Sunday, February 19, 2012

Throw on some clothes and grab a pair of sneakers

Just went out for a run.

It was one of those runs that your brain is occupied with thoughts and you just run and run until you are too tired too think anymore.

It was one of those runs that you can keep telling yourself to push just a little bit more, and you dont even relise how far you have run until you stop.

It was one of those runs that you dont stop until you have reached at least 2.4km, so that you know you at least have the stamina for NAPFA.

I havent been able to run like this for a few months. And I miss it.

Sometimes I think it is worth it to be under all these stress, just so that I can run like I did today, feeling the freedom and sense of achievement, no matter how momentary it is.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maybe next time

I have tried starting this post so many times. I have written so many different intros, only to delete them one after another. I think today is not the day. Maybe next time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Oh my the previous post sounds so whiny and childish.


BUT. You know what?

this post is going to be as whiny and childish.

I have realised that recently, I havent been watching my food intake at all. I will just let myself eat whatever I want, until I am full. I dont bother about the calories, I dont bother about the oil, I dont bother about the fats, I dont bother about the cost, I just bother with my APPETITE.

Which may explain the weight gain.

And also I have stopped running thrice a week and my stamina is going from bad to worse.

AHHHHHH cannot let myself become this huge fat ball of unfitness.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its gonna be a hell of a week

Monday - training
Tuesday - AMC
Wednesday - Amazing Race thingy
Thursday - TKD + profi + piano
Friday - IMT + ballet

And there is ballet on both nights of the weekend :(

The earliest I get to reach home is like 5.30.

And like 4 out of 5 days have stuff related to NCC.

At this rate, I am gonna get super sick and tired of it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

YTT. Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Yesterday night I obssessed over YTF again. Except for the JR and Andrew guy. No offence, but the other 5 are more of my sort. And I watched all of the videos form Quest Crew while they were competing in ABDC, and wow, they are really good. And they came to Singapore 2 years ago! They were just walking along Orchard and eating Old Chang Kee.

Today, SLI was sweet. And such a good replacement for Chinese lesson.

OMG the RI guys cheer super low and loud. There is like 10 of them and they can drown out the entire school population, which is like almost 2000 of us.

Andandnand one of them is my primary school senior.

Haha that part was really epic :)

I am in such a good mood now.


Just now during TKD, 'Shed a Tear' started playing. I heard the intro and got like super excited and high haha. :D Too bad the Mr Koh person skipped it cause the tempo was too slow. :(

Maybe next time 'Nice Guys' will start playing :)

Tomorrow I am going home at 1. That is so freaking early. Not that I am complaining. :p And I am so going to treat myself to KFC for lunch for surviving this week. And Saturday we are having a BBQ party, so that is to be looked forward to too :)