Wednesday, October 31, 2012

buhbye fats, wasn't nice knowing you at all

Motivational pictures aren't supposed to un-motivate you :(

My recent lack of exercise has been so apparent that my dad asked me to go down and run.

Reluctance. But one simply cannot ignore the layers and layers of fats slowly but surely building on.

So I went down. And started running.

Well not really running. More of jogging. Slow jogging.

You should have seen this other guy who literally had sweat dripping off him as he ran.

Back to main point. Once I got past 2km, I couldn't stop.

I had expected to run 2.4km at most, but I just kept running.

My legs were doing the same motion over and over again, to the point I wasn't even aware of it.

I let my mind wander; thought about things that happened today; thought about things that are going to happen; thought about the perks, which I had just begun reading. 

I was trying to remember too. How nice the breeze felt; the feeling of muscles getting toned up; the stability and determination of each step.

In the end my dad had to plant himself in my way before I started on yet another round. 

I think we were both shocked at how long and far I had run. 

But I think its just because the pace was so slow. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not trying to be skinny. Trying to be toned.

Oh gosh I feel so healthy just because I went to get myself an apple. HAHA.

Getting influenced by a lot of people to be healthier. The problem is half of me wants to be healthy but the other half is still living in delusion hoping that a bag of chips is not going too affect my body. So I am stuck in the middle. I jog I eat fruits I drink water. But I laze I eat junk I forget to drink water. Its so on off on off.

Maybe thats why my weight has not changed at all the whole of this year.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can't get enough

Forever 21 stuff finally arrived! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sososoosososo many pieces for me to obsess over! Since they were clearing summer stock, there were so many super cheap crop and tank tops! On top of that, there was 50% off everything + free delivery! So cheap that it is unbelievable.   Somemore the time when I ordered the stuff was when my shopaholic juices were boiling fervently and I ordered so much stuff at one go!

Next week all my accessories are coming too!

So exciting to receive packages and rip them open and rip the stuff inside open and get nice surprises since I usually forget what I have ordered.

Can't wait to get my hands on the parcel coming next week.

Not entirely my fault lorh

Last week I was on the bus with zhang xuan and there was this other RGS person standing opp. us. She had on a yellow nametag and me being kaypo as always was trying to read her name. And after I managed to make out those tiny letters, I was thinking to myself: wow that is a unique spelling...but I think I have seen it before somewhere...hmmm I think I can tell her origins just based on her it really this spelling or is my eyesight just failing me.

Okay on to the main point, after like 20 minutes of staring at this person but pretending to not be staring, her name suddenly went CLICK in my mind. Ohmytian isn't that a part a. OK wait wait calm down. Let me mentally match her name to her face. Wow does she look different with specs. How the pong did I not manage to recognise her at first. Oh great now she must be really creeped out by me. Lets hope she does not recognise me; I have not temped as yet anyway. And is she getting off at the same stop as me? Uh yes she is....okay calmly and slowly walk cool.

Haish dont you think it is extremely fail and sad of me to not recognise my own junior :(

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Caught in the rain with no extra clothes

Pounding head. Dry throat. Weak limbs. Temperature at 38.5. I guess i am sick huh.

Last night's sleep was unrestful, so I woke up a lot earlier than expected this morning. Despite the headache, I decided to watch Sherlock which  required a fair bit of brain power to follow instead of like some funny sitcom. Don't ask me why.

Ohgod now I am sure there is something wrong with me. Do you even know how long it took me to type the above. It was like type, realise I typed something wrong,  thought I deleted, realise I didnt, delete, type again, cycle repeats.

Stop judging me; be nice kay.

I shall now veer off into a completely different topic. Don't you think its so nice of me to warn you?

I think I am supposed to be utterly upset/depressed/crying over my Chem paper. Does the fact that I am not mean that I am escaping and preventing reality from sinking in; or that idgaf anymore? The sad part is, my Chem results are actually not bad when compared to my Malay results.

Okay I don't like thinking about those things. CHANGE TOPIC.

To all of you reading this post and my blog, do you really have nothing better to do than stalk me? I am not an inspirational blogger who would come up with meaningful like philosophies; I am not a celebrity blogger who would garner a lot more views; I am not a fame/money-seeking blogger who would do ads all day and hope to become famous.

And even if you really want to stalk me, there is nothing much here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

While my stomach rumbles

I finished all the shows on my com. Everything is still too fresh in my mind to rewatch.

