Sunday, December 15, 2013

One more month

Its 6.25AM and I am sitting on my bed with my Mac, iPad, and phone in front of me.
Listening to Midnight Memories (their voices have gotten so powerful OMG).
I woke up at 1AM after a 3-hour nap.
So Im not sure whether to sleep during the day or just wait until nighttime again.

So rmb how I said I was working right, well Im not anymore. HAHAHA yeah I worked for a total of 7 days, then the boss told me they didn't need helper anymore. I was quite relieved cause it was seriously getting tiring but then quite sad also cause that was like the perfect holiday job with good pay good food good people.

That was on wednesday (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED ON MON AND TUES) and right after a hasty goodbye I rushed to paya lebar for CmPs workshop. And bem was carrying the plastic bag from the place I worked at and she couldn't get over the fact that I had worked there hahahaha. We did the normal stuff with the kids then at the end there was extra time so I played hangman with them. So long since I last played it MY CHILDHOOD IS SLIPPING AWAY.

Thursday I went to deposit my paycheck with my dad and I was so happy with the money i decided to treat him to lunch SO GENEROUS RIGHT. We had pastamania cause I had vouchers as well, such a good plan. He went for work and I went for a jog cause I love afternoon jogs cause I feel more accomplished when I sweat more haha I know its weird lah but wtv.

At night I went to watch movie with liren and michelle. Didn't join them for dinner cause I was still full from lunch and they chose to have SUSHI. Watched Last Vegas, not a bad movie but nothing extraordinary. And we all had this member card from when we watched Catching Fire tgt, and we kept asking whether got discount. AND HAVE LEH. Like the tickets were only $7, and the popcorn $1 off. NOT BAD considering we only paid student price for the catching fire tix :D

And ofc we couldn't not get Starbucks 1-for-1. There was a queue out of the shop and while waiting we were deciding btw either 2 drinks or 4 and in the YOLO FOUR IT IS. So we told the cashier 1 of each drink, plus one more random one. He was quite amused I think I would be too if I were him. They ended the promotion like 5 ppl after us so quite lucky but then it was alr 1030PM. And I finished one and a half venti-size worth of coffee. Had trouble zipping my pants omg seriously damn bloated aftwards. In fact I was bloated until Fri aftnoon and liren was just like your stomach is too small I can finish 2 meal at once and not be full. Sigh guys.

Friday I went to IMM cause they were having Billabong sale so ofc I needed to be there. The shorts were all $25 which is really not bad cause their usual price is all like $70. And I helped dad borrow his computer book from library and since JE has become the new Orchard everytime I go there I have to go inside JEM and ohgod I spent so much money. I think my earnings are nearly half gone, 2 days after I received it, HOW AM I GONNA SURVIVE NEXT TIME.

And I did not know there is a new Factorie store at Westgate. But now i do know. So I have to go. I think I will go today.

Btw my new favourite pizza is from pezzo. Go try! I recommend Hawaiian and BBQ chicken.

The tan lines will fade, but the memories will remain forever

Bali 2013 was the most amazing family holiday ever!!! Ok idk why but my family has this thing for beach holidays, like for the past 5 years all our vacations have been to the beach. 3 times to Tioman, once to Desaru, and once to Bali. I LOVE THE BEACH. like srsly a lot. I spend a lot of my free time scrolling through tumblr, and when im not looking a hot people im looking at the beach. So hot people at the beach is just like OMG LIFE.

And it is not just the beach, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SUMMER. (thank god I stay in Singapore but the weather has been a little bitch recently) You have no idea how many times I have dreamt about that American lifestyle with 3 months of no school and just having absolute fun every single day.

HAHAHA I know this post is damn out of way with all the christmassy stuff going on but too bad deal with it.

It was more than a month ago so I shall just list down some things (PICS BELOW):
1. 7th Nov - 12th Nov
2. Had to wake up at 5am but I slept at 3 perfecting my playlist
3. Met Chloe at the airport Starbucks! Such a coincidence haha she was on her way to Taiwan
4. Spent every minute possible in the sun
5. Ate lots lots lots burgers + pizza + fruit salad
6. Drank lots lots lots fruit juices
7. Bought like 30++ bracelets
8. There was this mall smack in the middle of all the shophouses and it had stores like New Look, Topshop, Pull&Bear. And the stuff on sale were legit sale prices, so I helped myself hahaha
9. Starbucks was cheaper so I drank a lot of that
10. OMG so many hot angmohs
11. And I had sunglasses on so I could stare as much as I want AHHHH
12. I got a temporary tattoo cause it seemed like a cool idea. BUT THEN I got it too early on in the trip and now there is tanline of it on my shoulder. HAHAHA and its damn obvious when I wear tanks and that one time jay and hongjun saw it they were like WTF is that and judging me so badly.
13. First hotel had this infinity pool but its even cooler cause right below is the beach. And there were a lot of people surfing so I would just hang by the end of the pool watching them.
14. Making that playlist was so worth it. Listened to it all the time when lying on the beach/ by the pool.
15. Learnt to appreciate the wonders of iBooks. Finished the whole Divergent series and OMG what an ending like so sad but yet so happy Tris was able to have such an impact on Four.
16. My mum is damn good at bargaining. I have a lot to learn.


At the mall 

What is a beach holiday without a poser shot 
OH YA black pepper crab during seafood dinner overlooking the sunset

From a black tattoo to a white one


I would have this everyday if it weren't so overpriced in Sg

Love this type of summery juices
Don't worry I didn't keep everything for myself
And you wonder why I keep going back year after year

Thursday, December 5, 2013


There is so many things I wanna blog about, and I will, just need the time. But I will tell you what has been going on this week.

Soooo I am working. Everyday. Thats why time is tight. Just glad I didnt opt for full-day, otherwise I really wont have any hols at all. But I have to wake up at 7 EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. That kinda sucks, hols supposed to wake up at noon everyday yafeel. But so far I have managed to drag myself out of bed with 4 alarms.

You would think that working half day is quite slack, but every afternoon I have been trying to do so many things and by night time I will be sooo tired.

Like Tues afternnon went to play pool with michelle liren jay hongjun nesman. It was my second time in my life playing pool ever, so I teamed with liren and then nesman. Took me damn long to get the rules. And after the first match, there was a missing ball. We started looking everywhere, like in the dustbin, in everyones bags, it was damn weird cause how can a ball go missing right. But in the end it was stuck at some weird angle so it didnt come out.

