Thursday, April 28, 2011

HAH! in your face

My piano teacher really pisses me off.
Today we were doing aural and i answered a question. She said she didnt teach me to answer that way. i explained my logic. And she was like whatever, i just dont say she taught me to answer that way.

Then, i kept quiet and she kept on mumbling to herself. Anger was already boiling up inside me, but i contained it. After that, she said" Its not worth fightting about. Thats all. We shall end here. Thank you very much." The last part was so sacarstic. I mean, WTH man, I wasnt even fighting with her She was just fighting with herself. What a strange woman. Never mind, its not my business. I shall not get myself agitated because of her.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Take it but please dont go away

    I realise I forgot something. I am beginning to watch SNSD and actually like their dances. What is with me man. I dont want to get sucked into the world of KPOP. No thanks. I dont want to become like a certain someone who is so obsessed with her weight that she actually went for acupunture and are posting dieting tips on Facebook. WTH. Just accept who you are. You are never going to become someone else. Please wake up before its too late.

      I am hot. I am also cool.

      Me is super super cold. And I am back inside the cupboard.

      Oh no! Getting chased out of the classroom cuz some random teacher is using it. Always happens. Argh! Your should be more considerate!

      Sorry for the short post,

      Oh, they are changing classroom. So I guess I will continue. I was so cold that I was literally shivering. but I am not having a fever. How strange. This wk was hell. And will continue to be until tomorrow. Monday was CCA, and our NCOs are back!!! YEAH!!!! I really feel like saying to them: WE LOVE YOU! <3 Seriously, they are so awesome compared to the other sec 4s. And some of them are simply terrible. Like horrible.

      Yesterday was Lit PT and Malay AA. Like, two presentation in one day! WTH. At least there are no more pts and aas. Only the exams to live through.

      Today there is some Project Management Workshop, which is like super boring. I just want to go home and sleep.

      Tomorrow there is CCA again. Looking forward and dreading it at the same time. I just want it to be over, so that I can go home and slack my butt off on Friday, which is Good Friday. I really need a break, Going to fall sick very soon.

      Friday, April 15, 2011

      Anything can happen anywhere at anytime

      Today in the morning, a mother and her daughter fell to their deaths from their 12-storey flat. And it is only a few blocks away from my house. Really quite creepy and saddening. RIP.

      The police have labelled this double-death as unnatural death. This means there will be further investigations going around here to find out the cause behind their deaths.

      The young girl was only a mere age of 7, studying at Keming Primary School. Imagine, a whole bright future lost in just a matter of seconds. Was it murder, or psychological illness? I really hope that truth will be revealed soon and that their deaths will be explained.

        Sunday, April 3, 2011

        My heart is empty. But it is also heavy.

        Ballet is getting so strenuous and tiring now. I just came back from lesson, and feel like doing nothing but flopping onto bed and sleeping with no dreams. Ironic, yes, because I am posting now. But if I don't, I will really fall asleep and I need to sort of finish my Geog AA today so that I won't have to rush on wed.

        Friday was a school holiday, and I slacked my butt off the whole long weekend. At least today was more fruitful than the previous days. Went to study room and started revision for Geog and English. I realised there was nothing to study for english. Cause it is comprehension and there is nothing to memorise...

        I am currently feeling very lightheaded. If I stand up, i will probably just fall over again.

        I am having some very curious thoughts right now.

        I need to gather and organise my thoughts. I need to pull up my socks. I need to work harder. I need to become smarter. I need to not disappoint anyone. I need to act like a normal person in front of everyone else. I need to stop obsessing over certain things. I need to do a lot a lot more things. But I also need to rest.