Tuesday, January 14, 2014


14 Jan 1111PM
Let the last day before school starts be a good one :)

Today i had 5 hours of sleep, cause sleeping on someone else's floor is really uncomfortable. But moving on, we decided to go to jc-hopping! At least gillian and steph did HAHA I just went to hcjc. The funniest part it GILLIAN AND I WERE WEARING RAFFLES SHIRTS. IN HWACHONG. Like even jenny was embarrassed for us.

DAMN FUNNY the tour guide was like "hey raffles! Is this a troll thing?"

But seriously the only reason I wanted to go was *ahem*gillian's boyboy* but that didn't even happen. At first, the 4 of us were sitting in the open area playing cards, then we left jenny at some chess booth, and then gillian saw her friends, and steph followed her, and i was left alone :(

OK I am really glad for friends cause michelle and liren came to find me (DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS TO GET LOST). Hehehe met some 6R people who have never come out before. I had to literally go to their school to finally see them after 5 years.

I tried participating in their cca discussions (but not like i am really transferring there right i mean even though it is a legit cool school i have already bought my rj uniform) but I really really have no idea what cca i want to consider. SO HARD. do i have no interests? :(

AND BTW do you know how many buses from hc go to my house? 4! Instead of one measly bus that gets stuck in traffic all the time to ri.

I think this is first time this hols I am going to bed before midnight. Fun fact of the day: I had a mango for dinner. BUT DAMN IT WAS SUCH A DELICIOUS MANGO.

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