Thursday, September 29, 2011

As we look back, we realise how long a journey we have come

Today was the last day of lesson of 2011. I am actually rather saddened by it. Admittedly, I like this year's teachers more than last years', so maybe thats why I think I will miss them a lot more.

Ms Chan
Ms Kum
Ms Tan
Ms Wong
Ms Lee
Ms Kamsir

Woah, all 'ms'es. Never realised that.

Today, Ms Tan made use of her final chance to convince us to like science. I was actually convinced. Even though Ms Tan has appeared to be really scary to me, she is a really passionate teacher. On a side note, I am having a hard time imagining her in red and white blood splatter leggings. -.-

Ms Wong came into class with STICH! Haha, the class went crazy over it. I will really miss Ms Wong and her funny antics in class and her super cute drawings :(.

Ms Chan was her usual self. Dressed in her own style that she pulls off so perfectly. Greeting us in her special way. Answering each and every one of our questions. But something was wrong with my hearing when she started talking about this 'condom ad'. I heard it as 'cotton pad' and was unable to comprehend why the class had that weird expression until she wrote 'durex'. Then I was all like 'oh. OH.' I personally find it rather amusing. Sometimes, I talk to Ms Chan more of as a friend than a teacher, and that is not something that happens commonly. I have thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Ms Chan.

Math was nothing much. Just trying to rush finish going through past year paper. But Ms Kum came in with her usual 'RAWR'. :) And apparently I have the 'magic touch' of the projector screen. Other classes dont really like Ms Kum, saying that she is PMSy and biased to our class. And maybe thats why, but I think she is really nice to our class and very approachable.

Then Ms Kamsir came in after school ended for some extra stuff. She is so warm towards us. :) And no Ms Kamsir, we do not think that the wedding night was an important event because thats when Romeo and Juliet consummate their marriage, or to put it in her words 'when R&J get together'; we just think marriage is important. :p

Ms Lee and her attempts at joke in class are lame yet amusing. She has her own style of dressing too, with a tendency to match her accessories to her outfit. Which, I have to say, works rather well for her. I didnt like her last year as my RSP teacher, but throughout this year with her and being History rep, I think I have grown to like history because of her :)

Tanglaoshi! Well well well. Motherly. Best word to describe her. I think she makes a good PSB and CLE and form teacher. But as a Chinese teacher she can be more on task. Yep. CLE has been enriching with Tanglaoshi. She teaches sex ed rather well, but her mindset is more, um, of an older generation. SL has been fun too :) Even though part of the class complains about her, I will miss her.

Oh dear, here I am missing my teachers when exams start tomorrow.

I just hope to get as nice teachers next year :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Totally unexpected mixture = AWESOMENESS

I really think our CMPS group is super cool. We found out TODAY that RS REPORT WAS DUE TODAY. We were all like WHAT THE HELL, SHIT LAH, WE ARE SCREWED, OMG and stuff. we didnt go down for recess and lunch, I just went down to get everyone food and we sat at the back eating. WE HAD NO CHOICE. Well, guess what, it turned out to be a page more than the limit. HAH.

We are always last-minute rushing and stuff, but we TOTALLY ROCK :D
P: We rock
E: We got into qualifying finals
E: Even though we only finished everything on the day it was due
Haha, PEEL. Yeah.

*poke**poke* OMG she has abs *poke**poke*

So RS briefing ended 45mins early. I would have gone hm, but I was waiting for my mom. So, obviously we started fooling around. Well, Zek and Zhangxuan were guai and finishing the report. As for vivian joyce and me, um well, haha.

Vivian was going around measuring waist size with bem's tiny belt. But its super inaccurate, she pulled super hard to make it smaller than when its natural. That how I got 22. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL IF IT WERE MY REAL SIZE.

Legs, abs, waist, boobs. Freestyle, ballet, Kpop. Well, you get the gist.

Have I been restricting myself from looking past the surface?

I have never actually realised how nice my piano teacher is. Sure, she may be a bit weird like fussy and stuff, but she is actually nice.

Ok, I know this totally contradicts all my previous posts about her. But its either she changed, or I changed. Or maybe both of us.

I think I owe her the respect she deserves.