Had dinner at clementi mall. We were supposed to stay out till quite late cause liren going airport straight (damn boss la this guy) and my mum wans't home. But everyone was damn tired hahaha and no one had cards so went home not that late but super tired.

Wed afternoon I was starving cause all the food at my workplace sold out so I decided to go get subway. And on the way out I saw my ABSOLUTELY HUGE SAT BOOKS staring at me so I grabbed one and WENT TO STUDY. WALAO DAMN BORING. almost fell asleep at subway. i think the person realise then she purposely come and clear my table hahaha. Then I went earring hunting, saw come nice ones at boxboss, but dk about the quality. OH BTW YA I PIERCED BY EARS. the night I got back from bali which is also the night before fam.

So I have been wanting to pierce my ears for forever. Like everyone expects me to have pierced ears alr idk why. I mean even after I pierced alot of ppl thought I have always had piercings. That night I decided I didn't want to put in off any longer, so made my mum go out with me to find a place to get my ears pierced. The one at west mall was like $100, and my mum was like no way shes paying that much cause she got hers done at $3 at some ulu place ahahha. Continued hunting and moved to jem where we found metallurgy. It was $10 so my mum said okay. I told the woman I wanted to pierce, chose a subtle pair, sat down, marked out the place, and BAM one ear was done. When the pain was just setting she pierced the other so all was good. Not super pain, just a throbbing sensation. I kept looking in all the mirrors in the shops after that, but my mum was super unimpressed though she said I looked exactly the same and she warned me thats all the piercings I was supposed to get in my life. But ummm sorry I don't think thats happening. Like I want double on one ear, and maybe a helix on the other. And I have been considering bellybutton for a long time too. We shall see how that goes.

Okay today I can blog because guess what I did this afternoon. YES SLEEP. couldnt tahan anymore like I was falling asleep on the couch with my com on my lap and double choc cookies beside me.

I will blog about all the exciting stuff soon. See ya back here kay!

Friday, November 22, 2013

forgiveness is seeked

I realise I have done a grand total of one post a month for the past 4 months. THAT IS NOT COOL. But i really hate putting everything into one post so messy. so I have come up with a list of things that I need to post about. And yes I have promised to start putting in more photos. 

1) O's + Jasmine's 6th birthday
2) Bali trip - SO MANY PHOTOS
3) FAM - which happened right after Bali 
4) thpowerof10 party - 415 ninjas unite
5) The 2 6R gatherings which I organized and RI made special appearance
6) 213 BBQ - with people coming down all the way from the east

I really need to figure out how to import photos from my phone does anyone want to help me

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A week in a post

I know I know I KNOW. WORST BLOGGER EVER. And I'm losing viewers sobsob );

To make up for the lack of posts, I am gonna spend time to find pics and upload them okay. And also because these past few days have been quite amazing.

Lets start from last Monday. Which was supposed to be the last day of options, but guess who did not go (Sorry mel we did not mean to leave you alone at entre :(. Went to Bugis with kelly clarissa cynthia. We had pizza for lunch and it was really really big slice and yumz. Shopped at Haji Lane first but the stuff there was so not within our range. Moved back to Bugis Street and we spent damn long shopping. Bought some stuff that I am quite happy with hehehe :D But when we were leaving the RAIN WAS SO HEAVY. I put on my new sweater on the way home; it was a good buy.
Then one thing led to another and I met mum at JEM. While waiting for her I went to cotton on to try on the shortall and suspender skirt thingys cause I thought they looked quite cool. But nope everyone else I asked said they looked weird. Went to this Malaysian restaurant for dinner. I wanted curry chicken but my mum was like 'no no must try their signature dish!' That turned out to be nasi lemak WHICH IS REALLY GOOD and was served with curry sauce so YAY. (I PROMISE THERE ARE PICS FOR OTHER DAYS)

Tuesday was another cool day. Was supposed to go for CCA awards but well uhm I couldn't find my no.3 shoes HHAHAHA. So I went for this stupid watson test that was so pointless it was just a URL why couldn't I have done it at home. I was so pissed off I just randomly chose my answers. Went to pack stuff for entre and we weren't even done at 11.45 although matriculation starts at 12 and its at RI. We packed up it record time and ran out of school to take taxis. Not bad we were only 5 mins late. Jasmine the NOOB came in when the talk was already half-done and we were waving to her but she just couldn't see us HAHAHA cue small-eyes jokes.
 A bunch of things happened after and I sort of got separated from my group so I just followed the other group around and we were like okay we will meet at salted caramel. But when the bus came my group was already on it WHAT i had no idea and was still calling clarissa hahahaha.


Less than 10 mins later
The PEANUT BUTTER is really really really good. But not everyone appreciates it though. ALL THE MORE FOR ME :)

Went to Prata House next. What cool kids right, dessert before actual meal. Had my usual cheese prata but OMG their curry is really nice. Hahahahaha I can't seem to stop talking about food #sorryimnotsorry 
Before going to Gillian's, we stopped at the playground and acted like 6 year olds.
(wah i really cannot do this pics thing. Please forgive me and anw everything is on FB)
Played modified Cluedo that I came up with and everyone got really creeped out when some (NOT JUST ONE) people guessed it on their first round like WHAT EVEN HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Took bus with Thengyi to clementi and reached home to find there was no dinner so I had cup noodles. 

Wednesday was quite emotional tbh. Jasmine and I walked into school through bus-stop gate then walked out through main gate just to welcome kelly clarissa natalie. Its really cool that they reached at almost the same time like THAT IS FATE. Went to the hall where no one was listening to the teachers giving instructions and our entering amphi part was quite screwed up but i dont even know what went wrong. Farewell assembly was alright and I actually legit sang the school song. It is SUPER HIGH it took a lot of effort to hit those notes. Our class took a lot of photos on a lot of different cameras HAHAHAHA we were just waving like mad to different ppl to get them to help us take pics. 

Was quite tired at the end so I found myself a seat and someone else had the same idea

Entre group ran around like headless chickens distributing stuff and everything was so confusing. I think we messed up a lot of things but couldn't be bothered to fix them. In the end we gave up and was like 'lets continue next year' so that became the official plan. We went back to class and found out we actually earned quite a lot (though not as much as we initially expected). I was swarmed with a lot of documents and papers and Ms Ng saw me sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of stuff and she came over to make sure I was okay. She's really super sweet! 

