Thursday, December 5, 2013


There is so many things I wanna blog about, and I will, just need the time. But I will tell you what has been going on this week.

Soooo I am working. Everyday. Thats why time is tight. Just glad I didnt opt for full-day, otherwise I really wont have any hols at all. But I have to wake up at 7 EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. That kinda sucks, hols supposed to wake up at noon everyday yafeel. But so far I have managed to drag myself out of bed with 4 alarms.

You would think that working half day is quite slack, but every afternoon I have been trying to do so many things and by night time I will be sooo tired.

Like Tues afternnon went to play pool with michelle liren jay hongjun nesman. It was my second time in my life playing pool ever, so I teamed with liren and then nesman. Took me damn long to get the rules. And after the first match, there was a missing ball. We started looking everywhere, like in the dustbin, in everyones bags, it was damn weird cause how can a ball go missing right. But in the end it was stuck at some weird angle so it didnt come out.

Had dinner at clementi mall. We were supposed to stay out till quite late cause liren going airport straight (damn boss la this guy) and my mum wans't home. But everyone was damn tired hahaha and no one had cards so went home not that late but super tired.

Wed afternoon I was starving cause all the food at my workplace sold out so I decided to go get subway. And on the way out I saw my ABSOLUTELY HUGE SAT BOOKS staring at me so I grabbed one and WENT TO STUDY. WALAO DAMN BORING. almost fell asleep at subway. i think the person realise then she purposely come and clear my table hahaha. Then I went earring hunting, saw come nice ones at boxboss, but dk about the quality. OH BTW YA I PIERCED BY EARS. the night I got back from bali which is also the night before fam.

So I have been wanting to pierce my ears for forever. Like everyone expects me to have pierced ears alr idk why. I mean even after I pierced alot of ppl thought I have always had piercings. That night I decided I didn't want to put in off any longer, so made my mum go out with me to find a place to get my ears pierced. The one at west mall was like $100, and my mum was like no way shes paying that much cause she got hers done at $3 at some ulu place ahahha. Continued hunting and moved to jem where we found metallurgy. It was $10 so my mum said okay. I told the woman I wanted to pierce, chose a subtle pair, sat down, marked out the place, and BAM one ear was done. When the pain was just setting she pierced the other so all was good. Not super pain, just a throbbing sensation. I kept looking in all the mirrors in the shops after that, but my mum was super unimpressed though she said I looked exactly the same and she warned me thats all the piercings I was supposed to get in my life. But ummm sorry I don't think thats happening. Like I want double on one ear, and maybe a helix on the other. And I have been considering bellybutton for a long time too. We shall see how that goes.

Okay today I can blog because guess what I did this afternoon. YES SLEEP. couldnt tahan anymore like I was falling asleep on the couch with my com on my lap and double choc cookies beside me.

I will blog about all the exciting stuff soon. See ya back here kay!

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