Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a unique way to end the year

I am sick. Like 39°C fever sick. This is the first time in 2011 that I am sick. And I blame kayaking. I was almost able to get thorugh 2011 withour falling sick at all, but now, on the last day...:(

If you are even concerned, I am slightly better after having some medication that I was prescribed last year along with a 7-days MC. And I am not going to let this affect my New Year's Eve. Later I am going out to have seafood and hopefully countdown if I dont fall asleep.

Hope you are feeling better than I am and have a blast tonight! :D

P.S. Haha, 150th post. Which means that this year I wrote a total of 150 posts :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The world is still rocking side to side

Kayaking today was...spine-chilling. Both from the cold and the nerves.

I really wonder how deep the water was.

Capsizing and rescuing is just so...urgh. I just completely lose concentration and my thoughts when I flip myself and the whole kayak over into the godknowshowdeep water. All I would be thinking of is to get myself the hell out of there.

I feel really tired and sick right now. Possibly because the ground is still swaying beneath me cause the waves were quite big and the wind was quite strong just now. I dont even feel like eating the potato chips I bought yesterday. If you know me well, you should probably know that I eat potato chips A LOT. I even have them as meals. CAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THEM. So me saying that I dont want to eat them is saying quite a lot. Somemore the one I have right now is my current favourite. The spicy one from NTUC.

Ohmygod what am I rambling on about? I dont even know.

To think that I have to this again tomorrow is so sian. I would be feeling so much better is I knew that it were over. Sadly, its not.

I am rambling again.

My head is so dizzy. @.@

Monday, December 26, 2011

I dont know why I just wrote the following

Shoe cabinet
TV console
Computer table
Study table

My parents purchased all of that today. I was supposed to get a nice comfy chair but couldnt find any :( I want want one those really soft and nice and the right size. Cause theres a weird empty space beside my wardrobe and I want to fill it up. Coudlnt decide between a dressing table or a nice armchair. Actually, still cant decide. I really dont know. Hmm..maybe I can get both...

Anyways that is a lot of furniture to buy in 1 day. Something about good quality, big sale, new year, year end bonus, 13th month salary blah blah

Today we did quite a lot of travelling. From one end of Singapore to the other end. First we went to Tampines to look at some furniture shop my mom found online, then we went to ECP cause my mom's colleagues were there. Then we went to Yew Tee cause my aunt said they were having huge sale. Then we came back and did grocery shopping even tough we had already done so 2 days ago. Apparently we ran out of fruits. My parents are super fruit-crazy.

A bit more than 1 week of holidays left. Really ohmyshit.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

No one can hide anything from us

Haha I have no idea who started the google doc, but my batch is so efficient. :) The school hasnt even realesed the info yet, but everyone already know their classes. I am in 315 with Natacha and Gillian. But no thirteeners :( The TripHist HCL class :D

I have been buying more stuff but, ITS CHRISTMAS! My dad gave me 13th month 'salary'. :D


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Only 2 more weeks of holidays left.

Info for next year is like coming out one by one really slowly.

First they confirmed our subject combis.(TripHist sounds really scary :()

Then now I know our nco combis. (YAY)

What I really want to know now is the classes.

Then the teachers.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

I like clothes. Problem?

ohoho blogshopping sure is fun.

I started last night (well, this morning considering it was 2am) and have already spent $33.

On 3 tank tops, 1 batwing shirt, 1 fringe top, 1 pair of shorts and a connector ring. :)

The 3 tank tops were...unexpected. They were priced at $7 dollars each, and I originally asked the owner to sell me 2 at $11. Then then then, guess what! She told me she would sell to me at $10, and I can pick out another tank top for free. :) HOHOHO some more all brand new and super cute leh.

Today was spent switching to the fro watching TBBT and blogshopping.

But I did study from 2am to 4am. Well, 'study'.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Who doesnt like clothes that are affordable and looks super good

You know what made my day today?

Buying clothes.

Especially clothes that are affordable and looks super good.

Heh, I bought a shirt from Joyce today and OMG, IT IS GORGEOUS.

I have no doubt that it will become one of my most-worntop.


Oh, stop laughing.

I did something real stupid today.

I forgot thst ballet had been pushed forward.

No, you didnt see that wrong.


And I have no idea how I suddenly remembered at 5.55 when I was putting on my stockings.

Anyways, I suppose even if I had remembered, I was at Clemti Mall at 4.30, having just travelled from Marina Barrage. And if I had not gone shoppping, I would have reached home at 4.30, which would still make me half an hour late. Alrighty, I have just convinced myself I could not have gone even if I had remembered.

See what I did there?

Well, at least I did remember in the end. I cant even imagine the horror if I hadnt. Urgh.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When clothes become a want

So right my house has three bedrooms, and we each sleep in a different room, mainly because our bedtimes and sleeping habits are super different.

My mom is the type who must have absolute silence and darkness when she sleeps (locked doors, closed windows with a tiny crack for air) and she likes to 早睡早起 . Say 11-7.

My dad is the type who can sleep under almost any condition, and he usually sleeps from 2-9.

I can only sleep soundly in my own bed. If I sleep anywhere else besides my own bed, there is a very huge tendency that I will wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Otherwise, I am a very sound and peaceful sleeper. Yeah, I rarely dream, and even more rarely have nightmares (I believe I havent had any this year, maybe 1 or 2 at most).

My bedtimes vary a lot. Schoolnights are usually 11. But preparing to sleep is the only time I can actually read my books, and I will end up sleeping only at 12. And the bloody alarm rings at 6. 6:10, to be exacct. That gives me a total of 10 minutes before my school bus arrives. Haha, pro right. I will jump out of bed, wash clean brush whatever in 5 minutes, put on uniform and comb hair in 4 minutes, leaving me 1 minute to travel 18 stories down the lift. I will tie my shoelaces in the lift, sleep during the bus ride, eat breakfast in school and that is my morning lifestyle.

Now that its the holidays, my usual sleeping time is after 2. Around 3. And I wake up at 10. Its not that many hours of sleep, because I have already caught up during the first couple of nights. Slept like pig from 12-10 for quite a few nights haha. So, I guess I am more nocturnal than diurnal?

Ah I luoliluoso for so long liao still havent got to the point.

So recently my parents switched rooms, and my mom bought a new big wardrobe. So now the old big wardrobe belongs to my dad, and he so shockingly few clothes given the number of clothes I own. So I managed to persuade him to give me half of his wardrobe space. :D I put all those that I rarely wear there, and of course I noticed a pattern. Long pants and fancy dresses and dresses with awkward lengths. Yeah.

Unsurprisinly, I have still been buying clothes. I guess I can do a comparison at the end of the holidays as to before and then after new year when I actually start clearing stuff out.

My new big bookcase is coming this weekend :) Super excited. It is so big it covers one whole wall. Lalala then I am gonna somehow ask for a new desk and maybe, if I am lucky, a vanity thingy. Hohoho then a new toilet and sink for my bathroom...

Ok, you know what. This post has no point.