Friday, June 29, 2012

"You don't say, I don't say, no one will know"

Haha he is so slack I can't even describe it. He is a good source of entertainment though. Especially today.

I don't know what to post about, or what I can post about. The stats are so high and I have no idea who can be reading all this meaningless stuff. Maybe you can leave me a clue? somewhere, anywhere. Don't leave me here wondering whether I can post what I really want to :(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sometimes I treat myself too nicely

Today there was only one real proper lesson. So slack compared to the past three days. The sleep stored from the holidays is almost running out. :(

Tomorrow afternoon will be reward time! YAY :D

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i'm an owl

oh god my calves are killing me. And you'd think that sitting down or lying down will be enough; but no, the only thing that works is the fetal position. And that doesn't do much either.

Friday, June 15, 2012

WARNING: no ending

Holiday, holiday, holiday, hooooliiidayyy. WHOOOO!

Apparently, my mood is not in line with the fact that I have be ready to leave in 6 hours' time, thus resulting in my feeling very very unsleepy, thus resulting in my surfing the net, thus resulting in my finding a load of showluo videos which I am going to watch now, which may thus result to my going to sleep very very late. But whatever. Gonna spend more than 2 hours on the road and more than 2 hours on the sea later, which can obviously be used to sleep.

Such a sad thing the trip is so short though :( So hard to match my schedule to my cousin's.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

No such word as 'pixelised'

Oh my its 4.30pm already?! In half an hour's time I will go watch my 100% entertainment, then it will be nighttime already! Wow, what a fast day. Well, in comparison to specs, today was fun (?) and time flies when you are having fun. Is it right to put it this way?

Hoho finally glammed myself up today after 3 days of wearing no.4.

Last 3 days                                                                                                Today
Hair all up in bun and fringe clipped back with black clip                      Hair down with a golden headband
No.4 top with black shirt                                                                        Sheer tank with neon bandeau
Baggy No.4 bottom                                                                                Short skirt
Heavy boots                                                                                           Silver slippers
Fingernails cut short                                                                               Silver toenails + Neon fingernails
Plain face                                                                                               Beautified face
Zero accessories                                                                                     Necklace + ring

Haha but honestly I have finally gotten used to wearing No.4. And now with my rank on, I can have more confidence :) Okay the pixelated uniform looks so cool with that velcro thing and the rank on :D Plus it feels so much lighter and thinner. Yay, can't wait to wear it :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is not the end; this is the beginning

(I deleted this part because certain people think it may tarnish our platoon's image if juniors read it. But it may already be too late...)

Okay so dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed, the guy next to me said "Eh, that course best person ah, from your school right? Wahsei, she look so fierce leh!" Hahaha, you should smile when receiving your award mah, otherwise scare the guys off alr. But I defended you okay, I said you were really nice and friendly :)

Okay so congratulations to you, dearest-person-who-got-course-best-and-cried-and-got-surrounded-by-sirs-and-made-sergeantmajor-embarrassed. 

And you too, dearest-person-who-got-gsk-best-and-whom-secfours-think-is-the-best-friend-of-your-other-award-winning-platoonmate.

Both of you deserved your awards :D

Today was actually really funny and quite enjoyable. Well, except for a giant blister on the sole of each foot. But other than that, the sirs finally became friendly :) My detail had a great IC, so we were first to finish for orienteering, thus we had a lot of time o sit down and chat. And then sometimes the sirs would come over and join in the conversation :) Haha they were so informal that they became sick :p

Specialist Course Phase 3 2012, 4 June to 6 June. We have turned from cadets into specialists, armed with our certificates and ranks and cookies and awards, ready to take the next step in our ncc path, and serve out units to the best of our abilities.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The worst is over, I hope

Te-o Kishanti! 
Gillian called Stephanie 'Sir'. 
Zek called Gillian 'Jenny'. 
Bernadette called Ma'am 'Sir'. 

Haha last year after camp STEEL we all felt like saying 'YES SIR!' to everyone, especially to the teachers.

There are all sorts of sirs, but I have never seen a cute one until this year. Then Shu found out today that he smokes :(  Why Sir, why? :(

While waiting for my nail polish to dry....

1. I starched my collars
2. I folded my sleeves
3. I packed my bag
4. I watched Corner With Love
5. I stalked people on FB
6. I dried my hair

Oh god this post is so pointless :(

Super interesting picture though :D :

Monday, June 4, 2012


I am going to sleep right after this post. *applause*

 I just deleted a whole paragraph about specs. Dunno why I did that....oh wells. No worries, I will give you this instead:

You tell me, how adorable he is <3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hmph I stop posting for a while and readership goes down :(

So, life.

I shall start with Show Luo. Haven't missed a single episode of 100% Entertainment since 2 months ago. Finished watching Hot Shot yesterday. Don't understand why some ppl (tsk Zek) don't like it. Sooo nice. And such a different story from HMS or CWL. And I am now watching CWL. His songs in those 2 dramas are super nice.

Especially love the part at 1:45

1:06  <3

Was babysitting my cousins from Tuesday all the way to Thursday. At least I had my laptop with me and could watch Hot Shot. They started watching with me and I now they recognise Show Luo :D  I brought them to comics connection and they helped me find a bunch of Show Luo cards :p

SPECS COURSE. ohmytian. No, now is my break time before I start memorising SAR 21 stuff, I shall not think about SPECS.

The instant noodles from ATC taste horrible. And now I am getting scolded for wasting food. Great.