates will always love part a ncos more, but I honestly appreciate what sec fours have done for us and they are just so nice and sweet. All the mushy stuff shall be left to another time (ie after chalet when we really will not be seeing them anymore :()

It was a lousy weekend. Except for Ugly Betty. And ballet. Im telling you, ugly betty rules man. And ballet...wasnt really ballet. Yesterday was normal ballet stuff, stretching, barre, center, blah. But today we did this mordenish dance thing. Like we totally didnt have to point our toes or turn out and all those crap. It was different, and I cant say I really like it yet.

This week is basically english pt on monday, history pt on wed and tingxie on fri. Otherwise, looking forward to a happy and relaxing next weekend. Which will officially start on friday 1 pm since there is no piano lesson and end on tuesday morning 10am since i will need to study for math test the following day.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

As the world goes spinning around you...

today was a GAH day. Cause I was sick. Last night 38 degree. Bleh. I was okay in the morning, then after meeting with that mean woman, my fever started coming back. during PE I just sat by the side, feeling super cold and just wanting the lesson to end even though it was badminton that would usually have been fun. :(

Lessons lessons cmps lessons cmps rush rush get bitched searchingforjoyceerandvivianfeng blah blah blah

TKD! :D I like the stretching part, but I don't like the punching and fighting and defending part. But it may come in useful, so. We finally stretched for splits today. Felt so inflexible after not stretching for five days since I have been so busy. My left split had actually improved last week, but today it went back to being painful. Sad.

PSL interview was scary. I dont think I will get in anyways, so WTV. Me and Zek applying for house comm together :)

The interview ended at 4.25. And we were supposed to report at like 4.30 or something. Then when I went back to class, there was no one there. I actually debated about changing, maybe can just pon the whole thing. I was glad I didnt though, Encik looked so happy that there was full company strength, except for 1sg elizabeth though.

It was all going smoothly, until sec 4's speech. They were so so so so so so so funny. Maybe even funnier than ex-sec fours. Aish, it was so hard to not laugh. Then, OMG, after NCOs talked to me individually, THE WORLD STARTED SPINNING. I could sort of hear what NCOs were saying to other platoonmates, but i was totally not registering it. MY said I was sort of swaying in a circle. Hmmm. NCOs were super nice okay. It was my first time experiencing real dizziness. So not cool.

Last company games with sec fours. Fine, not really last. H2o, songs, hentak, photos. Mmhmm.

I really want to sleep now. So I shall.

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bits and pieces, here and there

Malay oral was crap. As usual.

Chinese oral better be okay. Except I have not 1, but 3 freaking huge ulcers on my lower lip.

Part as should be more situationally aware.

ORD presents are coming along, but we are running out of ideas.

I am currently watching my diet.

Actually managed to refrain from fast food and chips for the whole of last week. Quite an achievement.

Had crab nugget yesterday and chicken wing today however. Oh well.

I found a cool person on youtube. Maybabytumbler. She helped me with my scorpion. Thanks. :)

I memorised most of my chinese script on the bus home. Feeling accomplished about that.

I found another cool youtube channel. It has ALL the episodes of Ugly Betty from ALL the seasons.

I remember being addicted to Ugly Betty a few years back. The addiction seems to be coming back.

I want to post a proper post. Soon, guys,soon.

In the meantime, well, ramblings and ranting.

Like this.


Monday, August 15, 2011

buzzing around like a bee

Pffft. This week is such a busy week.

Busy, busy, bumblebee.

Lets list everything out:

Monday: TKD, ORD prac

Tuesday: Malay oral

Wednesday : Chinese PT, piano

Thursday: TKD, ORD

Friday: DSA, ORD

Saturday: RSP, ballet

Sunday: Ballet

Plus, Eng PT due Monday, History PT due Wed. Then got Advanced Math Test in week 10, and Aesthetics and philo PT due next term. Bleh.

I am looking forward to week 10. Only got 1 day of school. SO COOL RITE! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Silent amusement

Dear "cool" people,
They didn't name a candy after you... did they?

Dear poets,
Roses are red, violets are violet, get it right, or just keep quiet.
Dear sneeze,
If you're gonna happen, happen. Don't put a stupid look on my face and leave it at that.
Dear Spongebob,
You live in Bikini Bottom and you're super absorbant?

