Monday, January 7, 2013


I count today as the first official day of school. Lessons were super tiring can. Trip science + math + two languages. Mondays are the worst. 

But heheh there was no cca cause my cs are at obs. Last night I saw so many posts on twitter and fb by my batch about how they would rather spend the week at obs then having lessons. I disagree with that. Not that obs wasnt fun, but if given the choice I would still choose lessons. 

So after school I was planning to hobo around abit and crash bs' training, but omg THE WEATHER. All I did was walk from ncc room to canteen to refill bottles and back and I was already sweating. Imagine them poor things training in no.4.  

I treated myself to ICE CREAM just now :D Havent had ice cream for months

I just found out something miraculous. For this WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK, I have nothing on after school. What are the odds of that happening. First, my part has to be away, stranded on an island. Then, there has to be no msp. Next, the school my cmps is presenting in has to postpone the date. Finally, there needs to be orientation so there is no available venue and there also needs to be coc pop rehearsal so that there are very little people left.

Hohoho what a glorious week.

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