Mr Lim came to class (he has been looking for us since morning) and demanded me the treasurer to justify our earnings for entre. He refused to accept the one we had came up with so me kelly clarissa decided to whip one up right on the spot. IMO we did a really good job. 

Then photo-taking time!

 Do we look alike? Apparently a lot of ppl think so. But I guess backview really does lah. we are like same height same weight.
 More of the twins of 415!

Ah the good old times of sem1 #backrowswag 

Not just any group pic, its a COOL group pic. We were demonstrating how to do the pyramid after the other group failed their 2 attempts. I think we are quite good.

 Such school pride :) While taking this pic this bus filled with HC guys drove past and they were judging us so much. And we disturbed these 2 juniors twice to get this perfect pic.

Settler's Cafe afterwards. Its a really cool place please go check it out if you have the time. Its only 6 bucks for students for 3 hours of boardgame + free flow of drinks super worth it. Went there for entre before and the guy recognised us. He even gave us half an hour extra to play their huge wall of boardgames so sweet right :)

I say I was emotional that day because the previous night I was suddenly flooded by a lot of memories. I think it was partly due to everyone suddenly reminiscing on Twitter. Then during Chloe's speech when she looked like she was going to cry I felt exactly the same. I have complained to many people on countless occasions about all the things I cannot stand in RGS, but I guess what made those things abit more bearable are the people. Especially 415'13, 213'11, thpowerof10, WISH. When sitting in class I tried imagining it was the last time seeing those people and that made me really really sad, so I started thinking about JC instead. Please don't pretend we are strangers when we meet in JC next year.
And may we have many reunions in the days to come :D

On to Thursday. Woke up quite early cause previous night I just reached home and crashed. Went for a short jog and felt healthy for like 2 minutes until I came home and had choco mint cookies HAHA. Went to bishan to study with kelly. Sat at marble slab for 4 hours, supposedly doing chinese but i gave up after half a paper. She tested me chengyus and I tried force-fitting these ridiculous stories but nope. Mum was going to Bartley to go house-shopping so the plan was to meet her but her train got stuck so we about-turned and went back to clementi to have dinner. Left lazy dad at home to fend for himself oops. Idk why but this whole week I have been feeling damnn tired so I reached home and crashed again.

Friday. Supposed to be feeling relieved its the end of the week but tbh everyday feels the same now so no diff. Went to bishan library at noon to study with kelly clarissa natalie gillian michelle. Gillian had a bit of crisis in the middle and somehow we ended up at J8 looking for food. Shared a box of chewy juniors and OMG the CHEESE is still my FAV. Bought a big pack of chips back to eat in the library. Discovered we had a nice little gift from the librarians who were being extra annoying that day. We found this pink slip that basically told us we were breaking a bunch of rules. It was quite funny though we put the chips in nat's bag and pretended that we were stealthily eating when in fact the whole wide world could see us but THERE WAS NO "NO EATING" SIGN. I had a little adventure otw home cause I got lost twice when I thought there was gonna be a bus home at 2 diff locations but turns out both these locations DID NOT have any buses home.
Rushed to get to ballet but there was no need cause teacher was late. So we decided to play a prank on her. Well 2 pranks actually. First, we would tell her nicole was in the toilet when in actual fact she was waiting behind the door and would jump out at her. The second prank was that the rest of the class hid and left me nicole victoria to tell her that everyone else had gone home. She legit believed us and was gonna start class with the 3 of us and it was super funny when the rest all streamed into the studio hahahhaha.

The plan for Saturday was to study Chinese, but my mum decided going to Johor's premium outlet was more important. Went with aunt and cousin as well. The 2 parents were super happy to get a lot of deals on their stuff. While they were legit trying on stuff I went around the Armani store being a nuisance and trying on random stuff that cost thousands of dollars. I have no idea why its so ex though. When I have time to figure out how to upload pics from my phone I will post my FAV BUY and other pics okay. But that took the whole day so I really have to study Chinese today. Its O's in 3 days in case I have forgotten.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Up All Night


Its already OCT9. WTF. The first day of OCT doesnt feel that long ago. Time is passing really slowly, but really fast at the same time. I dont even know man.

Options were supposed to be fun, not boring. sighpie. Ok, time for an update.

Baking - is so not ponnable. She keeps track of our attendance+performance like a hawk. Fortunately chiangthebaker is in my group, so at least we get our things done :) But during pracs cynthia and I are always just walking around, cause cheryl is in my group and joey is in her group and those 2 are like the pros measuring whisking baking washing cleaning. Then there we are just waiting to eat ahahaha.

MedBio - you simply can't expect to have my attention during a 3-hour lesson. Mrs Huang is super entertaining though; wonder how my bio grades would have turned out if she had been my bio teacher instead hmmm. But 3-hour lab lessons are like the bane of my existence.

Matrix - SO SIAN. Last week donna cynthia clarissa and i decided that nope we do not want to go for matrix class, so we went to the library. cynthia and I spent the hour watching one direction videos on youtube, while the other 2 slept. Donna was snoring a little, so guess what cynthia took a video HAHAHA it was damn amusing. Audrey was sleeping on the couch beside me and when she got woken up by our laughter and saw our 1D video on youtube, she just went like "SERIOUSLY?" i feel you i do not know what my life has become.

Entrepreneurship - I think this is the best options ever. maybe because kelly clarissa and i just sit in the back row as usual and laugh at things. And who can forget $$$ hehehe.

2 and a half more weeks of this. Actually it wouldn't even be that bad if options weren't in the afternoon. Wasting so much time in school after core lessons/ checking paper and waiting for options to start.

OHOHOH but one time we went to magic lab to watch movies and guess what I watched. A HORROR MOVIE - sinister. Walao it was damn scary leh. At first nat clarissa gillian were gonna watch on their com, but then not working, so they came over to my com and i sort of joined them. I have not watched a horror movie since my first one in P5 because I got so damn freaked out. I basically spent the whole movie half covering my eyes. The volume wasnt even that loud but the music was just so damn scary. URGH i am getting creeped out okay no more.

On monday we started out watching now you see me but halfway through kelly clarissa and i decided to start finding jobs. We creating a fake email account using jasmine's name and no. and when we told her she was like super confused hahahaha.

uh more updates.

