Friday, March 29, 2013

No need to do the same to my heart

OKAY now you can't tell me last night wasn't confusing.


That is bio's job. And chem physics math.

I already have enough confusion going on in my brain.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

loved the hols

despite the 9 ballet lessons
despite the undone work
despite not being able to paint my nails
despite not getting to eat healthily
despite not finishing season2 of PLL
despite not doing any shopping

loved the freedom
loved the carefree feeling
going out
going home late
late-night suppers
sleeping late
waking up feeling relaxed and excited for the day ahead
ganging up and owning ppl at bridge
cuddling up in the blanket because reaching for the aircon remote takes too much energy
seeing people I haven't seen in a long time
seeing the same people multiple times cause we just seem to have countless things to talk about
stacking up accessories on my arms
hanging out in places like a gang and being a public nuisance but YOLO

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yet sometimes I think too little

I think too much about a lot of the things I do.

You know how everyone is always saying they are scared to confess their love or wtv to someone else because they do not want to lose their friendship.

Well, that is the mindset I have a lot of the times. I am afraid. Afraid of what might happen. Afraid that my actions might carry implications that I wouldn't know how to face. Or wouldn't dare to face.

And in typical love stories they end up confessing anyway. Problem is, I probably wouldn't.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Turns out its plain old confusion

Im not sure what sort of mood to approach this post with. Happy? Emo? Motivated? Tired? Ranty?

So many things have been going on that my brain has sort of packed some stuff away, tucked them into the back, so that they are sort of there but not really there. Thus, it appears like there is nothing going on. Problem is, the stuff that I am choosing to ignore right now are gonna come back and bite me. Hard. And Im not just talking about schoolwork. Though that itself is a big problem.

However (rebuttal to a rebuttal), the things that are not being ignored are making me...confused. And Im afraid to talk about them here, because the person/people behind the confusion may be reading (not risking it however slim that chance might be). Just know, that I'm confused and I'm not sure what the next step of action should be and I have no one to turn to to ask for advice.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tick tock goes the clock

Crazily long and intense last week of lessons for the term.

Another rare Monday that I could go home right after school. I took so long to decide what to have for lunch that I ended up eating Subway at 4pm. Which in retrospect was not that bad of a plan because it meant dinner was unnecessary.

Tuesday was 5th March. A supposedly special day that was only made so by my friends <3 Malay was supposed to end early but there was this person there who was talking so much and asking so many questions that we ended up not ending that much earlier. Made me so impatient towards the end.

First TA of the year on Wednesday. Got it over and done with and then went out with two-third of thebackrow. But like half the class was on the same bus, and 80% of the bus was filled with rgs people.  Haha people kept shhh-ing here and there but that was like completely useless. Satisfied cravings for pepperlunch and cake on the same day :D Ooh btw thanks guys for the sinfully delicious cake.

Thursday was uneventful. Half the class was missing for chem and ss so nothing got done. Reached home after draggy bus journey and just crashed.

During math on Friday, kelly suddenly remembered that unit summary was due on that day and I was seriously scared by the way that had totally slipped my mind. Ended up rushing it after school and we almost couldn't get it printed out.

Today: Went for CmPS in the morning and since I was already at Orchard, what do I do? Shopping duh. Got back just in time for ballet, which ended 45 minutes late because we are still so bad even though exams are looming nearer and nearer. Thats my Saturday.

Tomorrow I plan to just stay at home and watch my shows while eating chips.