Tuesday, May 15, 2012

With increased readership, I should increase the frequency of posts

No idea how my parents are surviving out there. The stuffiness is overbearing. Went to my dad's room to use the main com (cause thats the only computer out of 4 with microsoft), was there for about half an hour before I felt like I was gonna sweat through my shirt and suffocate or something. Then I went to my mom's room to get her to sign some form, was there for only a minute, couldnt take it already. She closed her door, shut the windows and let down the curtains. wtp?

And now extension of deadline for physics PT is not approved. Urgh. They don't want to approve, then just don't approve lah. What for get my hopes up on Sunday, then today then tell me not approved. Hmph, if if were not approved in the first place, I might have started on Sunday and be like almost done by now. But nope, that is not happening. Recorded my video just now; me doing a split jump. Then I paced around for half an hour thinking about accuracy of measurements. Even changed into my pointe shoes, wanting to change the whole experiment. Then I realised I can just measure the length of my split and the tracker will help me calibrate everything else :) Don't understand why everyone is complaining about tracker.

Sign up for The Amazing Race IHG! :D Sounds fun right? Haha. Gogogo sign up. Speking of the amazing race (as in, the real tv series), recently started rewatching season14. The seasons before that the quality all too crappy, so I shall just content myself with the recent 7 seasons. I say rewatching because I have already watched everything last year. I like to rewatch and reread stuff :D June hols I plan to reread harry potter, shopaholic, jodi picoult and lauren weisberger, and rewatch hi my sweetheart, no.8 pawnshop, ugly betty, HIMYM. Hmmm that sounds like a lot. Maybe I should say thats the plan for June+Dec hols.

Keep optimistic and carry on

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