Friday, August 31, 2012

Burning up does not make me lose my ranting ability

So sad couldnt go back rulang today :( and sorry if i seemed down in the morning. People who were around me i hope i didnt spread anything to you. But then again, maybe you spread it to me! Hmph. Haha i dont think so lah, i could already feel it coming up on wed afternoon.

I think i looked really emo on the bus home today. My earphones were plugged in, and i was leaning back and gazing out of the window. But i was just trying to fall asleep can. Thre were like four groups of rgs ppl, and they were making so much noise, couldnt block out the noise even though my music volume was super loud. Oh yeah it was emo music, about the end of the world or smth. But srsly the whole bus sounded like a fish market because of them. Did they really not realise, or just couldnt even be bothered to be softer?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So i blog

The part of my brain that controls my sleep is seriously screwed. Just now halfway through chem aa i was felling sleepy but now that im comfortably in bed i cant fall asleep?

Jiayou geog people.haha suan.

Forgot to congratulate myself. Last pt/aa of the year is over! Pull through the eyas, and school for the year will be over! :D

It's called 13atch

Batch group is filled with chem aa spam. kinda annoying, dont you think? But i joined in the discussion with platoonmates. less people, less confusion. But now I'm ignoring platoon chat too. heheh. I don't wanna see something and then have to change my report.

But I guess those discussions are helpful? sort of? But from what I see, they are mostly a group of less than 5 people making different points and trying to convince one another and finally arriving at the conclusion that all can work, just need justification.

In this community filled with smart brains, the only one that you can and should trust is the one in your head. All those smart brains each have their own way of thinking and reasoning. Sometimes they clash and waste time trying to argue it out but in the end, it turns our both are correct/wrong. 

I think the problem is that the group is for the WHOLE entire batch, so there are too many voices chiming in. And no one knows everybody there. I feel much more secure in the class group and platoon group.

I can totally imagine whats gonna happen at a batch outing. Everyone would talk to their cliques about going together, and then actually go together as a clique, and even at the actual thing split up into their own little cliques, and the outing coordinator may try to shout over the loud voices for everyone to mingle, but fail.

Then again, it seems like these discussions are bringing 13atch closer together. People sharing notes, sharing info, sharing knowledge. Helping one another, encouraging one another, going through everything together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

My back makes me fell like im paralysed

Yayy blogging using ipod. (y)

If tmr were a sch day, i would either be chionging aa or sound asleep alr. Definitely not here watching house. Wait. Rewatching.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I should just become an owl

Time: 5.09AM

Hohoho new record. Not considering the nap, I have been awake for 23 hours. Even if you count the nap, its 19 hours.


And I am only a bit sleepy. Like how I would feel at 11pm on a normal school night.

Should I go sleep? Or just tahan until I cannot take it? Hmmm.

Well maybe I should let my brain get some rest and power. Chem AA is happily waiting for me to do later on in the day. And you can't exactly do chem when you are all drowsy and sleepy and not thinking.

I am hungry. Very hungry. Doesn't help that I know that there is pizza in the fridge and chips in the kitchen and milo bars somewhere else. I don't know whether it would be acceptable to eat now. Cause I  have been banned from eating and drinking except plain water after 8pm. But if i eat now, it can be considered at breakfast already. So.

Forget it. Off to bed I go. Good morning!

My sleep cycle is screwed too

Maybe due to the 4-hour long nap I took in the afternoon.

And my back is hurting so much I am in no mood to do work. So I shall proceed to download more stuff into the ipod that I finally managed to get my hands on :D

People who can lick their elbows just have shorter-than-average arms

Ah shit my back is screwed. I don't even know how. It just screwed itself. Standing hurts, sitting hurts, lying on my back hurts, lying on my front hurts, hunching hurts, sitting straight hurts. I am not the type to use super vulgar profanities, but right now I am doing so. In my head. Yeah.

Oh something interesting just happened. If I lean back on my chair and move my right shoulder up and down while using the other hand to massage it, my SHOULDER BONE CRACKS.

Crap lah it really hurts a lot.

I want to take pain relief medication. That would totally happen if
1) It were available in liquid form within 10 meters, or
2) I learn how to swallow pills right now, despite many years of failure to do so
3) I knew anything at all about pain relief medication
4) I were enough of a risk-taker to try it despite never having taken pain relief meds before.

