Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to city life


im back.

from vacation.

at the beach.

And im a bit more tanned.

Just slightly.

Except my legs are brown.

And my knees are black.

The sun there is crazy.

All I did was to lie.

And I sweated like crazy.

Felt like I had just run 5km.

They had Singapore tv channels.

Which I discovered had pretty decent stuff.

But they also had Cartoon Netowrk.

On which I watched 3 Barbie movies.

Wore shorts like crazy.

I brought all my super mini ones.

Paired with tank tops.

And bikinis.

Devoured no less than 7 packets.

Of tidbits.

Pizza, roti prata, spaghetti, fish and chips.


Now back to civilisation.

The first thing I did.

Was to dabao.


I need a good bath.

With my own shampoo.

Cause my hair is screwed.

The worst I have ever seen it at.

I didnt mean for this post.

To seem poem-ish.

But oh well.

Here you are.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Once a Rulangnite, always a Rulangnite


Rulang I am so proud of you! And I am so proud of myself! For being a Rulangnite. heehee

Well, you have got to admit, Rulang is getting proer by the year.

Our batch had Katie, one of the top scorers.

The following batch broke the record for the number of 4A*s.

This year's batch broke 2 records. The whole class of 6R (my class! my class!) got A* for Maths and also *dum dum dum* TOP SINGAPORE SCORER! :D

Haha I can so imagine everyone rushing to the GO to submit their portfolios to transfer their child to Rulang...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Split jumps at the beach look cool

WAHAHAHA. I cannot swim 100m but can swim 50m. MMhmmm. And only gillian also cannot swim. NOOB SWIMMERS UNTIE!

I go to the pool not to swim but to sun and dance and fool around and wear nice swimming costumes. :) I think the most I have ever swum is 50X8m.

YAY ME IS GOING TO THE BEACH FOR VACATION SOON. lalala super excited. :D can get to wear all my cool tank tops and cool shorts and cool swimwear. Shhhh yes, that includes bikinis. Shhhh, lets keep it secret, okay? :p

I need to train up my abs in 4 days cause they have been slowly disappearing to the point I can only see them if I force them out. Not cool, so not cool. You have got to admit, flat stomachs look so much nicer than pot-bellies.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

one of the few people who really appreciates

The 3 songs below are the ones most frequently played in No.8 Pawnshop, and I just cannot get over them. They may not mean much to you, but they mean the world to me.

I am now sauper obsessed with this drama now. If you can;t already tell.

Sadly there aren't many avenues for me to obsess over it since it is really old.

I become obsessed with actors through their dramas, and not obsessed with dramas because of their actors. Thats why I love all the dramas I love. Cause there are always deeper meanings to them then just the actors.

I think there are few people who really really love 第八号当铺 . Of course I am one of them.

too bad age has caught on :(

Isnt he amazing. Even his acting. Super versatile and pro.

I couldnt stop staring at his face when he first appeared in No.8 Pawnshop. And now I am almost done watching the 116-episode series, I still cant get over hiss awesomeness.

The thing is, the drama was filmed 8 years ago. And truth to be told, he looks are so much better at 25 than at 33. But still.

Btw, his name is Remus Kam.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you for my childhood and teenagehood. Hopefully my adulthood and elderhood too.

Okay, I am settled with my top 3 shows.

No.8 pawnshop.

Ugly Betty.

The Big Bang Theory.

They are the ones I can rewatch and rewatch and yet never get bored of.

I cant even express how stongly I feel about them.
1. Do 50 hours of CIP (Not that hard, right? It is only a little bit more than 2 days)
My mom has convinced me to cancel all the cip I signed up for over the hlidays except for a few funner ones since I can now do cip for the plain fun of . :)

2. Visit every platoonmate's house (Me and zek wanted to do this last year)
No progress :( I realise I have only been to 2 out of 9 houses.

3. Go shopping at Bugis (I have been meaning to in like forever. And apparently the stuff there are cheap and good :))
DONE :) But its super crowded there and the stuff are quite average...

4. Eat lots of junk food (Maybe not too much. But I cant control myself)
Okay, where do I even start. How about this: macs last thursday, friday, saturday and yesterday. Potato chips monday and today. old chang kee today.

5. Exercise and stretch (It is super effective. Believe me)
mmm...not happening except for the usual ballet lessons. BUT I finally went swimming after like eons.

