Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best of both worlds

WHY AM I SUCH A CONTRASTING PERSON. Its like I can't make up my mind who I want to be.

Sometimes I am so self-consious. Other times I don't f-ing care how I look like.
Sometimes I want to be healthy. Other times I walk straight into Macs.
Sometimes I am in NCC uniform. Other times I am in a leotard and tights.
Sometimes I want to buff and muscular. Other times I want to be skinny.
Sometimes I go for the hipster style. Other times I go for the girly style.
Sometimes I like black and white. Other times I am all about the colours.
Sometimes I am so hungry I can eat a two-person meal. Other times even the thought of food disgusts me.
Sometimes I love waking up. Other times I consider sleeping forever.
Sometimes I enjoy studying. Other times I just want to quit school.
Sometimes my clothes have no sleeves. Other times my clothes are long-sleeved.
Sometimes I like being a minimalist. Other times I like being a hoarder.
Sometimes I am scared of the cold. Other times I am scared of the heat.
Sometimes my favourite colour is pink. Other times I think pink is way too girly.
Sometimes I am neat and OCD. Other times I am messy and can't be bothered.
Sometimes I like you. Other times I don't.

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