Wednesday, October 29, 2014

we will sleep when we are dead


hahahahaha it all started the night before the first op consult. At 8pm qk received a text saying op consult was the next day!!! so the whole class just started panicking and i downloaded Skype to discuss pw. But somehow pw didn't happen, and I ended up skyping the confused kids. UNTIL 530AM. YEAH 6 HOURS! INTENSE SKYPE SESSION OMG. And obv we all damn dead the next day. Just keep ditching pw to lepak in seminar room hahaha such slackers.

And since that night I have been skyping so much omg. SKYPE OVER SLEEP YEA. even though I keep falling asleep while skyping ahahah I'm sorry main man.

Well post-promos has just been pwpwpwpwpw. Although theres supposed to be school but we just keep ponning lectures omg I am under damn bad influence. Getting so sick of pw but JUST ONE MORE WEEK!!! But sometimes q fun la. Especially if our groups colonise the same place hahahah. And all the fun class dinners hehehe.

OMG and the whole of this afternoon. Cause tuesday our early day so we went out for class lunch @18chefs with 8 ppl. It was damn eventful sia. Then we went back and lepaked at the theatre for the rest of the day AHAHAHA it was damn freaking funny. So many things can happen in the dark hehehe. Esp with all the raging hormones omg it felt so good just chilling and laughing.

Life has been fun, but there has also been some serious shit going on. Especially during results day omg i don't even wanna rmb it. But while there has been plenty of smiles and laughter, there hasn't been a lack of tears and worries HAIYA LIFE.

OK I am soooo grateful for my big rainbow :) That one afternoon I spent with her was so enlightening omg idk what I would do without her. And the shiok maki + shopping was damn good. thank you bby <3

Wahhh typing that made me even more nostalgic for the rg days :( All the tweets the whole night have been bringing back memories and I just cannot grasp the concept of time flying by. And looking through old pics!! 

This is why I end up sleeping at 2 everyday (even though I legit planned to sleep at 10) and end up with swollen eyebags. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


PROMOS ARE OVERRRRR. and i can finally lie in bed watching videos at 2am after doing nothing for the whole day.

But I dont feel as liberated as I should be. It ended damn badly with Physics paper. Felt sosososo shitty during the paper and like a failure afterwards :( Didn't even have mood to celebrate the temporary freedom hahahah after every paper we would just sit in the canteen and realise there is no hope for us but pray for 2 magical passes. 


Post-promos lunch with half the class was fun HEHE have missed having normals convos with them instead of always talking about acads and pw ewww. After eating everyone dispersed except for a few of us who just wanted to hobo. Like I didn't even realise we had walked into the mrt station and suddenly people were saying BYE and I was so confused cause I had nowhere to go and people were boarding the train already and everyone was everywhere so I felt like a lost and confused kid, but yay at least got others in the same boat as me. 

SO WE BROUGHT HOBOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL HAHAHA. First we sat at the mrt station for a while, then gillian had to go collect passport, so we decided to all go to ICA. Met gillian's mum and apparently she thought the UN-SHUAI GE was cute?? HAHA SRSLY. Talked a bit at ICA but then we found chesna's p3 blogs and couldnt stop laughing and kept getting stared at so we moved to bugis. Sat outside the library and saw paul twohill hahahaah.  unshuaige got ditched by og so we had dinner tgt + macs ice cream omg 2 days in a row that guilt. Thennn at 9pm I went to nex to satisfy smoothie craving & meet my darling hahaa tingwei wanted to meet after that if only there were midnight trains omg imagine that. 

Are we cute or cute

First day in whoknowshowlong waking up without an alarm! such a nice feeling :))) Supposed to have og outing but that morning itself still no plans aiyoh fail. Anw finally can watch dramas again YAYYYY. started Against the Tide omg its damn interesting and ruien is damn good and desmond is damn hot <3 Late lunch at Orchard wheeee tingwei approves of the indonesian bbq that im always craving hehehe that stuff is legit. wanted to watch Annabelle but 2 people too scary cannot handle. Didn't plan on shopping but i walked past F21 and only walked out 2 hours later hahahaha pls understand i haven't shopped in damn long. Went to gillian's house after that just because idk I could. Yknow that carefree feeling of being able to spend your time however you wanted with no burdens wahhh damn shiok. Went home to change phone!!! IM IN LOVE. 

PW lecture BOOO. But it the morning we could finally sit at our table without papers and notes!! Talked about Annabelle hahaha got me damn scared and excited at the same time. pw is just a burden. But during the break we managed to htht a bit HAHAHA. okok highlight of the day is ANNABELLE. omg my first legit horror in the cinema. how do i even describe this. Some parts were damnnnn scary and the sound effects just made it worse. I spent a lot of time hiding behind my jacket and watching the corner of the screen hahah cannot take it. Sitting beside qirong DIDN'T HELP. that idiot keep anyhow scaring then i would legit jump cause already damn paranoid. But the boyboy beside him damn funny HAHAHAH. 

Spent the whole day on my laptop and procrastinating the cleaning of my room. I wanna lie in the sun but weather is being a bitch. Stared PLL 5 and im just getting more and more confused by that show sian. Supposed to go out for dinner but guess what I fell asleep hahaha shit my life. Woke up and finally started cleaning my room. So now at least can see some of the floor plus the whole of my bed some progress better than no progress!! 

Havent exercised in sooooo long totally lost the drive. Okay fitspo time lets look at hot people.