6. Run 3-4 times per week (No less, no more. While I want to keep fit, I dont want bulging muscles in my legs.)
Not happening too. In fact, I am feeling so guilty I shall go run for my first time in weeks after this.

7. Complete my compo notebooks that I started last year (Er they were supposed to be completed last year, so...)
Well, now I am supposed to be focused on science instead of compos.

8. Go out with friends and cousins (duh.)
Same old, same old.

9. Read all the books that I bought but have not read (They come up to a total of no less than 36)
Ah I am now super addicted to shopaholic. And I borrowed a bunch of books from the library cause its like all the good books are suddenly findable. I maxed out 3 libraby cards. Enough said.

10. Makeover my room (I am gonna get a new bookshelf, which means my whole room will have to be re-orientated)
So, I have sort of found the perfect bookshelf and desk at IKEA. Just need to wait for my parents to settle on a new sofa, rug, tv console and coffee table. Plus a compputer table. Still a long way to go...

11. Master basic make-up (Yes, master. Like its perfect the first time you put in on. Now, it looks okay sometimes but other times its just hideous)
I have just been playing around a lot and experimenting different styles.

12. Put in effort for presents for company chalet (Yuppies)
Currently there are no presents for me to put effort into.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Look to the right. See anything different?

More than a few people have been bugging for it. I have had my qualms, and I still do. So, I say, a trial period.

If you cant tell, I am posting for the sake of posting.

The first 2 days of holiday were spent in malls. Plaza Sing yesterday and Jurong Point today.

I have spent like 40 dollars.

Actually its not my fault kay. Yesterday we went for cmps meeting, talked for 3 hours straight at macs. Then I went shopping with Vivian. FINALLY SOMEONE I CAN SHOP WITH. FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SHOP, BUT EVERY SINGLE PERSON I WENT OUT WITH HATED SHOPPING. Super happy when Vivian said that she was dying to shop too. :D

Today my dad took the day off, and he wanted to eat the ramen sold only in JP. So we went there for lunch. After lunch, I made him go home first so that I can shop in peace without him nagging about spending money and blah blah blah. But in the end, I didnt really buy anything, except for this super cute owl ring. Couldnt resist. Surprisingly, I didnt but that crop tee that was only 10 bucks. I guess I was a bit guily for having spent $30 ++ yesterday. -.-
Okay this is getting pathetic.

There are so many photos I wanna post, but now without photobooth, I have to take with my camera and upload it into the com. A bit the very troublesome leh.

Maybe when I finally get my lazy self to do it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ada sistem bunyi yang canggih

In Time and Tower Heist are both awesome movies. They are soooo much better than I expected. Really.

And they are the first and second time I am watching a PG13 movie. COOL RITE.

Now I am really bored at home. Last night, I was so bored I went to sleep. Like, I didnt go to sleep because I was tired, but because I had nothing to do.

Remember when I said I was going to do a lot of CIP over the holidays. Well, I signed up for 80+ hours, but it turns out, I can cancel all of them. Cause now I have 123 CIP hours already.

I am gonna go swimming.


Even more than 6R.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yeah, so I returned my Mac. It has been like my closest friend this year, and I realise how much I have been depending and relying on it now that I dont have it anymore.

Nvm, my dad has promised a new laptop by the end of this year, most possibly an Apple. CAUSE ITS JUST SO FREAKING HARD TO USE WINDOWS AFTER APPLE. Yeah.

Now, my dad installed this new internet thingy, and somehow the cpu wasnt connected to it, so I have been surviving the past week on his laptop and Iphone and my phone. And apparently his I cant post on his laptop, so...

But all problems have been resolved now. Except that I dont like the feeling of using this cpu. Nope, not at all.

So, maybe not so many posts in the next 2 months?

Eh, I dunno lah.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Four cheers and four cheers and four cheers for 213!

Have I mentioned,

I LOVE 213'11.


A freaking lot.

Last night was a good good night.


We got 1st.

Yeah, as in winner.

Not unexpected, but still.

According to the judges, it was really obvious that we were going to be the winners.

Cause we had the best of everything.

See, what did I tell you.

Everyone was going crazy.

In a good way.

And people were coming to us congratulating us.

Even the teachers.

I was super hyper.

And glittery.

The toilet cubicle and my house is still glittery.

Oh wells, I sparkle.

No, not I sparkled. I sparkle.