A few weeks ago i got sucked into the one direction world on youtube, and I couldn't get out. yeah, i know some ppl are so gonna judge me, but wtv. HAHAHA yes one direction became my obsession. oops. but thats not all. I dragged the gang out to watch THIS IS US with me, and we had like the whole theatre to ourselves and we held a mini party there. So now 1D is not an uncommon topic of discussion :D but now the initial super obsessed period has passed. No longer listening to their songs on repeat or spending nights watching their videos or stalking them. Just reading fanfics otw to school.

omg updates seem to never finish. Speaking of going to school, I have decided to be independent for the month of october and not take school bus. Also because some morning I don't need to be in school that early. So now I have to wake up 15 mins earlier to take mrt to school. Meet jasmine at orchard every morning cause the first time i didn't know how to get to school. yes, after 4 years I had no idea how to take  mrt to school . BUT now i do ok so no mocking. And its good to talk to the innocent child because I don't get to see her much nowadays.

Past 2 mornings + last week was paper checking. Kelly and I have been having spending the time having some pretty enlightening conversation. But since sharon is right beside me, we have been guessing her marks too and its pretty demoralising. oh wells.

And yes i am awake at 3am on wednesday because past few days i have been feeling super tired and yesterday i reached home at 5+ and just crashed until 11. so yeah. today is a longlong day. Bio paper checking in the morning but whats the point i already know my score. Followed by double chinese which is like DOUBLE SIAN. Then got matrix and dundundundun 3-HOUR  BIO LESSON. well back to sleep now i guess.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Now I know why it never works when you tell a kid to stop crying.
You can't control your tears.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

To an amazing journey that is to be continued

I fail to comprehend how someone can not be excited about going to the USA. Somemore while others like yours truly are stuck in boring Singapore. Do you not realise how JEALOUS I am of you. And your trip is so similar to mine (same airline, same departure time, same date of different month, same country, same weather, same layover) that I cannot help but relive my memories. AND ITS OVERWHELMING.  It was EXACTLY 2 months ago that we were sitting in the airport, waiting for our flight that was 5 hours later. All the shopping and eating and hot people and cool weather and accents and OMG JUST EVERYTHING. Better bring me souvenirs.

I love the airport


This is my favourite photo

Doesn't this look so magical and fantasy-gardeny

Look at all our braids.

To find the above pictures I was looking at all our other photos, and I realise how huge a part CmPS has played in my life for the last two years. Just Keep Calm and W.I.S.H. 

Mrs Lee. Yuexin. Zek Min. Zhang Xuan. Wang You. Vivian. Kate. Shayna. Beverley. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Love life. Cause YOLO

Trying to keep myself from falling asleep because if I do I will never wake up in time for ballet. So let me talk about my week!

Cannot remember what happened on monday which means nothing exciting happened. Tuesday was bleargh cause revision.

I used up half of my new pen's ink on wednesday because I wrote 4 and a half essays in total. IT WAS HORRIGIBLE. Especially ss and chinese. Had no effing idea what I was writing for ss. I didn't even understand my own essay wtf. Then Chinese I was rushing the front part of my zuowen cause I thought I had really little time left, but turns out there was more than enough time so I tried to make my back part super detailed to compensate for the beginning but it was so failzzz.

HAHA my class was super YOLO that day. So many people came without annotating anything on their ss seen article. And after the first paper we were already searching for movie timings and heckcaring about the other two papers hahahaha. So our plan was to go movie hopping but well it didnt happen.

I met Ms Sebastian alone outside school cause I had to some cmps stuff and she was so nice! She was so concerned about kelly, and us having no life. Haha when I told her we were gonna watch a movie she was like "oh thats good! At least you all still have lives"

BUT OMG DESPICABLE ME 2 IS AMAZEBEANS. THE MINIONS HAD SUCH MAJOR ROLES AWWWWHHHHH. we laughed sosososooso much. And how could we resist doing this:

GUESS WHAT there was free popcorn refill. So after we finished the 2 boxes and the movie we went for a refill. And just stood in a circle in the middle of cine and just ate popcorn. LOL.

We went for a quick shop afterwards at H&M and F21 hohoho. We were all damn high from the popcorn and just picking out ridiculous stuff. Ooohhhh I taught Jasmine the Matt Bomer hat trick that is so damn cool. Haha I remember replaying that scene from White Collar over and over again until I learnt the trick that is actually not that hard but takes a lot of practise to look cool and not noob. 

It was like the beginning of a long weekend because it was slack thursday the next day. So I yolo-ed somemore and only wrote half of the zuowen that was due on thursday. And I was still high from popcorn but idk what i did but i do know that I slept at 1.

Ya slack thursday was so slack. My entire goal for the day was just to finish the rest of my zuowen. But idk whats wrong with me I had planned to write less than 4pages at first but in the end I wrote 6 pages. PE was fun though we played netball! When cynthia and I stretch our arms up to pass the ball everyone else just goes like "NO FAIR height advantage!" teehee. Assembly was quite depressing because there was this super hot asian girl from california. Nat and I were just like FML why cant we be her.

I was supposed to home at 1 and go swimming. But it was raining and I had to stayback to finish my zuowen because Im guai like that. Oh btw the banana muffin from school sucks. I shall continue my hunt for the nicest banana muffin at the coffee bean next. I went to JE library to borrow the book after beach blondes. HOHO they have the whole series there. And I lost my phone for the first time in my life there. It was quite a unique experience. And there was this cute guy who suddenly shouted "HEY! Catch!" And did this huge pantomime of throwing something but not actually throwing anything. Then he just reached out his arm and said "Na, free gift" haha so cute right! And self reminder: Bad idea to be at JE MRT during peak hours!

Kay look at what I have produced instead of sleeping. WOWSIES not bad. not bad at all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pre-mugging high?

OHGOD study plan for tonight not working out at all.

I shall plan tmr instead and force myself to follow it kay.
So school is normal tmr I guess. 4 proper lessons + PE + CLE. Maybe there will be hints for history. But nope cannot count on mizar he hasnt even graded my fa wth.
SS supp class after school. I am counting on mrlim. cause i really have no idea what to do for ss. I mean the last time I went for his supp class I managed to scrape a 3.6 for that paper not bad at all.
Then go study room study history until 6. MUST FINISH EVERYTHING.
Reach home eat bathe youtube until 8.
Memorise hist+chinese then SLEEP EARLY.

