Saturday, December 12, 2015


have u found my blog?? pls tell me if you are reading this hahaha its rather creepy :)

soooooo how long has it been since i didnt have to study???? no idea HAHAHA (ok update its exactly one week but it srsly feels sosososo much longer)

life has been eventful hehe but ya i know its unsustainable. idk wth i was thinking when i told my parents that i won't be needing an allowance anymore lol i was trying to be all grown-up and independent hahaha but thankfully things are working out fine for now wheeee 

i think thats just because i havent stepped inside a mall since prom shopping which left such stressful memories of shopping. wth prom was just last week??? whattheeeeeeeee

WHAT EVEN. i cannot comprehend. hahahha and i promise i didnt even drink tonight

ok ya i know im purposely avoiding alot of srs stuff and legit issues but i cannot stop enjoying life rn and i dont wanna snap out of this daydream

alsoalso kimmm your house is freaking beautiful i love it so much omg pls jio me more PLSSSS

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