Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When you are recognized by someone you have not met 5 years

Yesterday ended school on time. No cca! It was like super early for a Monday. I knew I wouldnt be very productive if I went home, so I didnt go home. I went to the STUDY ROOM! Bought fries and ice-cream and sat myself down at a table. blah blah did work blah blah.

And OMG, I saw my ex-classmates! Like ex-ex classmates. From Keming. Almond, Keryn and one of thier friends. Haha I didnt even see them at first then A. whispered my name loudly and I turned around. They started waving like mad and it took me a rather long moment before comprehension dawned and I waved back.

Yesterday was a happy happy day :)

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