HAHAAHHA at first I was so damn pissed at qile for repeatedly asking for notes, even AFTER I sent alr. But it turns out 好心有好报 he has history notes THANK YOU. but i had to endure his qileness hahahaahha what yao hu xiang bang zhu ma.

eeeee TMY is being mean. meanie minnie minyi <3

Exercise your right

I think this post needs a disclaimer. I am not saying everyone needs to look a certain way. This is just the way I like it. It is my opinion, and everyone is entitled to have their own. You know what, you should only keep reading if you are not judgmental or easily offended.

At the start of the year I actually had slightly visible abs that were hard and firm. Because I trained so damn hard at the end of last year.

I tried continuing my workouts this year but nope. Its not that I didn't want to, but there were always so many other things to do. I resorted to doing a few exercises and stretches before I slept every night, while stalking twitter and insta at the same time (cause im creepy like that).

And those are obviously not very effective, because my abs are gone :(GONE WITH THE WIND );
And its not like I will have time anytime soon to train them back WALAO. But someone has enlightened me that since I am not getting fitter or more toned, I should prevent myself from getting fatter. Usually I just eat whatever I want and burn off the calories at the end of the day, but now since I am burning so much less calories, I need to balance it out by not eating so much. SIMPLE? I WISH.

When I first started being health-conscious at the end of last year, I stuck to my 'diet' so well. I cut back so much junk food and replaced them with fruits, drank 3 litres of water everyday, had some form of exercise everyday, cut back meal portions and stopped eating at night.  That worked out for like 2 months, until school started this year. I think I got complacent, because the number of the weighing scale was lower and I felt more fit. So I lost control and everything started going downhill, especially after my ballet exam and NAPFA.

I think the appropriate punishment would be to train extra hard this Nov hols. I have decided: I will not be so focused on just abs anymore. Haha idk why but last time abs just seemed the most appealing. But its not like many people get to see them anyway so I shall train areas like thighs butt shoulders back and those strengthless arms, together with abs ohyeah.

But until then the only thing I can do is try not to become fat.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let yours truly tell you what happened did today


-went for my first and last swim carn, even though...
-cannot swim more than 50m
-just gave out rubber bands to pro swimmers
-cannot understand how some people don't get tired from swimming so much

-disagrees that girls and boys can't be BFFs because there are things called friend-zone and FWB
-doesn't like the assumption that girls from girls' school do not interact with boys or cannot possibly be in BGRs.

-got laptop back, after 2 months without it
-also got a skateboard, but has no time to learn it

-is craving chicken

-is screwed for bio SPA tmr
-shall give up and go sleep

Sunday, June 30, 2013


OKAY you know what so many things have happened during the June hols I don't even know where to start.

Im really sorry if you have been waiting for posts about my June hols, but that's not coming. And I forsee a really busy term ahead. So please have low expectations.

I know, I don't like the direction my blog is going in too :(

But apparently my studies have to take priority over everything. I even gave up the chance to take my ballet exam, but I guess it was already enough of an honour and confirmation of my work to be selected in the first round.

Thank god for study mugging buddies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hai viewers why are you guys so persistent.
I know there are a lot is posts and updates that need to be made.
Such as what happened in the amazing land of AMERICA.
yes yes it is pretty exciting.
And super unbelievable.
Everyday not spent there feels so long and draggy.
Feels like ages ago when I was there and it was merely a week ago,
I would love to spent another two hours here typing out the whole trip but....

I'm sick.
It's like a combination of stomach flu and super serious flu.
It was very sudden, and I sort of got better, but now it's coming back.
I shall hopefully post more after I get better.

Although I haven't completed any holiday work at all.
IM NOT SUPPOSED TO. No homework policy and all. Teachers are such cheater-bugs hmph.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do hot people know they are hot

It has been such a crazy adventure. But the fun only began after our interview; before that was just stress nosleep tired scrapbook poster display flaps brochure game crossword memorise talk explain rehearse.

But it was soooo worth it. I think everything went rather well, and even mrs lee said we are already winners. Hey she is not one to give praises to us.

Hoho SHOPPING. Went to college mall on friday and saturday. TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Their sales are to die for man. Viv got an adorable sweater for less than $3 can you believe it. got so much nice pretty cute stuff. oh and chocolates. Even zek who actually shopped said everything was so meeee. I WANNA LIVE IN AMERICA. And monday going to premium outlet. Ahhhh my luggage is running out of space and weight.

Just now shayna wang vivian and me went to the social dance and actually danced around. It was like a disco suppppper COOL. Everyone just huddled together and did jumping and bouncing and raising hand stuff and being really really high. When it was almost our curfew this insanely cute guy decided to come and dance with us. Ben. Thats his name. He is tall blonde handsome lively cool what more can you ask for. So sad when we had to say bye at 11.

Whoooo cant believe i almost didnt want to go to the dance. Thanks viv for convincing me to wear my newly-bought clothes :)))))

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yesterday afternoon while I was dying of heat in the COI holding room, apparently a lot of things happened.

Things that truly surprised me.
And not necessarily in a good way.

I realise that its one thing to judge strangers on the surface, but another to just make assumptions on people I have known for more than just a few years.

People change. And people grow. But as we gain more knowledge, its inevitable for things to become more complicated.

A lot of times when people come to me with their problems, I feel inadequate. I tell myself its okay if I cannot offer a solution. Maybe all they need is a listening ear and someone to care and love them.

But is that really enough? Merely listening?

I think deep down I know that's not enough. That I should somehow find a solution.

Even if I don't have faith in myself, I trust us. We are supposed to be the strongest. Even if the results are saying otherwise, I believe this last spurt is all they need.
I just need them to gain back the confidence they had at the beginning of the year, the confidence that I would never even  have dared to possess, the confidence that assured us so much, the confidence that no goal was unachievable.
I don't know where their confidence has gone to, or even where their hearts and souls have gone to. Hopefully, that was just a temporary thing.
And even though we don't say it or necessarily show it, they really mean a lot to us. They are all we are going to have, and we want to leave feeling satisfied.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guess which badass went running in the rain

It was quite cool having the whole road to myself. Now my mood has been significantly lifted. Time to watch some tv! :) Ooohh can I just add yesterday on tv I saw 3 hot bodies. 3! Okay fine lah only 2 were hot, but yay media is becoming more open (y)

'There is a difference between giving up and knowing you have had enough'

Today was a horrible day :(

Before the start of the bio paper when we were checking the number of pages, the whole class just started laughing because the paper looked damn hard and we knew that we were so screwed that there was nothing to do but laugh at our own screwd-ness.