Be angry, but get over it

One of those days when everything goes is perfectly perfect, then something pops up and completely throws you off your feet and everything starts going wrong.

One of those days when you are so angry at someone but that someone just completely ignores you and you feel so frustrated that you get even angrier and then you get angry at yourself for wasting yourself being angry and that you get even more angry at that someone for making you angry at yourself and wasting your time.

One of those times when you just need to be cry to relieve yourself of the anger and other complicated feelings.

One of those days when you can turn to this silent friend and cry and rant.

For every minute you remain angry, you give
up sixty seconds of peace of mind.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Consider how much more you often suffer
from your anger and grief, than from those
very things for which you are angry and
Marcus Antonius.

When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.
Mark Twain

To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves.
Alexander Pope

Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.
James Russell Lowell

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reaching for the goals that seem so far

Achievement Day 2011.

Lets start from the start. At first we wanted to do sets of 40, 36, 32, then sec 3s told us to do average of 40 but not over 50. So, we changed to 42,40,38. A scary number we have NEVER managed before. Plus 100 CJJs. Uh-huh. For drills, 14 good bangs with 4 consecutive ones.

My schedule today was crap. Like first I signed up for IHG, then Malay lesson crept up, then THIS. So then, I had to somehow deal with these 3 things. IHG was easy, got Beverley to replace me (Thanks Chicken). Malay and CCA was this huge dilemma. Cikgu said if we go for today lsn, hv to go for at least 1 hour and it will not be full lsn. She can do replacement for us on Monday but then we will have to miss TKD. I want to miss 1hr of CCA today (I mean, come on, TKD!) , MY wanted to miss TKD on Monday. It was like 1.30pm and we still didnt know what to do.

Oh and we had platoon lunch :D with one missing person. Zek Min, you missed out the fun :( Steph's sausages were still just as nice, and then she bought this huge pile of junk food and we sat down at koi pond and just pigged out. Platoonmates were being lame weird funny gay hungry sick as always. I overheard Shu Ying saying something that I would be better off without overhearing -.-

So then we decided to go for Malay today. I dont know how but thats what we decided.

blah blah blah

We went for training at 3.45pm, guessing that they woould have done about one and a half sets of PT. But then, we only had to do leg exercise, leg lifts and back crunches. Bleh. No planks, push-ups or sit ups at all. CJJ was okay lah, not our first time doing 100. It was super cool when sec 4s did and counted with us for the last 10.

Drills were.... er.... long story short, sec 4s kept doing the (number) langkah ke (direction) gerak trying to help us reach our goals. I think we could have done better.

Yay company games. I like company games :) Water sprinkles just set my legs vibrating when I tried standing up. But still, COMPANY water sprinkles. but time was short, only played h20 before the company hentak thinggummagig.

NCOs took us into the shooting range place. And they told us this story. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. Obviously the story was different lah, but the atmosphere was so similar. Heehee

I refuse to think about parting with our NCOs yet. But that will have to sink in sooner or later. I think it will be later.

So long :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Those commands finally make sense now

Hehe, finally sort of understand what those words that used to sound like gibberish mean now. And I was like explaining to my mother. Anyways, the parade seemed extra cool this year :), like I can relate to it more. :D

AND AND AND the part before the parade was seriously creative okay? And the boy acting as the grandson is so cute :)

Oh, took part in my first "NDP" yesterday. Cool, huh? And I think I am starting to respect encik even more.

Hmmm, what else? Had BBQ yesterday night, slacked today, blah blah.

I painted my fingernails NEON pink. And my toenails red and white. Forgot to wear the huge NEON pink hair clips I bought for ORD.

I like this 5-day weekend.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your future lies in your hands.

Okay. Triple science history. Final decision. Will I regret it? I better not.

First choice: Triple science History
Second choice: Bio Chem History Geog
Third choice: Triple science Area studies

Yup, when I first made my choices, the second choice was the first choice and the first choice was the second choice. If you get what I mean.
But then everyone kept on saying it was content-heavy and muggerish and other what nots, and both my parents said trip science. So, there you go.

When I look at this post 1 year later, I hope I will be happy.