Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”

I still havent given up all my new year resolutions kay. On the way to completing one of them: Learn to do a handstand. Hey not an easy feat considering my height and lack of safe places. But at least prior experience on doing cartwheels seem to be helping. Been practicing at the playground everytime after jogging. Which is obviously not very often.

But ultimate goal is this:

School is normal I guess. Really looking forward to CNY but definitely not all the shit thats gonna come tumbling right after that.

Mid-morning weather is so good nowadays. I see the sun shining down on the parade square, on the field, and I think of places like this.

But then there I am, stuck in school.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deal with it

Today was a day where I felt like I was losing myself (Ok idk what that actually means but it felt like the right way to put it) and I decided to retrace my path on this blog. I was such a happy kid back in sec 2. I miss those days :(

I don't like to be sad or sentimental, so lets move on to something happier.

I saw a post where I put down the no. of each clothing item I have. And somehow I seemed to have though that was a lot. A rough estimate shows that I have since then doubled my wardrobe. And grew out my accessories collection from almost nothing to a lot of things. Haha. Superficial kid. Butbutbut, accessories are so prettyyyy.

Secretly a perfectionist?

I cannot cannot stand practicing hours and hours for somethings, but in the end screw it up when it really matters. I thinks thats why I am so scared of exams. Because exams entail spending so much time and effort for that short little amount of time in comparison. And I am not really talking about like school exams. Those happen too often already. I am talking about assessments that happen only occasionally. Like piano exams and ballet exams. I think ballet exams are the most hardcore. So much time spent each week for a year just for that one hour of exam.

(Context not just for ballet anymore) Because it hurts so much to screw up after you have practiced so hard for it, I have to train even harder. Problem is if you DO screw up, then you feel sadder if you have trained harder. Like if you didnt train as hard then you wouldnt be as sad. Haha am I still making sense.

Another super annoying part is if you are actually not bad at it while practicing, but then when it comes to the real thing you just screw up. But those people who suck while practicing suddenly become super pro during the real thing, that is, ARGH that is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Its like a combination of nerves and luck.

I really do appreciate my blog when I need somewhere to rant. And I am not really touchy-feely type of person so I would rather rant here than to another person.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Having to shout for lozenges

Falling sick :( I think the flu finally caught on to me. Its week 2 of school and 4 packets of my tissue have been used up. Interesting part is I only used 1 piece myself. Tissue supplier ;)

The whole back row is like sick. Except that buff kelly. I think we eat too much junk food liao. But at least I got drink water kay. Haha yesterday I drank so much that I had to pee super urgently just half an hour after going to the toilet.

Yesterday night I was already blur and tired. Like who the heck takes one hour to find 3 articles online. I don't even rmb what I was doing. It seems like the only thing I did last night was find those 3 articles. And I forgot to bring blouse today. Didn't even cross my mind until I was getting on the school bus. Turns out clarissa nvr bring also (toldya we were all falling sick) but in the end 4 of us in the back row didnt change out at all. Shhhh.

Spent one hour in the afternoon just talking with tmy. Like how zek would describe it 'spent so much time talking but don't even know what we were talking about.'

Ohohoho we finally measured our weight today. I am a kilo lighter than last year :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


I count today as the first official day of school. Lessons were super tiring can. Trip science + math + two languages. Mondays are the worst. 

But heheh there was no cca cause my cs are at obs. Last night I saw so many posts on twitter and fb by my batch about how they would rather spend the week at obs then having lessons. I disagree with that. Not that obs wasnt fun, but if given the choice I would still choose lessons. 

So after school I was planning to hobo around abit and crash bs' training, but omg THE WEATHER. All I did was walk from ncc room to canteen to refill bottles and back and I was already sweating. Imagine them poor things training in no.4.  

I treated myself to ICE CREAM just now :D Havent had ice cream for months

I just found out something miraculous. For this WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK, I have nothing on after school. What are the odds of that happening. First, my part has to be away, stranded on an island. Then, there has to be no msp. Next, the school my cmps is presenting in has to postpone the date. Finally, there needs to be orientation so there is no available venue and there also needs to be coc pop rehearsal so that there are very little people left.

Hohoho what a glorious week.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So damn unprepared

DUDE school starts tomorrow. Which means by today I have to get everything sorted, which btw includes studying for some stupid chem test.  O.M.G.

Tomorrow morning I am going to take the school bus to RGS for the last first time of the year.

Freakin holy momma cow asdfsdjkfwjhwnfbsfu34852hbvlrj1490-290-t9jfjbjhti2hrknif


That previous post was so short because I was trying to get it published as soon as the loud cheering going on outside my house became SUPER LOUD.

Uhhuh, here I am sitting on my bed listening to the party going on just outside.

Great, now I am trying not to; because they are playing gangnam style (there is something about this song that puts me off).

Turns out my parents made it home 5 mins before the new year, so nothings remarkable or memorable about that.

This shall be my first post for 2013