Shall try to be nicer and more positive and actually look forward to piano lessons the way I look forward to ballet lessons. Well, that may be hard to achieve. But I shall try :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And i thought it was another FB post about a touching story

A mother passing by her daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped up prominently on the center of the bed. It was addressed, "Mom." With the worst premonition, she opened the envelope and read the letter with trembling hands: Dear Mom: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new boyfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Dad and you. I've been finding real passion with bob and he is so nice-even with all his piercings, tattoos, beard, and his motorcycle clothes. But it's not only the passion Mom, I'm pregnant and bob said that we will be very happy. He already owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. He wants to have many more children with me and that's now one of my dreams too. bob taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and we'll be growing it for us and trading it with his friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want. In the meantime, we'll pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so bob can get better; he sure deserves it!! Don't worry Mom, I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care of myself. Someday I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know your grand children. Your daughter, Jessy... PS: Mom, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbor's house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than my report card that's in my desk center drawer. I love you! Call when it is safe for me to come home...."

Monday, September 26, 2011

He is still as hot as boiling water

I am not crazy about Daniel Radcliffe anymore, but that doesnt me he isnt hawt. Aww, he shall still remain as my desktop background, no matter what others say.

I dont know what I am crazy about now? KPOP? No, that was only SNSD. And only because I watched their Horror Movie Factory thinggum and they felt more real to me. :)

I guess I get crazy over stuff easily. Like a few days ago I started watching Sandra Bullock, all because of one funny interview. But, totally over that now.

And on Saturday I was crazy over ballet. Like I was reading while stretching my splits, watching tv with my toes pointed under the sofa or in a scorpion position, walking around en pointe. Haha, so weird. But that was because Ms Kee did warm-ups with us on Friday and I could feel everything opening up. Like, usually we only do our own warm-ups and of course we dont do that much. But sometimes when the teacher stretches with us, I SERIOUSLY FEEL THE PAIN.

Well. I guess I shall be crazy over random things randomly. My dearest scorpion position, please cooperate while I try to perfect you. Thank you very much.

My way of feeling taller than you really are

I want more pictures on my blog!

Thats when I first got my pointe shoes. Like my FIRST TIME EN POINTE! The shoes look so new. And bare. And you can tell I was inexperienced.

I should take a recent photo for comparison. Heehee.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

turning a video into a blog post

Haha, there are people on Youtube doing OOTD, otherwise known as Outfit Of The Day. I dont have time for videos, but photos take less than a minute. Yay.

Owl necklace - $5 Talisman
White bracelet - Gift
Layer tank top - $5 Cotton on
Shorts - $15 Pepper plus

This is my style. If you dont like it, too bad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


this morning, zek told me someone had an accident and was hospitalised. From the way she and jiamin were discussing it, i could tell it was someone from our class and I totally started freaking out inside. I tried to see who was absent, but then it was raining so a number of ppl were late. Everyone started coming in. Everyone except Audrey. It wasnt that hard to put the pieces together. I was already freaking out a bit, then shirley told me after math that audrey would not be coming for the rest of the week, then I started freaking out more. well my freaking out ended when jiamin and shirley told the class that audrey was alright, and tanglaoshi also told us that she might be discharged soon. PHEW.

Well, I can see she has somewhat recovered from her fb and blog. Back to being her ego self. :p

And TROLOLOLOLOL. Audrey, you look funny in last year's class photo. HAHA, you actually look GUAI.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There are times when you hate the people you love

Why do I always turn out to be the bad guy?

Can't you see that there are reasons behind what I do?

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think why I do the things I do?

No, because you just assume I am the bad guy. And I cant even try to prove that I'm not, because your mind has been set already that I am the bad guy.

What a great way to end the day

When you are recognized by someone you have not met 5 years

Yesterday ended school on time. No cca! It was like super early for a Monday. I knew I wouldnt be very productive if I went home, so I didnt go home. I went to the STUDY ROOM! Bought fries and ice-cream and sat myself down at a table. blah blah did work blah blah.

And OMG, I saw my ex-classmates! Like ex-ex classmates. From Keming. Almond, Keryn and one of thier friends. Haha I didnt even see them at first then A. whispered my name loudly and I turned around. They started waving like mad and it took me a rather long moment before comprehension dawned and I waved back.

Yesterday was a happy happy day :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cuase we girls are awesome like that

So someone posted on Facebook that OBS was 9-13 Jan 2012, and another person commented to start calculating period dates.


But still its true.

Imagine the suayness of it all. Not so bad if you are already having it, but super bad if it comes like on the 1st day of OBS.

Okay, let me calculate. If its regular, its usually the end of a month. Just dont give me another one like May 2011. It came during the first 5 days, stopped for a week, and then came again for 8 days. That was one crazy month, like 3rd factor for half a month. -.-

I dont know whether to look forward to OBS.

