Monday, March 18, 2013

Turns out its plain old confusion

Im not sure what sort of mood to approach this post with. Happy? Emo? Motivated? Tired? Ranty?

So many things have been going on that my brain has sort of packed some stuff away, tucked them into the back, so that they are sort of there but not really there. Thus, it appears like there is nothing going on. Problem is, the stuff that I am choosing to ignore right now are gonna come back and bite me. Hard. And Im not just talking about schoolwork. Though that itself is a big problem.

However (rebuttal to a rebuttal), the things that are not being ignored are making me...confused. And Im afraid to talk about them here, because the person/people behind the confusion may be reading (not risking it however slim that chance might be). Just know, that I'm confused and I'm not sure what the next step of action should be and I have no one to turn to to ask for advice.

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