Monday, December 28, 2015

vvvvv immensely stressed outtttttttttt. a lot of strong emotions coming from different areas. yknow that scene in harry potter when hermione described all the things that were going on with cho and then ron didnt believe that anyone could feel so much emotion at one point and hermione replied 'just cos you have the emotional range of a teaspoon'

ok otherwise life has been pretty great i just need to suck it up and get through this

Saturday, December 12, 2015


have u found my blog?? pls tell me if you are reading this hahaha its rather creepy :)

soooooo how long has it been since i didnt have to study???? no idea HAHAHA (ok update its exactly one week but it srsly feels sosososo much longer)

life has been eventful hehe but ya i know its unsustainable. idk wth i was thinking when i told my parents that i won't be needing an allowance anymore lol i was trying to be all grown-up and independent hahaha but thankfully things are working out fine for now wheeee 

i think thats just because i havent stepped inside a mall since prom shopping which left such stressful memories of shopping. wth prom was just last week??? whattheeeeeeeee

WHAT EVEN. i cannot comprehend. hahahha and i promise i didnt even drink tonight

ok ya i know im purposely avoiding alot of srs stuff and legit issues but i cannot stop enjoying life rn and i dont wanna snap out of this daydream

alsoalso kimmm your house is freaking beautiful i love it so much omg pls jio me more PLSSSS

Monday, December 7, 2015

how did i even get stuck in such a weird position lololol what do i do now hahahaahahah can only talk to one person abt it but then i dont rly trust that person's advice????

why so complicated ahhhh it was never supp to be such a big deal srsly everyone should just chill

ok anw. moving on. to something which i thought i had moved on (ha ha ha) from after one whole damn year but yet here i am.....what the heck mannnnnnn

cannot find closure :((((( and idk what to do. i rlyrlyrly wanna just move on. i thought all i needed was time but i guess i need a closure as well and wtf how am i ever gonna get that

Saturday, December 5, 2015

haha sudden enlightenment. 

yeah sure i hate your flaws but they are what make you you and instead of harbouring so much negativity im going to start embracing your imperfections and draw strength from them

ha ha ha