That momentary pause in the air when you leap

There were only 9 people in the Friday ballet class. And somemore it was the big studio. :) I like the big studio better than the small studio. yay. But now I have no more feelings for pointe. :(

And xinyun not coming for next 3 saturday lessons :(
miss e. is a good back cracker.
pirouettes still depend on luck. Sometime can sometime cannot.
miss e. is really skinny.

i like dancing freely to music.

"Dont tell them we failed. Tell them we decided to take a break from success"

OMG, the school counselor is super good. She says what she wants to say, but no in that annoying blunt way.

And she is totally unafraid to talk about herself. She was just like “I am in a good mood, because I am not PMSing.”

Oh, and apparently you are your true self when you PMS. So, our true self is bitchy and emotional at the same time? Okay….

I don’t think I PMS. But then again, many people who PMS think that they don’t. I mean like, I never know when 3rd factor is coming because I don’t PMS. At least, I think I don’t.

And sometimes I truly believe than men PMS more than women. Like, ahem ahem, some teachers. Haha, I think the problem is less of PMS than menopause with, ahem ahem, some other teachers.

Okay, this is getting really off topic. I started with the counselor, then somehow got to menopause. Enough.

I think we admire others’ beauty too much to have time to admire ourselves. In primary school, I envied those girls with the pretty long hair and nice figures. I just thought of myself as someone super ordinary. Okay, this may sound ego, but I never realized that I have nice legs. I didn’t even know they were nice until Audrey pointed it out last year and I took a good look at it and realized that they were not bad after all. I mean, I have had some pretty good recognition fro my legs, quoting Shu “They are the best I have ever seen”. Okay lah, that may be an exaggeration, but still. And it doesn’t hurt that I have grown about 10cm since last year.

There are some people who complain that I like to show off my legs. But I don’t think its showing off. Its playing to the strong points of myself. I mean, since they can look good in shorts, miniskirts, and skinny jeans, then why not? I don’t know how long they can remain in shape, so I might as well take this chance and make myself feel good right? And I don’t mean that king of making yourself feel good by making others feel bad, its more of making yourself feel good about yourself. If you get what I mean.

Admire yourself. Treasure yourself. Love yourself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OMG I just said 'hey' to him

Waka waka

Whooopeedoopeedoo. lalalalalala.

went down for a run. ran like super fast. Ok, not super fast lah. But faster than usual. Lost 1kg!



So, I've planned out my meals for tomorrow.

Breakfast: Leftover dinner. I couldnt finish it just now because i was too disgusted by my weight. Or maybe cereal.

Recess: fruit. maybe sushi if i am hungry.

Lunch: Normal. Rice plus something. preferably healthier though.

Dinner: Depends.But I shall try to eat less than usual. Fruits.

and i will drink more water :)

And exercise.
Morning jog. TKD. Run downstairs if I am not tired from TKD. Or I can just dance at home. Not like those prancing around type of dance, but like dance dance. Super tiring one kay.

Feeling like a plastic bag, drifting through the air

Ok, the title is really ironic. Drifting through the air, huh? Well, I tell you what. How about thinking about that only after you shed some weight?

ARGHHHH. Major major weight gain. I've never gained so much weight in such a short amount of time. GAHHHH. I even though the scale spoilt at first.

Must lose weight.

Target: lose 1kg by nxt wk. 3kg by end of month.

I seriously freak myself out.

I dont want to be fat. But its not in my genes to be skinny. :(

No offence against fat people, but I feel better when I am skinnier. And I also look better. And I have a wider range of clothes.

Seriously, people should consider their body type and size before wearing clothes. It disgusts me to see wobbly fat thighs under short shorts and bouncy stomach fat loose everywhere.

And while we are on this topic, let me continue.

Guys, whats the point of wearing jeans when they are barely hanging off your hips and your boxers are on display to everywhere.

Girls, it doesnt hurt to wear shorts under skirts. Trust me, its better that way. And is a bra really that hard to wear?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

He is offline

Continuing to pretend work doesnt exist

Okay I totally just started liking Daniel Radcliffe again. Hes super duper interesting kay. Or it may just because he has too many scandals.

Whatever lah.

His interviews are totally funny and there are some rather sick ones. LOL. Hes like one of the sickest out of the younger Harry Potter cast. Like, I dont really care about the older generation. Of course, except of Alan. I would think next in line is Tom Felton, but the gap between Dan and Tom would be super huge. No, wait. Tom is sick. Dan is honest. Yup.

Tom talks about those dirty pickup lines. Dan talks about his sex scene and being naked on stage. See the difference?

Ok, the previous Dan obsession was like one month ago and it lasted like a week or 2. Since I practically watched and read every of his interview the other time, I shall expect this time round's obsession to last 1 week only.

