Thursday, June 7, 2012

No such word as 'pixelised'

Oh my its 4.30pm already?! In half an hour's time I will go watch my 100% entertainment, then it will be nighttime already! Wow, what a fast day. Well, in comparison to specs, today was fun (?) and time flies when you are having fun. Is it right to put it this way?

Hoho finally glammed myself up today after 3 days of wearing no.4.

Last 3 days                                                                                                Today
Hair all up in bun and fringe clipped back with black clip                      Hair down with a golden headband
No.4 top with black shirt                                                                        Sheer tank with neon bandeau
Baggy No.4 bottom                                                                                Short skirt
Heavy boots                                                                                           Silver slippers
Fingernails cut short                                                                               Silver toenails + Neon fingernails
Plain face                                                                                               Beautified face
Zero accessories                                                                                     Necklace + ring

Haha but honestly I have finally gotten used to wearing No.4. And now with my rank on, I can have more confidence :) Okay the pixelated uniform looks so cool with that velcro thing and the rank on :D Plus it feels so much lighter and thinner. Yay, can't wait to wear it :)

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