At least lunch with the gang took my mind off some matters.

Gave myself the rest of the day off because I need to recuperate from today's horrible things before another round of hardcore mugging starts.

I really want to go for a run. Run all my energy away. But nothing likes me today, its raining.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I was deluded into thinking the only stressful thing this week is the 3 F-ing papers on Tuesday. ENGLISH (genetic engineering better be easy to write, otherwise I am screwed). PHYSICS (It looks easy on the surface, but the you realise HOLY SHIT). BIO (I just want to give up on this.)

Then I realised that nope thats not how other teachers see it.
So I have to write a malay compo by tomorrow, since it was actually due on Friday.
Then there is 3 hours on philo this week. With 2 hours of his face. Its like life is not letting me escape his face. And 1 hour of philo exam, which apparently you are supposed to study for.
Math Assignment. (IM STUCK ON SOME ln question HELP)
Chem Assignment.
And OMG Sunday is Mothers' Day. The same day my mom is flying back from USA after 3 months. Which means I have to prepare some sort of present. And I want to buy a cake. But to buy a cake you have to go to the mall. And me+mall=not a good idea during the busiest period of term.
And ballet lessons resume this week. Taking up my Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. How nice.

So survive this week and I'm good? NO.

The following week:
Philo (AGAIN WTF) COI on monday
SS AA proposal due latest latest Friday.
Malay exam on Friday.
Then ATC.

And then the CmPS craziness will start. WAILLLLLLLL. (At least the prospect of USA will be such a driving force for us)

I just want time to read Mockingjay and Beach Blondes. Books I have been meaning to read since 2 years ago. Can everything else please just go away.

Time seems so much longer when your night ends at 2am instead of 10pm. Yet the work left to be done seems to never decrease.

Just now when I went to buy dinner this weird dude came up to me and asked me if I liked apples. It was damn WEIRD. I was going up from 2nd to 3rd level, and he was coming down. Then when I was on the next escalator from 3rd to 4th floor he suddenly ran up next to me. WHY DO I ATTRACT WEIRD PEOPLE THIS IS NOT COOL.

Please try not to be surprised if I start swearing in front of you. I am seriously losing it. And I have been under bad influence. Very few people have actually heard me swear, but at times like this I don't give a F. (wow I amaze myself with my decency to at least keep it to acronyms when I can)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can june hols just start now

I need someone to teach me from the start everything we have learnt for chem this year. In return, I wil umm... give you food.

I am already doing math and physics myself kayyyy. Today I managed to do one math question by myself and I felt sososososo proud of myself. And it was not a short question. The solution took up ONE WHOLE PAGE. hahahaha but actually I just copied the working from in front and it sort of fit but still. And apparently I look professional doing physics so tyvm i accept that compliment and shall assume that physics is my friend.

While I was contemplating my life while spacing out during malay just now, I seriously considered just giving up on bio. I honestly do not get anything. And even if I somehow manage to understand things there is like no way I will memorise everything in time. But then I realised HEY I have friends who are bio experts. And one owes me a favour for lending him math worksheets cause yk smart people like to study in advance. SO hopefully by the end of next week I will understand all things bio.

English: I am putting all my hope on Jasmine and Nigel's notes. Like, ALL MY HOPES.

And malay karangan. HAHA forget it please. I study a bit the day before not bad alr can.

Guess who ran 2.4 today. It was so hot and draggy and slow and I felt so unfit and tired by the 3rd round. And people who have timings like 12 and 9 are coming to me telling me they are too slow. PUHLEEZ at 9 minutes I wasn't even done with my 4th round. And you wonder why I don't want to go running with you.

Finally set SENTOSA DATE. Omg we have been talking about it since like the start of the year hahaha not bad we will all be turning up at open house all tanned and stuff. we need the atas hotel sleepover tooooo omg sounds so fun :D

Hopefully primary sch ppl are more free during June hols. We NEED to go somewhere besides the west (which does not include sending Nicole to tuition at bugis or meeting me at orchard). sentosa pls pls pls. hahaha liren has been wanting to go since like last year.

This post totally shows the mood I have been in since the end of malay class and i was walking along the track with minyi and the sun was so warm and soft and life just seemed so good. Also no waiting time for  buses today and pizzahut for dinner equals to good mood me :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I need to love the way I dance

I don't even know why ballet exam is making me so queasy. Ahhhh please let my nervousness stop soon. I can't afford to blank out later helpppppp. I am supposed to be chillin right now but no im sweating just by sitting here.

Okay I should probably go and practise one last time. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

Now the nervousness is gone. Replaced by panting and sweat. WHY IS IT SO HOT.
11:11 please let me do well!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best of both worlds

WHY AM I SUCH A CONTRASTING PERSON. Its like I can't make up my mind who I want to be.

Sometimes I am so self-consious. Other times I don't f-ing care how I look like.
Sometimes I want to be healthy. Other times I walk straight into Macs.
Sometimes I am in NCC uniform. Other times I am in a leotard and tights.
Sometimes I want to buff and muscular. Other times I want to be skinny.
Sometimes I go for the hipster style. Other times I go for the girly style.
Sometimes I like black and white. Other times I am all about the colours.
Sometimes I am so hungry I can eat a two-person meal. Other times even the thought of food disgusts me.
Sometimes I love waking up. Other times I consider sleeping forever.
Sometimes I enjoy studying. Other times I just want to quit school.
Sometimes my clothes have no sleeves. Other times my clothes are long-sleeved.
Sometimes I like being a minimalist. Other times I like being a hoarder.
Sometimes I am scared of the cold. Other times I am scared of the heat.
Sometimes my favourite colour is pink. Other times I think pink is way too girly.
Sometimes I am neat and OCD. Other times I am messy and can't be bothered.
Sometimes I like you. Other times I don't.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Single and unavailable

Can I please make something clear. Not every boy I talk to is my boyfriend. Yes some I may talk to a lot, but there is no need to jump to the conclusion that we are together. Please understand there are such things as boySPACEfriends. Not that I have one that sounds as perfect as described below.

Monday, April 8, 2013

If I can't lose them, means I gotta stop eating them

Wow what a lucky week right before my ballet exam.

During class on Saturday, I either went down too far or opened too wide, but when I stood up my hamstring was damn pain.