Still, hes hot. H-A-W-T. totally hot.

when life gives you spicy potato chips

i really want to chat with him. But I dont have the courage to do so. It just seems so hard to say 'hi' to him, even on fb.

And to think that we used to talk about super personal things that I didnt even talk about with my girl friends.

I seriously dont know where this is going and I also dont know how I want it to turn out. zenmeban :(

Awkward moments when you smile to yourself in the middle of lessons

Sec 3s should stop jumping to conclusions and think about what they say before they say it.

Orietnteering is fun :D I am gonna be the compass holder person. Yay :DDD HAHA I totally didn’t know what to do with the compass at first, but then I like it now. Looking forward to the next course. :)

And out temps ncos are super super funny. The way Coporal Geyu speaks is rather amusing, Its like a bit whiny but still cute. Oh, and she has her polluted mind and she polluted CPL Louise’s mind. Haha, CPL Louise was telling CPL Geyu something and then she was totally like “OH MY GOSH! WHERE YOU LOOKING ONE? NOW YOU TOTALLY POLLUTED MY MIND! SOMEMORE JUNIORS LEH!” bwahahahahah. In the end, they were talking about our shirts being too low under our no.4. Totally not our fault lah, it’s the way the shirts were made.

ok, this is totally not my blogging style. But, wtv. Ta.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Monday, September 5, 2011

We are not scared of heights, just scared of falling

Hehe spent the weekend at marina bay sands with cousins. Yep, like we booked a room and slept overnight. Sorta funny actually, and when checking out the guy totally asked us where our next destination was :p

Swimming on the 57th floor and watching hot guys and girls, posing as a 16-year old to use the jacuzzi thinggum, walking around the rooftop garden place in 3-inch stilettos, driving out to get macs, taking advantage of the free apples. Basically having fun and relaxing.

It was like Star Cruise all over again. In a good way :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

the awkwardness of it all

OMG I miss Rulang so much. I didnt even know I missed it so much until yesterday. I WANT MY PRIMARY SCHOOL LIFE BACK! AND MY TEACHERS! AND MY CLASSMATES!

Those awkward moments
When you are discussing whether a teacher is pregnant
When a guy overhears your discussion
When that guy goes up to that teacher and asks her in the face
When she isnt pregnant

When you realise the guys who used to be shorter than you are towering over you.
When you realise there are still guys who didnt seem to grow at all

When you realise this group of socially-awkward guys are all in chinese drama

When you hear the guys' voices

When you are asked what cca you are in and people dont believe your answer

When your friend is giving a teacher presents but you have nothing to give

When you come face to face with a guy you havent spoken to in 2 years
When you realise you used to speak to that guy over the phone for hours at a time
When you realise that guy used to ask you whether his voice had broken
When you realise that guy used to talk to you about menstruation

When you meet a teacher you disliked at the traffic light alone

When a guy you havent seen in 2 years tells you he used to have a crush on you

When a guy asks you for your phone number

Thursday, September 1, 2011


So if you saw my previous post, there was a large chunk about ICT Enrichment Courses. And I would like to apologise for that. I am very sorry. It was my fault. I read that excel thinggum wrongly and was only enlightened by Zek Min just now. I am in the first week of June holidays class, which suits me perfectly fine. Thank you ICT department (puts on sweet smile).


*WARNING: Huge chunks of ranting. Read at your own risk.


Enough about that. I need to start a diet and actually keep to it. I am not overweight or anything, but today at ballet I realised that almost everyone was so skinny. Like flat stomachs and skinny legs. Me, even my dad says I grew fatter. And my no.3 belt is getting tight. It used to be loose. D: So I need to shed some weight. But don't worry, I wont become anorexic. Or suffer from bulimia. Being too skinny like underweight is also not in my favor. Bones sticking out wont look nice. I really pity those who suffer from bulimia or anorexia. I mean, I can perfectly understand that everyone feels fat, but there is absolutely no need to sink yourself into that sort of misery. There is always someone out there who is actually really fatter that you.

Heard a rumor that a certain Sec 3 is going to quit. Haiz, I really think training should be made less strict and more interesting. Otherwise all this is going to go on. And not many sec 1s would be attracted either. During CCAO they were asking for NPCC and NCC(Air). Not our CCA >.< At least no platoonmates is quitting. I think.

Buh Bye (learned this from Yixin :D)

P.S. Mom, I think we need a new scale, because I think the old one is spoiled. My weight ranges a freaking 3 kg. Not good to keep track of. Like suddenly I am heavier and then the next time I weigh I am lighter. Unless it is just my own problem.

P.P.S Sorry for some certain swear or offensive words in today's post.