Saturday, August 4, 2012

In love with all

I realised that a lot of my obsessions have my appearances in my life before they became obsessions.

Some examples:

1. Harry Potter - Refer to previous post

2. No. 8 Pawnshop - First time I saw it was in 2003. Watched the beginning, only some middle parts and the last episode as they came out. The first drama I watched. Watched every single episode last year.

3. Show Luo - In about 2008, I watched some 100% Entertainment episodes. I think I was searching for ballet stuff, came across By2, then came across some of their performances in 100% Entertainment, and watched all those episodes. The 2 hosts just came across as 2 funny and not-bad-looking hosts. As for now, well...

4. House - During 2010 company chalet, was watching tv in the same room as sec twos, house came on. Watched a bit, didnt really understand cause he speaks super fast and there were no subtitles. Then last year during science we watched a few snippets that were super interesting. Finally found time during the June hols to sit down and really start watching. Became addicted by the first 2 episodes. Finished 1 whole season in less than 1 week.

5. A lot of youtube people. In particular, nigahiga. His first video that I watched was the rebecca black one. Again, another guy who speaks super fast. Somehow, half a year ago I was so obsessed I had a nigahiga marathon and watched all his videos in one day. Btw, his new video is too funny to not watch.

6. Ugly Betty. So idk how many years ago ugly betty was broadcasted on channel 5. Saw the commercial but didnt bother to watch it. Then one day I was so bored and desperately wanted a show to watch. Searched my house and came across this. First few episodes were a bit unexciting, but the rest were sososososo nice. Even when I had stomach flu and had to get hospitalised, I still watched ugly betty while lying in that high bed and throwing up a lot.

7. The Big Bang Theory. My aunt and uncle were watching it when I went to their house one day. They were laughing super loudly can. Tried to watch, but didn't understand any of the jokes they were laughing at. Not my fault kay, most are either sacarstic, scientific or sick. In fact, even now, I find that I understand more and more jokes everytime I rewatch it.

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