Actually, are pain relief meds even meant for these sort of things? I just assumed so, cause I am in pain, and they are meant to relieve pain. Right?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Please give me a holiday on Monday

I foresee a very unfortunate morning in a few mere hours. But things have reached the point where there is no turning back. And it has also reached the point where a few more minutes make no difference anyway. That's why I'm here lying on my bed, blogging.

And being hungry.

And being very tempted to watch another episode of House.

Actually, I would totally do that, if I didn't have to stay back tomorrow today or wake up early on Saturday.

But as it so happens, I do.

Today Yesterday school was soooo slack. I went to school to go for Physics (so guai :D), but Ms Lim wasn't in school. So guess what. I went to school to hit a ball around and do a compre on sex ed. Wow. Such an enriching day.

I haven't rewarded myself in the past 2 weeks. And I don't think I will get the chance to this week. Nevermind, I give myself the next weekend off. Maybe not the whole weekend. Friday + Saturday. Shopping, eating, watching, sleeping, reading. Please don't let anything ruin my plans.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It isn't counted as carefree if you just chose to ignore the troubles

ORD lunch is in less than 12 hours. And I am so responsible for us not having an outfit yet. Anw J8 is bound to have something. right? well, there better be.

This weekend I finished one season of Bones. And its the normal season, not the truncated one. So, I dont know what to feel about my self right now. And I totally just thought that in a Jennamarbles' accent.

Oh can I talk about Internet Icon. The only reason I watched the finale was becuase Justin and the Fu music were there. Had absolutely no interest in finding out who the winner was. Would have been an amazing finale if Justin and the Fu music were the two contestants left.

Back to my first point, I am really interested to find out what sec fours are gonna wear. Can't imagine some of them wearing dresses. But jeans are so informallll. But then again, pirates wear pants?

Back to my second point, I don't understand or know where I am finding the time to finish one season of a show within a week. I just keep finding new shows for myself to watch. And when I really cannot find any, I go back to rewatching. All these can wait until the holidays. Screw it,  not even the holidays, just right after EYAs. Okay, persevere for two more months, and then I will be free. Push harder through these tough times, and the aftermath will seem even better.

Can't stop myself from playing this over and over again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today I came home trice the usual no. of times

My shoulder feel like they are carrying a hundred pounds. In fact, since monday, the weight has only gotten heavier and heavier.

Standing still for one hour plus was no help.

Still, I guess its a small price to pay for finally becoming 'specialists'?

Today is and maybe will be the slackest SA day. We only had Philo exam. By 20 mins, more than half the class had their heads resting on the table. The other half was just fiddling and twiddling around. Haha I Dutch-braided my hair. The teacher was giving me weird looks. But cmon I sit in the last row so its not like I am disturbing anyone.

Apparently I reached home minutes after my dad left. If the bus hadn't taken so long to come, I would have been home before he actually left for work.

Watched an episode of bones before going to the park for bio pt. It was quite creepy at the park, cause it was unusually quiet and empty. Besides me, there were only two other people there. And at the entrance I met this man riding his bicycle s.u.p.e.r s.l.o.w.l.y.

My dad was in a good mood so he dabaoed back lunch for me. Had piano lesson which was super fail cause I was really sleepy (like how I always am at 2pm everyday). Rushed back to school for ORD rehearsal, parade and dinner.

I think we did a pretty good surprise dinner. Especially the ex sec fours coming back part. The looks on sec fours' faces were like 'oh my! ohmygod! yay!' I can't imagine what would have happened if the previous previous and previous previous previous batches had been able to make it too. Then sec fours would have all their ncos together.

Cant't comprehend the fact that next year will be our very own ord already.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ang mos have weird last names

I finished watching one whole season of House. Yep, during the span of these few days.

And you would expect me to start complaining and whining about how unproductive I was and how there is so much work to be done blah blah blah.

Oh I dont know why I just spun two rounds on my spinny chair but I did. And now I am dizzy. @.@

But no, I shall not complain nor whine.

I shall obsess.

House is amazing. Even though I only watched the last two seasons, the finale was still so sad because it meant the end. :( But acc to tmy, it is because of my only watching two our of the eight seasons that is  allowing me to not be bored or tired of House.

Why do amazing shows like House and Ugly Betty have to come to an end? Its always so sad when the last scene, which is somehow always a slowly zooming out thing, comes and the ending music plays and you know its the end. No matter how many times you watch the series, the ending still evokes the same emotions. Even when you have watched the show countless times and know the plot by heart, you are still on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out what happens ultimately but at the same time, not wanting the ending to come at all.