So I went running. For the first time in at least a month. I kid you not. Ran a longer distance than I expected to, but it was a slow run.

Even though eyas have been over for 5 days, and there was no school these 5 days, I have yet to be able to catch up on my sleep. Eye bags and dark circles are still there. Not pretty :( And they are quite severe. Even concealers can't conceal them, which is quite sad, since you know, concealing is the only job of a concealer...

Okay I shall go sleep.

I want a knit top

Whew past few days were packed. And all the free time I had I spent watching shows and reading a book, in a bid to enjoy at least a bit of 'me time'. Btw, zhang xuan thanks for recommending Sherlock. AWESOME.

Not prepared to get back results at all. These past few days have been like an escape from reality and so many things going on leave no space for thinking about results and GPs and GPA and wtv else.

Tried to clean up my room, but once again, surface cleaning. The files only look neat because they are arranged in one row, but inside, all the worksheets and notes are jumbled up and messed up and screwed up. And its so easy to hide an unsightly closet by simply closing the doors.

I have a feeling the stamina is so bad now that I can't even run 2.4km without stopping. And since I haven't actually went to test it out yet, I don't know whether its true. Everyday I have been telling myself that I should go jog, but everyday that doesn't happen.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jumbled up

The bubble has burst. Oops. Spent 3 hours with platmates, having lunch and chilling at starbucks. Been a long time since I felt so relaxed. And the journey home was perfect. There was no waiting time and although the weather had stared getting cloudy midway it only started raining the moment I got home. So obviously I took a nap. This morning my eyes were hurting cause my eye bags were huge and the under circles were so dark they looked bruised.

My right hand is still hurting slightly. Fortunately there are no more papers that require essay writing or huge chunks of words.

Somehow I was imagining post-eya period to be super free and nothing going on. But nope, a lot of things to deal with. Right after the end of papers tomorrow we are meeting to discuss about orienteering comp, then friday will be eaten up by cmps and ballet. In fact, I think I am expected to spend a lot of time on ncc, cmps and ballet. However, i will still find time to slack. Obviously.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad news come with good news that come with bad news

It is only Tuesday. The second day of the week. Why does it feel like this week has been going on for so long already.

Oh I know why. Maybe because there was no such thing as a weekend. And since a week ago every night was just cramming info and more info and hoping they will just stay there and if they don't, there will at least be this moment of enlightenment during the paper and cursing all those people with a photographic memory. Then the following afternoon would be spent trying to empty the brain of all the previous subjects and cramming new info in.

The good news is, tomorrow will be last day of doing that. For this whole entire year.

The sad thing is, next year will be even worse.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Who needs chem when this exists

OMG one of the first songs of his that I got addicted to. Just now when it came on, I totally got addicted again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What is this nonsense

Ah shit it just dawned on me that after thurs will be a 6-days long holiday. Now that bubble is really bubbling. And keeping me awake.

Good day to you, future me

So, if you have noticed, I have been posting short posts. And rather frequently, compared to usually. And I have noticed that this is something I like to do during the eya period. Last year was updating my facebook, but this year is updating my blog. Because facebook is just not my thing. I wonder is these posts will make any sense to me in the future.

Yeah, this is published

I don't like having drafts. They are just so incomplete. And when you go back to complete a draft, the feeling now and then is not the same, so the whole post will just be ll weird and disjointed. Not good.

I obviously don't have my priorities sorted out right now

There is this bubble in me. It is taking a lot of effort to keep this bubble from bursting. In fact, a bit has burst already. The longer I keep it intact and inside, the bigger the burst is going to be. Which would actually be a good thing if only it doesnt burst before noon on thursday. And once it really does burst, I think the aftereffects would last way longer that they are supposed to. We will see how that goes.

But first there are still 7 more papers. Less than 4 days, come on!

My attention span is longer than a goldfish's

Stocked up on junk food that is supposed to last me the next 3 days. The challenge is to actually make them last that long. I will exercise after eyas end kay. Maybe. I think. I hope. I definitely should.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The word FRINGE seems so weird all of a sudden. I was googling about fringes and it just started being weird. It looks weird, its spelling its weird, its pronunciation is weird. And thinking about it feels weird.  WHATS HAPPENING.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It has gotten to the point where even my mum doesn't know whether to cry or laugh at my sheer lousiness in solving trigo, log and expo equations and my unpreparedness for tomorrow.