Friday, January 31, 2014

I have been induced

Soooo JIP is officially over! It has been a fun-filled 2 weeks, and I think its one of those times I am gonna look back upon and miss so dearly cause it was so carefree and casual.

There is never a lonely moment with my 415 darlings around:
-A mob of people following Jasmine and Nigel to the RI canteen
-Insta-noodles resulting in WA war but ending with us playing frisbee
-Being the most frequent customers of the minimart
-Supporting each other at CCA trials
This was at the floorball trial of nat and clarissa

-the MOST EVENTFUL DINNER EVER at Swensens celebrating the Koh bdays (okay this story cannot go untold. The waitress and carrying a tray with like 4 drinks, the tray wobbled, all the drinks spilled over our table and poor val, the glass smashed all over the floor, val's plate literally broke into half, we were given 10% discount)
Chicken baked rice
Free birthday ice-cream (you know where to find me on my bday)

BEST CLASS EVER gonna miss them sosososo much :(

CCA trials are really competitive and scary this year. I was all prepared to just join rec badminton cause slack+fun! But I went with Jenny to audition for mod dance and somehow I got in?! HAHA everyone I have told was damn surprised like that is so unexpected. SIAN WHERE IS THE FAITH GUYS. Ok fine I didn't expect myself to make it either but I suppose there is a reason I am still doing ballet after all these years. I had a huge dilemma between dance and hockey. I hope I am making the right decision. 

Been meeting primary school friends on the mrt cause we are all westies. And damn cute a bunch of them who stay at lakeside will go to school tgt in the morning and sometimes I will bump into them and its always nice to have company. The school is SO FREAKING HUGE though I still haven't met some of the ex-classmates.

Also, I went back to visit my first workplace where I was paid :D Hehe ya it was at Don pie. I am not trying to advertise but seriously so yumzzzz. Can you believe it though liren had 2 pies all on his own, in the same span of time I took to finish my FAV PIE.

Black Pepper Chicken Pie

Today is Day 1 of CNY but Im gonna put that in a separate post cause I like things to be relevant.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


14 Jan 1111PM
Let the last day before school starts be a good one :)

Today i had 5 hours of sleep, cause sleeping on someone else's floor is really uncomfortable. But moving on, we decided to go to jc-hopping! At least gillian and steph did HAHA I just went to hcjc. The funniest part it GILLIAN AND I WERE WEARING RAFFLES SHIRTS. IN HWACHONG. Like even jenny was embarrassed for us.

DAMN FUNNY the tour guide was like "hey raffles! Is this a troll thing?"

But seriously the only reason I wanted to go was *ahem*gillian's boyboy* but that didn't even happen. At first, the 4 of us were sitting in the open area playing cards, then we left jenny at some chess booth, and then gillian saw her friends, and steph followed her, and i was left alone :(

OK I am really glad for friends cause michelle and liren came to find me (DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS TO GET LOST). Hehehe met some 6R people who have never come out before. I had to literally go to their school to finally see them after 5 years.

I tried participating in their cca discussions (but not like i am really transferring there right i mean even though it is a legit cool school i have already bought my rj uniform) but I really really have no idea what cca i want to consider. SO HARD. do i have no interests? :(

AND BTW do you know how many buses from hc go to my house? 4! Instead of one measly bus that gets stuck in traffic all the time to ri.

I think this is first time this hols I am going to bed before midnight. Fun fact of the day: I had a mango for dinner. BUT DAMN IT WAS SUCH A DELICIOUS MANGO.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Last week of my hols BOOOOHOOOO.

Monday feels like such a long time ago but its actually just 5 days! Woke up at noon, SUPER HUNGRY, no food at home, thus ended up at my go-to cafe CBTL.

Tim Ho Wan with the primary school peeps for dimsum YUM YUM. Price is quite legit the 5 of us spent $60, although maybe its cause I ate a lot oops. Paris Baguette for even more afternoon snacks cause WE PIGS YO. But ohgosh finally tried their pudding <3 <3 <3

Went to the library with the intention to study, but Instagram was super distracting. And if you are living under a rock, GO FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM. My P6 cousin has over a THOUSAND followers! AHHEM PART As AHHEM.

TYPO SALE AT WESTGATE. TYPO SALEEEEE. Bought presents for the 3 bday girls. And there was this pillow I was intending to get for Kelly, but then I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT and got another for myself (well done me what happened only spending money on legit necessary stuff, but in my defense it is really really cute). I love staying at the west now.

Combined surprise bday celebration for kelly gillian cynthia at marina barrage. FUN DAY.
HAHA in the morning a lot of us were late so we were trying to stall the bday girls. Like randomly asking cynthia to go buy chips and making kelly leave late. 

Cynthia still came on time though and OMG while we were waiting for kelly we ran into thengyi! Like she didn't know the other group would be there as well HAHAHA thengyi super cool though she just walked past without saying anything AND CYNTHIA WAS SO HURT. 

