Friday, November 11, 2011

If you cant tell, I am posting for the sake of posting.

The first 2 days of holiday were spent in malls. Plaza Sing yesterday and Jurong Point today.

I have spent like 40 dollars.

Actually its not my fault kay. Yesterday we went for cmps meeting, talked for 3 hours straight at macs. Then I went shopping with Vivian. FINALLY SOMEONE I CAN SHOP WITH. FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SHOP, BUT EVERY SINGLE PERSON I WENT OUT WITH HATED SHOPPING. Super happy when Vivian said that she was dying to shop too. :D

Today my dad took the day off, and he wanted to eat the ramen sold only in JP. So we went there for lunch. After lunch, I made him go home first so that I can shop in peace without him nagging about spending money and blah blah blah. But in the end, I didnt really buy anything, except for this super cute owl ring. Couldnt resist. Surprisingly, I didnt but that crop tee that was only 10 bucks. I guess I was a bit guily for having spent $30 ++ yesterday. -.-

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