Sunday, December 15, 2013

The tan lines will fade, but the memories will remain forever

Bali 2013 was the most amazing family holiday ever!!! Ok idk why but my family has this thing for beach holidays, like for the past 5 years all our vacations have been to the beach. 3 times to Tioman, once to Desaru, and once to Bali. I LOVE THE BEACH. like srsly a lot. I spend a lot of my free time scrolling through tumblr, and when im not looking a hot people im looking at the beach. So hot people at the beach is just like OMG LIFE.

And it is not just the beach, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SUMMER. (thank god I stay in Singapore but the weather has been a little bitch recently) You have no idea how many times I have dreamt about that American lifestyle with 3 months of no school and just having absolute fun every single day.

HAHAHA I know this post is damn out of way with all the christmassy stuff going on but too bad deal with it.

It was more than a month ago so I shall just list down some things (PICS BELOW):
1. 7th Nov - 12th Nov
2. Had to wake up at 5am but I slept at 3 perfecting my playlist
3. Met Chloe at the airport Starbucks! Such a coincidence haha she was on her way to Taiwan
4. Spent every minute possible in the sun
5. Ate lots lots lots burgers + pizza + fruit salad
6. Drank lots lots lots fruit juices
7. Bought like 30++ bracelets
8. There was this mall smack in the middle of all the shophouses and it had stores like New Look, Topshop, Pull&Bear. And the stuff on sale were legit sale prices, so I helped myself hahaha
9. Starbucks was cheaper so I drank a lot of that
10. OMG so many hot angmohs
11. And I had sunglasses on so I could stare as much as I want AHHHH
12. I got a temporary tattoo cause it seemed like a cool idea. BUT THEN I got it too early on in the trip and now there is tanline of it on my shoulder. HAHAHA and its damn obvious when I wear tanks and that one time jay and hongjun saw it they were like WTF is that and judging me so badly.
13. First hotel had this infinity pool but its even cooler cause right below is the beach. And there were a lot of people surfing so I would just hang by the end of the pool watching them.
14. Making that playlist was so worth it. Listened to it all the time when lying on the beach/ by the pool.
15. Learnt to appreciate the wonders of iBooks. Finished the whole Divergent series and OMG what an ending like so sad but yet so happy Tris was able to have such an impact on Four.
16. My mum is damn good at bargaining. I have a lot to learn.


At the mall 

What is a beach holiday without a poser shot 
OH YA black pepper crab during seafood dinner overlooking the sunset

From a black tattoo to a white one


I would have this everyday if it weren't so overpriced in Sg

Love this type of summery juices
Don't worry I didn't keep everything for myself
And you wonder why I keep going back year after year

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