And just now I sort of fell down on all fours. Knee won't stop bleeding, and the wound on my hand is pretty deep. Luckily I wasn't too far from home, and managed to hop and limp and hobble my way back. But its quite sad that were at least 4 people around me (and caused me to fall btw) and no one offered to help me :(  Its ok I'm INDEPENDENT.

But this is really really bad. I doubt I will be able to run fast this week, and thats not just gonna affect my ballet, but NAPFA. and I think this week I can't practise to my best. OHNO. Please please please be better before the exam so at least I can practise more. And kneel gracefully.

PLEASEEE. My dear body, I haven't been putting you through all the pain and bruises and sweat and hard work for nothing, please don't disappoint me. Please don't hate me, I'm counting on you. Everything I put you through will be worth it in the end.

Friday, March 29, 2013

No need to do the same to my heart

OKAY now you can't tell me last night wasn't confusing.


That is bio's job. And chem physics math.

I already have enough confusion going on in my brain.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

loved the hols

despite the 9 ballet lessons
despite the undone work
despite not being able to paint my nails
despite not getting to eat healthily
despite not finishing season2 of PLL
despite not doing any shopping

loved the freedom
loved the carefree feeling
going out
going home late
late-night suppers
sleeping late
waking up feeling relaxed and excited for the day ahead
ganging up and owning ppl at bridge
cuddling up in the blanket because reaching for the aircon remote takes too much energy
seeing people I haven't seen in a long time
seeing the same people multiple times cause we just seem to have countless things to talk about
stacking up accessories on my arms
hanging out in places like a gang and being a public nuisance but YOLO

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yet sometimes I think too little

I think too much about a lot of the things I do.

You know how everyone is always saying they are scared to confess their love or wtv to someone else because they do not want to lose their friendship.

Well, that is the mindset I have a lot of the times. I am afraid. Afraid of what might happen. Afraid that my actions might carry implications that I wouldn't know how to face. Or wouldn't dare to face.

And in typical love stories they end up confessing anyway. Problem is, I probably wouldn't.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Turns out its plain old confusion

Im not sure what sort of mood to approach this post with. Happy? Emo? Motivated? Tired? Ranty?

So many things have been going on that my brain has sort of packed some stuff away, tucked them into the back, so that they are sort of there but not really there. Thus, it appears like there is nothing going on. Problem is, the stuff that I am choosing to ignore right now are gonna come back and bite me. Hard. And Im not just talking about schoolwork. Though that itself is a big problem.

However (rebuttal to a rebuttal), the things that are not being ignored are making me...confused. And Im afraid to talk about them here, because the person/people behind the confusion may be reading (not risking it however slim that chance might be). Just know, that I'm confused and I'm not sure what the next step of action should be and I have no one to turn to to ask for advice.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tick tock goes the clock

Crazily long and intense last week of lessons for the term.

Another rare Monday that I could go home right after school. I took so long to decide what to have for lunch that I ended up eating Subway at 4pm. Which in retrospect was not that bad of a plan because it meant dinner was unnecessary.

Tuesday was 5th March. A supposedly special day that was only made so by my friends <3 Malay was supposed to end early but there was this person there who was talking so much and asking so many questions that we ended up not ending that much earlier. Made me so impatient towards the end.

First TA of the year on Wednesday. Got it over and done with and then went out with two-third of thebackrow. But like half the class was on the same bus, and 80% of the bus was filled with rgs people.  Haha people kept shhh-ing here and there but that was like completely useless. Satisfied cravings for pepperlunch and cake on the same day :D Ooh btw thanks guys for the sinfully delicious cake.

Thursday was uneventful. Half the class was missing for chem and ss so nothing got done. Reached home after draggy bus journey and just crashed.

During math on Friday, kelly suddenly remembered that unit summary was due on that day and I was seriously scared by the way that had totally slipped my mind. Ended up rushing it after school and we almost couldn't get it printed out.

Today: Went for CmPS in the morning and since I was already at Orchard, what do I do? Shopping duh. Got back just in time for ballet, which ended 45 minutes late because we are still so bad even though exams are looming nearer and nearer. Thats my Saturday.

Tomorrow I plan to just stay at home and watch my shows while eating chips.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Musings mash-up

Long time no blog. Haha how is it that there are still people coming back here day after day of no posts. Well I forsee nothing exciting happening for this post. I just wanted to blog in the last hours of February.

This week I have been having minor freakout moments, about ballet exam. One month later they are gonna turn major. Not looking forward to that.

Satisfied zinger burger craving during study block today. YUMZ.

I think I have been practicing rather good self-control when it comes to shopping. Once it Jan, once it Feb. Problem is because it is so occasional, I always end up spending more than I wanted to. And my mum in the US is not helping. Talking about how big their stores are and how cheap their clothes are and how pretty they are arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its like can i please just migrate there. Okay March is my birthday month and there is sch hols so at least I can go shopping more than once.

Birthdays are such great things. They solve the money part and the actual going out part.

So I guess I should talk about school and studies since that is like 80% of my life right now. After not succumbing to any persuasions, I have stuck to my decision to not take MSP O'levels. I know many people see is as a waste, as a missed opportunity, and i shall not waste my time trying to convince them otherwise, just remember that there is more than one side to everything.

I am appreciative of my dedicated teachers and my fun classmates, I really am.

I can't find the perfect length for my pinafore. Its either too short or too long.

CCA is getting too...repetitive. I think it has something to do with being a Part C NCO this year after just being a Part C myself last year. And the platoon is not as strongly bonded as before. Unavoidable I know, but still a sad thing  nonetheless.

Cannot make up for mind for subject combi. BCME or PCME? I feel more drawn towards the latter.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have given up trying to make sense of it

My body clock is programmed super weirdly.

I was sososososo sleepy in the afternoon even though I had plenty of sleep the previous night. I managed to squeeze in a short nap and now I am super awake.

I seem to only do work in the morning, and that is IF I had just woken up. Which means I will end up doing nothing tomorrow.

This year has been so tiring everyday I reach home I just wanna sleep. So I have started sleeping super early, like 8pm then waking up super early, like 4am. The two hours before I start getting ready for school is super productive. I just get all the shit that needs to be done done so much quicker.

Sound like a good plan right. But NOPE. I tried that for 2 days and my body seems to think that 8 hours was just a nap. By afternoon I would be sleepy again zzzzzz.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let us create more beautiful memories

Valentine's Day huh.