But its okay. I still have 6 more seasons of House to go. Thats twice as long as Ugly Betty.

Oh btw I think House is a weird title for a tv drama series. Like, seriously, House?

Friday, August 10, 2012

This guy is awesome

And he has the same birthday as Singapore!


Not that I want to brag or anything, but I think I am super pro at diy-ing and recycling my old clothes.

Like, seriously.

I cleared out my wardrobe in the morning, realised I had quite a number of shirts I didn't wear that much anymore. Went to youtube and watched some tutorials. Then I turned them into super cute things like bow-backed, cropped, fringed, one-shoulder, off-shoulder shirts and twisted, large armhole, racerback tanks.

I feel like I just bought a lot of new clothes.

Singapore was only 32 when I was born

You know what, 'Friday' is playing on my laptop now. Yeah, the Rebecca Black one. DON'T JUDGE ME. 

So, this song actually stands true. Cause its freaking Friday now.

Oh my what's happening. The Katy Perry Friday is now playing.

This is sorta freaky.


Nevermind, I shall move on. 

So yeah, as I was saying. Term 3 has 3 weeks left. WTP is this. Why do I feel like the June hols just passed. Why why why.

This is so saddening omg. :(

*cue emotional music gif*

Saturday, August 4, 2012

In love with all

I realised that a lot of my obsessions have my appearances in my life before they became obsessions.

Some examples:

1. Harry Potter - Refer to previous post

2. No. 8 Pawnshop - First time I saw it was in 2003. Watched the beginning, only some middle parts and the last episode as they came out. The first drama I watched. Watched every single episode last year.

3. Show Luo - In about 2008, I watched some 100% Entertainment episodes. I think I was searching for ballet stuff, came across By2, then came across some of their performances in 100% Entertainment, and watched all those episodes. The 2 hosts just came across as 2 funny and not-bad-looking hosts. As for now, well...

4. House - During 2010 company chalet, was watching tv in the same room as sec twos, house came on. Watched a bit, didnt really understand cause he speaks super fast and there were no subtitles. Then last year during science we watched a few snippets that were super interesting. Finally found time during the June hols to sit down and really start watching. Became addicted by the first 2 episodes. Finished 1 whole season in less than 1 week.

5. A lot of youtube people. In particular, nigahiga. His first video that I watched was the rebecca black one. Again, another guy who speaks super fast. Somehow, half a year ago I was so obsessed I had a nigahiga marathon and watched all his videos in one day. Btw, his new video is too funny to not watch.

6. Ugly Betty. So idk how many years ago ugly betty was broadcasted on channel 5. Saw the commercial but didnt bother to watch it. Then one day I was so bored and desperately wanted a show to watch. Searched my house and came across this. First few episodes were a bit unexciting, but the rest were sososososo nice. Even when I had stomach flu and had to get hospitalised, I still watched ugly betty while lying in that high bed and throwing up a lot.

7. The Big Bang Theory. My aunt and uncle were watching it when I went to their house one day. They were laughing super loudly can. Tried to watch, but didn't understand any of the jokes they were laughing at. Not my fault kay, most are either sacarstic, scientific or sick. In fact, even now, I find that I understand more and more jokes everytime I rewatch it.

It has been 5 years since the Deathly Hallows were released

Saw that commented on one of the harry potter related picture (yes, i am liker of many pages and yes they are still updated very frequently) and froze. My brain rewound to 5 years ago, and realised that it was true!

No idea why this is coming as such a huge shock to me, but it is.

One of the clearer images I could dig up was one of me at my childcare centre and looking at my teacher reading the book. Back then, I had read the first, at most the first two, books and had no inkling on how great a role harry potter is going to play in my life and the last few years of my childhood.

That same year, the order of the phoenix movie was released. I knew that harry potter was popular, but didn't understand why. Out of curiosity, or probably out of the sheer wanting to join in the crowd, I asked my mom to take me to see that movie. It wasn't interesting to my 10-year-old self at all. There were just a lot of British dudes, a lot of shouting, a lot of sudden flashes of light and a lot of fighting.

Who knew, like so many others in the world, I was going to get captured into the world of harry potter and even when the exit was shown to me, not want to get out. And when I did drift out for a while, the doors still remained wide open(and they always shall), offering me the entrance whenever I need it.

The only reason why I haven't gone there for quite a while because it is darn hard to come back.