Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's 逗号!

:D  Today started out with a crappy morning. Then my Chinese newspaper arrived at my table. Out of habit,  I will flip to the page where they feature an idol every week.  AHHH. The day seemed so much brighter and I was really really happy every single minute. Well no, not every single minute; Chem was so boring that even the thought of him couldn't cheer me up.

Tmr's NAPFA. Year by year, the number stations I need to worry for are increasing. This year includes shuttle run, IPUs, 2.4. Will be content with a Gold. Not aiming for all As, unlike ahem some platoonmate ahem.

Actually my GPA wouldnt be that bad if not for Chinese. Just go to show how important Chinese is huh. Maybe should actually put in effort for chinese next term. Cause those subjects that I didnt do well in will just not be included in my GPA. Haha :p

It feels quite weird to not be spazzing over Math PT while watching all my batchmates do that on FB.

Shall finish three-quarter of my Physics PT by tmr CES. That includes like 1 and half page of pictures and graphs and 1 and a half page of writing.


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