Sunday, April 3, 2011

My heart is empty. But it is also heavy.

Ballet is getting so strenuous and tiring now. I just came back from lesson, and feel like doing nothing but flopping onto bed and sleeping with no dreams. Ironic, yes, because I am posting now. But if I don't, I will really fall asleep and I need to sort of finish my Geog AA today so that I won't have to rush on wed.

Friday was a school holiday, and I slacked my butt off the whole long weekend. At least today was more fruitful than the previous days. Went to study room and started revision for Geog and English. I realised there was nothing to study for english. Cause it is comprehension and there is nothing to memorise...

I am currently feeling very lightheaded. If I stand up, i will probably just fall over again.

I am having some very curious thoughts right now.

I need to gather and organise my thoughts. I need to pull up my socks. I need to work harder. I need to become smarter. I need to not disappoint anyone. I need to act like a normal person in front of everyone else. I need to stop obsessing over certain things. I need to do a lot a lot more things. But I also need to rest.

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