Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can june hols just start now

I need someone to teach me from the start everything we have learnt for chem this year. In return, I wil umm... give you food.

I am already doing math and physics myself kayyyy. Today I managed to do one math question by myself and I felt sososososo proud of myself. And it was not a short question. The solution took up ONE WHOLE PAGE. hahahaha but actually I just copied the working from in front and it sort of fit but still. And apparently I look professional doing physics so tyvm i accept that compliment and shall assume that physics is my friend.

While I was contemplating my life while spacing out during malay just now, I seriously considered just giving up on bio. I honestly do not get anything. And even if I somehow manage to understand things there is like no way I will memorise everything in time. But then I realised HEY I have friends who are bio experts. And one owes me a favour for lending him math worksheets cause yk smart people like to study in advance. SO hopefully by the end of next week I will understand all things bio.

English: I am putting all my hope on Jasmine and Nigel's notes. Like, ALL MY HOPES.

And malay karangan. HAHA forget it please. I study a bit the day before not bad alr can.

Guess who ran 2.4 today. It was so hot and draggy and slow and I felt so unfit and tired by the 3rd round. And people who have timings like 12 and 9 are coming to me telling me they are too slow. PUHLEEZ at 9 minutes I wasn't even done with my 4th round. And you wonder why I don't want to go running with you.

Finally set SENTOSA DATE. Omg we have been talking about it since like the start of the year hahaha not bad we will all be turning up at open house all tanned and stuff. we need the atas hotel sleepover tooooo omg sounds so fun :D

Hopefully primary sch ppl are more free during June hols. We NEED to go somewhere besides the west (which does not include sending Nicole to tuition at bugis or meeting me at orchard). sentosa pls pls pls. hahaha liren has been wanting to go since like last year.

This post totally shows the mood I have been in since the end of malay class and i was walking along the track with minyi and the sun was so warm and soft and life just seemed so good. Also no waiting time for  buses today and pizzahut for dinner equals to good mood me :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I need to love the way I dance

I don't even know why ballet exam is making me so queasy. Ahhhh please let my nervousness stop soon. I can't afford to blank out later helpppppp. I am supposed to be chillin right now but no im sweating just by sitting here.

Okay I should probably go and practise one last time. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

Now the nervousness is gone. Replaced by panting and sweat. WHY IS IT SO HOT.
11:11 please let me do well!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best of both worlds

WHY AM I SUCH A CONTRASTING PERSON. Its like I can't make up my mind who I want to be.

Sometimes I am so self-consious. Other times I don't f-ing care how I look like.
Sometimes I want to be healthy. Other times I walk straight into Macs.
Sometimes I am in NCC uniform. Other times I am in a leotard and tights.
Sometimes I want to buff and muscular. Other times I want to be skinny.
Sometimes I go for the hipster style. Other times I go for the girly style.
Sometimes I like black and white. Other times I am all about the colours.
Sometimes I am so hungry I can eat a two-person meal. Other times even the thought of food disgusts me.
Sometimes I love waking up. Other times I consider sleeping forever.
Sometimes I enjoy studying. Other times I just want to quit school.
Sometimes my clothes have no sleeves. Other times my clothes are long-sleeved.
Sometimes I like being a minimalist. Other times I like being a hoarder.
Sometimes I am scared of the cold. Other times I am scared of the heat.
Sometimes my favourite colour is pink. Other times I think pink is way too girly.
Sometimes I am neat and OCD. Other times I am messy and can't be bothered.
Sometimes I like you. Other times I don't.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Single and unavailable

Can I please make something clear. Not every boy I talk to is my boyfriend. Yes some I may talk to a lot, but there is no need to jump to the conclusion that we are together. Please understand there are such things as boySPACEfriends. Not that I have one that sounds as perfect as described below.

Monday, April 8, 2013

If I can't lose them, means I gotta stop eating them

Wow what a lucky week right before my ballet exam.

During class on Saturday, I either went down too far or opened too wide, but when I stood up my hamstring was damn pain.

And just now I sort of fell down on all fours. Knee won't stop bleeding, and the wound on my hand is pretty deep. Luckily I wasn't too far from home, and managed to hop and limp and hobble my way back. But its quite sad that were at least 4 people around me (and caused me to fall btw) and no one offered to help me :(  Its ok I'm INDEPENDENT.

But this is really really bad. I doubt I will be able to run fast this week, and thats not just gonna affect my ballet, but NAPFA. and I think this week I can't practise to my best. OHNO. Please please please be better before the exam so at least I can practise more. And kneel gracefully.

PLEASEEE. My dear body, I haven't been putting you through all the pain and bruises and sweat and hard work for nothing, please don't disappoint me. Please don't hate me, I'm counting on you. Everything I put you through will be worth it in the end.