Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The world is still rocking side to side

Kayaking today was...spine-chilling. Both from the cold and the nerves.

I really wonder how deep the water was.

Capsizing and rescuing is just so...urgh. I just completely lose concentration and my thoughts when I flip myself and the whole kayak over into the godknowshowdeep water. All I would be thinking of is to get myself the hell out of there.

I feel really tired and sick right now. Possibly because the ground is still swaying beneath me cause the waves were quite big and the wind was quite strong just now. I dont even feel like eating the potato chips I bought yesterday. If you know me well, you should probably know that I eat potato chips A LOT. I even have them as meals. CAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THEM. So me saying that I dont want to eat them is saying quite a lot. Somemore the one I have right now is my current favourite. The spicy one from NTUC.

Ohmygod what am I rambling on about? I dont even know.

To think that I have to this again tomorrow is so sian. I would be feeling so much better is I knew that it were over. Sadly, its not.

I am rambling again.

My head is so dizzy. @.@

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