Monday, May 21, 2012

Curry noodles here I come!

I need food. 

With 3 and a half hours of sleep last night, i need energy to sustain me through training later. 

I am going to sleep early tonight. At least, I shall try. But I need to, cause there is 2.4 tomorrow. :( 

I have gotten used to hearing my voice on the computer

After so many projects which require the use of multimedia. Shout out to the person who posted on our batch group about the easiest way to do math PT. :D

Not feeling sleepy at all. Cause I slept 11 hours last night. But I know that if I don't go to sleep soon I will regret it tomorrow morning. But I have to share these 2 stories:

1. Last thursday, I fell asleep on the bus on the way home. Missed my stop by a lot. Had to take back for quite long. Moral of the story: Don't get into too comfortable a position on the bus. Even if you want to sleep, don't sleep with your head resting against something. Sleep with your head hanging, then you will jerk awake when your head lolls. Haha, been there, done that.

2. Then on Friday, I missed my school bus. Haiz. Only by that fraction of time. I brisk-walked out of the lobby and saw it driving away :(  Cause not only did I wake up late that day, I refused to leave without finding my earphones :p

So, 2 stories that prove my sleep-deprivation is taking a bad turn, but here I am not learning my lessons...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's 逗号!

:D  Today started out with a crappy morning. Then my Chinese newspaper arrived at my table. Out of habit,  I will flip to the page where they feature an idol every week.  AHHH. The day seemed so much brighter and I was really really happy every single minute. Well no, not every single minute; Chem was so boring that even the thought of him couldn't cheer me up.

Tmr's NAPFA. Year by year, the number stations I need to worry for are increasing. This year includes shuttle run, IPUs, 2.4. Will be content with a Gold. Not aiming for all As, unlike ahem some platoonmate ahem.

Actually my GPA wouldnt be that bad if not for Chinese. Just go to show how important Chinese is huh. Maybe should actually put in effort for chinese next term. Cause those subjects that I didnt do well in will just not be included in my GPA. Haha :p

It feels quite weird to not be spazzing over Math PT while watching all my batchmates do that on FB.

Shall finish three-quarter of my Physics PT by tmr CES. That includes like 1 and half page of pictures and graphs and 1 and a half page of writing.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

With increased readership, I should increase the frequency of posts

No idea how my parents are surviving out there. The stuffiness is overbearing. Went to my dad's room to use the main com (cause thats the only computer out of 4 with microsoft), was there for about half an hour before I felt like I was gonna sweat through my shirt and suffocate or something. Then I went to my mom's room to get her to sign some form, was there for only a minute, couldnt take it already. She closed her door, shut the windows and let down the curtains. wtp?

And now extension of deadline for physics PT is not approved. Urgh. They don't want to approve, then just don't approve lah. What for get my hopes up on Sunday, then today then tell me not approved. Hmph, if if were not approved in the first place, I might have started on Sunday and be like almost done by now. But nope, that is not happening. Recorded my video just now; me doing a split jump. Then I paced around for half an hour thinking about accuracy of measurements. Even changed into my pointe shoes, wanting to change the whole experiment. Then I realised I can just measure the length of my split and the tracker will help me calibrate everything else :) Don't understand why everyone is complaining about tracker.

Sign up for The Amazing Race IHG! :D Sounds fun right? Haha. Gogogo sign up. Speking of the amazing race (as in, the real tv series), recently started rewatching season14. The seasons before that the quality all too crappy, so I shall just content myself with the recent 7 seasons. I say rewatching because I have already watched everything last year. I like to rewatch and reread stuff :D June hols I plan to reread harry potter, shopaholic, jodi picoult and lauren weisberger, and rewatch hi my sweetheart, no.8 pawnshop, ugly betty, HIMYM. Hmmm that sounds like a lot. Maybe I should say thats the plan for June+Dec hols.

Keep optimistic and carry on

Monday, May 14, 2012

Failed attempt to straighten out thoughts

O.o Why the stats getting scarier and scarier. Yay steph I think I found your blog. Well, it should be your blog. Haha.

Today got back a load of papers. Rather happy with one, okay with some, very sad for one. The happy one balanced out the sad one, so I am not feeling that down.

One Part A greeted me on her own today. Awww :)                  

Survived on 3hours of sleep today. New record. Awake at 3am on school night (or should I say morning).

Chem SPA tmr. Anybody else finds it really weird that we have to call the teacher over to observe us titrate drop by drop until we reach the end point?

Extension of deadline for 2 projects. Good or bad? Both I guess.

Just 2 more weeks :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The last lap

ATC starts on Friday. And starting from Friday 1500 I shall start counting down 45 hours.
Its just like this thing that I want to get over and done with. Yet, at the same time, there is some sort of excitement going on. Actually, I wouldn't even mind it at all if not for the fact that I am missing family chalet and ballet lessons. Happy stuff kept on happening today, so I don't really feel sad or worried. Haha I keep on going back and forth on whether I am happy or sad for ATC.

Lets all be optimistic people! If you are sad, I give you some solutions kay :)
1. Go look at platoon chat on FB
2. Eat a chocolate bar
4. Or you can just skip all that and look below :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday morning and I am awake at 6

Surprisingly full of energy, considering that I slept 5 hours last night. Yep, I woke up at 6 today, even though I had nothing on. Don't know whats wrong with me. Laid in bed for a while, watching funny Craig Ferguson interviews. I knew I should catch up on my lack of sleep, but was so pumped I couldnt go back to sleep. Went down for a run in hope to tire my body, but after the usual 2.4km, still felt like I could go on. Came back, bathed, went to the market with my mum, bought so much that I had to call my dad to come and help carry the stuff home, had breakfast, decided to start on Amazing Race 20 cause most of the eps are out alr, finished watching half of the series, stalked people on fb and youtube, stalked celebrities, and now I should probably start on english oral.