Monday, November 10, 2014

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain"

Last night after impromptu bbq dinner with my parents we were stuck in the rain. The place is quite near home, but its damn ulu so there is no shelter or bus stop. And it was damn heavy storm so the minute you stepped out you would be completely soaked. My parents wanted to wait for a cab, but we were all drenched already so like why not just walk home.

hahahah i realise i have never actually calmly walked in the rain before. And it was damn liberating. i rly wanted to stay outside and just sit in the rain and maybe dance like those movie scenes haha.


Today was a just a bleh day. PJs at home all day. Until it was time for ballet. Those 2 hours were the only time I actually felt alive thankgod. But the new dance is q sad and the music has been stuck in my head and idk ughhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, November 8, 2014

swollen eyebags

Can't believe the amount of shit that happened in just a few days. Starting from the weekend.

Sunday started out so beautiful. Played badminton properly after damn long and sweated like crazy. Looking at the kids having training made me miss the trainings I used to have before I prioritised ballet. I definitely don't regret that choice, but still so many what ifs. then went all the way to ntu just to eat ramen hahah. Ballet was intense I really really need to up my stamina game. At night I had fast food adventure with the cousins!! Haha we went to this Halloween maze thing at jcube and i was legit scared. But after that we went to get macs and on the way to the carpark we passed by burger king so we got more fast food hahahaha damn pig. 

Anw, stupid crap was already happening but it just kept getting more intense. AND SHIT WENT DOWN on monday. omg i hated it why did it have to happen????? I thought we got it under control but no monday night was when it seriously got real. Like skype session until 3am kind of real. 

UGH at least tues was toned-down. Rehearsed op in the morning then the rest of the group went home while I went to lepak with class because if I went home I will sleep and get nothing done. Panicked abit on tues night but I was freaking tired so in the end I just gave up and went to sleep.

Woke on on wed feeling damn nervous, but I think my presentation went okay. Anw its over so no point thinking about it. Was on high alert the whole morning during op, and felt sososososo drained. I think my eyebags reached a new level that day hahaha main man couldn't believe eyebags could be so bruised and swollen. But class buffet YAY OMG my first buffet after 6 years??? kbbq was ok but i think i eat buffet rly not worth cause always eat the cheap stuff hahahaha but so fun with the class. We ended up bbq-ing oranges hahahahh they turned out edible okayyy.

Anw wed was also jasmine's bday i shall dedicate a separate post to that and also because I want go sleep toodles

Saturday, November 1, 2014

61 days til 2015

Perpetually dumbfounded by time.

Cannot procrastinate anymore. And this time i mean it. 2 months later im gonna look back and feel relieved and prepared and ready and healthy, not panicked and guilty and fat. 

So many things i hate currently, so i just have to change those things. I know i shouldn't let the number on the scale or the alphabets on the piece of paper dictate my life, but ughhhh i just hatehatehate them. Everything has been on a downwards slope this year, but hopefully i have reached the lowest point. It shall be uphill from now on!!! 

On another note, let me tell you about my day yesterday because i am on a long bus ride to orchard hahah. Pw is such a waste of time reached school at 11 and we only ran through once at 330 eeee im gonna be so glad to see the end of it next friday. but thankgod for friends. Lunch with a random bunch of classmates hehe.
And there was movie to look forward to yayyy. Watched Love, Rosie with jasmine and omg i love these type of romcoms hahaha :) read the book earlier this year and both book and movie damn good!! It really puts life and fate into perspective idk although its a happy ending but all those missed chances and all those what ifs :( 

Then i went for ballet and everybody abit siao so class was damn funny but dancing damn fail hahah need to up game.

Reached home at 10+ and argued with mum about blood groups hahaha. We googled in the end and i win HA my blood group AB is the rarest only less than 5% of the population pls. 

After that i rolled onto the sofa and fell asleep. Still wearing my tights and leo and hair still in bun. My mum claims she tried to wake me up but i woke up at 330 am cause the bun pin was poking my head. Went back to sleep at 4 and woke up at 11 just now wooow havent slept so much in damn long super shiok ok my late friends are finally reaching this has been fun bye