I just had a major moodswing session. It was rather horrible. I think I need to go run all these feelings away.

But THANK YOU kelly clarissa jenny minyi jasmine stephanie and my secret admirer. I <3 you guys :)

And I think today is an appropriate day to say that I really want to see you again, and those few times that we did go out together are some of my favourite memories.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The peace before the storm

First of all, 新年快乐!

Then, I am going to write about my life, because thats what my blog is for.

On Friday I met up with the 6R peeps again. Or at least, one-fifth of them. Shit is was sososososo fun.Met at orchard, chilled at ion, went to jp, had dinner, went to park, lepak even more, look at the stars, walked back. My mum started calling every five minutes since 10.30 until I finally reached my cousins house at 11plus. I am now selectively-grounded. Apparently I am not allowed to hang with them anymore, but whats there to stop me?

Finally went cny shopping on sat at chinatown. Super belated. My mum said yes to everything I wanted to buy :)

Reunion dinner at cousins house on sat, then another dinner at my house on sun, cmps today, bbq tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No link

And here is where I end up while finding more ways to procrastinate learning tingxie.

This week would have been a wonderful week IF I didn't have to stay back on mon-thurs. But actually, you know what, Friday makes up for it all. Primary school REUNION :D Haiya I know its gonna be the same old people turning up again, but its still cool kay.

I am finally starting to get the rhythm of school again. Problem is its gonna be gone after the CNY break then I am gonna take one whole month to find it again, which by then would be march hols.

Teachers get judged by students A LOT. Or maybe its just us judging the teachers more than usual.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”

I still havent given up all my new year resolutions kay. On the way to completing one of them: Learn to do a handstand. Hey not an easy feat considering my height and lack of safe places. But at least prior experience on doing cartwheels seem to be helping. Been practicing at the playground everytime after jogging. Which is obviously not very often.

But ultimate goal is this:

School is normal I guess. Really looking forward to CNY but definitely not all the shit thats gonna come tumbling right after that.

Mid-morning weather is so good nowadays. I see the sun shining down on the parade square, on the field, and I think of places like this.

But then there I am, stuck in school.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deal with it

Today was a day where I felt like I was losing myself (Ok idk what that actually means but it felt like the right way to put it) and I decided to retrace my path on this blog. I was such a happy kid back in sec 2. I miss those days :(

I don't like to be sad or sentimental, so lets move on to something happier.

I saw a post where I put down the no. of each clothing item I have. And somehow I seemed to have though that was a lot. A rough estimate shows that I have since then doubled my wardrobe. And grew out my accessories collection from almost nothing to a lot of things. Haha. Superficial kid. Butbutbut, accessories are so prettyyyy.

Secretly a perfectionist?

I cannot cannot stand practicing hours and hours for somethings, but in the end screw it up when it really matters. I thinks thats why I am so scared of exams. Because exams entail spending so much time and effort for that short little amount of time in comparison. And I am not really talking about like school exams. Those happen too often already. I am talking about assessments that happen only occasionally. Like piano exams and ballet exams. I think ballet exams are the most hardcore. So much time spent each week for a year just for that one hour of exam.

(Context not just for ballet anymore) Because it hurts so much to screw up after you have practiced so hard for it, I have to train even harder. Problem is if you DO screw up, then you feel sadder if you have trained harder. Like if you didnt train as hard then you wouldnt be as sad. Haha am I still making sense.

Another super annoying part is if you are actually not bad at it while practicing, but then when it comes to the real thing you just screw up. But those people who suck while practicing suddenly become super pro during the real thing, that is, ARGH that is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Its like a combination of nerves and luck.

I really do appreciate my blog when I need somewhere to rant. And I am not really touchy-feely type of person so I would rather rant here than to another person.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Having to shout for lozenges

Falling sick :( I think the flu finally caught on to me. Its week 2 of school and 4 packets of my tissue have been used up. Interesting part is I only used 1 piece myself. Tissue supplier ;)

The whole back row is like sick. Except that buff kelly. I think we eat too much junk food liao. But at least I got drink water kay. Haha yesterday I drank so much that I had to pee super urgently just half an hour after going to the toilet.

Yesterday night I was already blur and tired. Like who the heck takes one hour to find 3 articles online. I don't even rmb what I was doing. It seems like the only thing I did last night was find those 3 articles. And I forgot to bring blouse today. Didn't even cross my mind until I was getting on the school bus. Turns out clarissa nvr bring also (toldya we were all falling sick) but in the end 4 of us in the back row didnt change out at all. Shhhh.

Spent one hour in the afternoon just talking with tmy. Like how zek would describe it 'spent so much time talking but don't even know what we were talking about.'

Ohohoho we finally measured our weight today. I am a kilo lighter than last year :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


I count today as the first official day of school. Lessons were super tiring can. Trip science + math + two languages. Mondays are the worst. 

But heheh there was no cca cause my cs are at obs. Last night I saw so many posts on twitter and fb by my batch about how they would rather spend the week at obs then having lessons. I disagree with that. Not that obs wasnt fun, but if given the choice I would still choose lessons. 

So after school I was planning to hobo around abit and crash bs' training, but omg THE WEATHER. All I did was walk from ncc room to canteen to refill bottles and back and I was already sweating. Imagine them poor things training in no.4.  

I treated myself to ICE CREAM just now :D Havent had ice cream for months

I just found out something miraculous. For this WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK, I have nothing on after school. What are the odds of that happening. First, my part has to be away, stranded on an island. Then, there has to be no msp. Next, the school my cmps is presenting in has to postpone the date. Finally, there needs to be orientation so there is no available venue and there also needs to be coc pop rehearsal so that there are very little people left.

Hohoho what a glorious week.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So damn unprepared

DUDE school starts tomorrow. Which means by today I have to get everything sorted, which btw includes studying for some stupid chem test.  O.M.G.

Tomorrow morning I am going to take the school bus to RGS for the last first time of the year.

Freakin holy momma cow asdfsdjkfwjhwnfbsfu34852hbvlrj1490-290-t9jfjbjhti2hrknif


That previous post was so short because I was trying to get it published as soon as the loud cheering going on outside my house became SUPER LOUD.

Uhhuh, here I am sitting on my bed listening to the party going on just outside.

Great, now I am trying not to; because they are playing gangnam style (there is something about this song that puts me off).

Turns out my parents made it home 5 mins before the new year, so nothings remarkable or memorable about that.

This shall be my first post for 2013