Also eileen is damn good at stalling gillian so that she won't bump into us. Like she got off at a wrong stop, then pretended she had to use the toilet, legit used the toilet, and went on the new blue mrt line for fun.


Although I completely ran out of cash. And I still owe people money. On a brighter note, people owe me money too.

Wednesday was the third day in a row not eating at home at all.  Lunch with platmates (THEY HAVE A CREPE STALL AT FAR EAST AND ITS DELICIOUS), went back to RGS cause we are bored kids with nothing to do. THE SUN WAS BURNING so we escaped to the library and laughed at poor juniors having school. LIKE WHAT IS SCHOOL EVEN. Moved to squash court and crashed the B NCOS' meeting. 

Then since I was already in orchard so just nice go buy uniform. Jio-ed Jasmine (CAUSE IM A GOOD FRIEND ARENT I) and gillian came along too. I dislike buying fitted clothes cause SUPER DEMORALISING but ohwell motivation to not get fat. Then we went bag-hunting cause jasmine's bag broke :( 

Yoshinoya for dinner was my first time in DAYS eating veggies. But whats the point when we ended up at EWF for fries. Dear Jasmine, I hope we didn't ruin the special memory you have with a special someone at that special place. 

Thursday the primary school people decided to go out again but that day just felt like a very home-based day so I stayed home the whole day. But HEY I did go to subway for lunch, and met Michelle there! Such a surprise cause I was expecting her to be with the rest. 

The rest of the day was spent re-watching Sherlock season 1. And then tumblring after that.




The point I’m trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant… rude, ignorant, and all around obnoxious asshole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful, and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So if I didn’t understand I was asked to be best man it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend. Certainly not the best friend of the bravest, and kindest and the wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing. John, I am a ridiculous man. Redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship.
-Sherlock Holmes, in The Saddest Quote Ever The Sign of Three


Friday was uneventful. Spent the day clearing out my room and working out. Ran to the Bukit Gombak stadium to run one round on the track and then ran all the way back again HAHA super pointless route next time I shall be more adventurous. 

Edusave awards was um okay. The organisers were trying to get the awardees to applaud but all the older people in the back rows didn't even flinch a muscle HAHAHA. But super cool though its held at this hardcourt area so its literally right at my house.

I have no idea when I started blogging by days but well I guess this is what I do now? 

Friday, January 3, 2014


HAPPY 2014!!!!!

Let me start with the last week of 2013.

29th Dec
One and half months since the gang last saw each other, and JASMINE WHO SUGGESTED GOING OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS GROUNDED. But Nat Kelly Clarissa and I had a nice meal and long catchup at TCC. I have missed talking to them SO MUCH and I know I am going to miss them even more as classmates :( I mean who else is going to sit with me for one whole night talking about boys and JC until the waiter at TCC hints super obviously at us to leave.

LOOK I wore a skirt for once! And ya pretty christmas tree.

30th Dec
Supposed to have 6R gathering but we suck at planning (OK WE DONT PPL JUST SUCK AT COMING). So went another movie outing with Liren and Michelle. FROZENNN. Its M's 3rd time watching it can you believe it. We had a lot of time to kill before the movie and just sat at Macs talking, but liren was like a stone that day. Anywhere we go he will just sit down and stare into space tsk over-complicated brain.

31st Dec
Set 5 alarms to wake myself up before 9 (the first alarm was at 7). Went for a jog at the park because I havent climbed those hills in months; got a  bit of workout until I saw monkeys and I hate monkeys so I left.

NCO+Jenny lunch outing at Ajisen :) Haven't seen these people in damn long too so it was nice. Kish the cool kid has 7 piercings now and I was so psychic I guessed the existence of the 7th piercing and it turns out it really was there!! Left Jenny at a fish shop and the NCOs went to camp at the secret spot under the escalator. On the bus home with Jenny, we had a little h2h and I felt quite bad for not talking with her more often. Well at least she has finally joined WA (AFTER 4 YEARS WITH AN IPHONE)

Helped out a bit around the house in preparation for our new year's dinner. But guess what WAKING UP EARLY IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Fell asleep at 6 and relatives came at 6.30 and I almost missed all the fun THANKS COUSINS FOR WAKING ME UP.

Went with the cousins to a little countdown party. Watched The Wanted on TV and they are damn cool, but 1D is still the coolest boy band. Facetime with Gillian and co. at midnight hahaha my cousins were super amused by my platoonmates.

1st Jan
Legit did not go out that day. Just lazed around cousin's house, stalking Insta and watching movies. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START 2014 :D

2nd Jan
Brought cousins out to watch Frozen cause they haven't watched it and FROZEN IS A MOVIE THAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED. And it was their first day of school those poor things. HAHAHA so many sad secondary school students going home after their first day of school. I cannot imagine it at all IM THOROUGHLY ENJOYING MY HOLS. I leant something cool though: Mrs Chan (my p6 teacher) and Mr Kwan (my p4 teacher) are BOTH teaching my cousin like SO COOL RIGHT.