Sunday, December 15, 2013

One more month

Its 6.25AM and I am sitting on my bed with my Mac, iPad, and phone in front of me.
Listening to Midnight Memories (their voices have gotten so powerful OMG).
I woke up at 1AM after a 3-hour nap.
So Im not sure whether to sleep during the day or just wait until nighttime again.

So rmb how I said I was working right, well Im not anymore. HAHAHA yeah I worked for a total of 7 days, then the boss told me they didn't need helper anymore. I was quite relieved cause it was seriously getting tiring but then quite sad also cause that was like the perfect holiday job with good pay good food good people.

That was on wednesday (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED ON MON AND TUES) and right after a hasty goodbye I rushed to paya lebar for CmPs workshop. And bem was carrying the plastic bag from the place I worked at and she couldn't get over the fact that I had worked there hahahaha. We did the normal stuff with the kids then at the end there was extra time so I played hangman with them. So long since I last played it MY CHILDHOOD IS SLIPPING AWAY.

Thursday I went to deposit my paycheck with my dad and I was so happy with the money i decided to treat him to lunch SO GENEROUS RIGHT. We had pastamania cause I had vouchers as well, such a good plan. He went for work and I went for a jog cause I love afternoon jogs cause I feel more accomplished when I sweat more haha I know its weird lah but wtv.

At night I went to watch movie with liren and michelle. Didn't join them for dinner cause I was still full from lunch and they chose to have SUSHI. Watched Last Vegas, not a bad movie but nothing extraordinary. And we all had this member card from when we watched Catching Fire tgt, and we kept asking whether got discount. AND HAVE LEH. Like the tickets were only $7, and the popcorn $1 off. NOT BAD considering we only paid student price for the catching fire tix :D

And ofc we couldn't not get Starbucks 1-for-1. There was a queue out of the shop and while waiting we were deciding btw either 2 drinks or 4 and in the YOLO FOUR IT IS. So we told the cashier 1 of each drink, plus one more random one. He was quite amused I think I would be too if I were him. They ended the promotion like 5 ppl after us so quite lucky but then it was alr 1030PM. And I finished one and a half venti-size worth of coffee. Had trouble zipping my pants omg seriously damn bloated aftwards. In fact I was bloated until Fri aftnoon and liren was just like your stomach is too small I can finish 2 meal at once and not be full. Sigh guys.

Friday I went to IMM cause they were having Billabong sale so ofc I needed to be there. The shorts were all $25 which is really not bad cause their usual price is all like $70. And I helped dad borrow his computer book from library and since JE has become the new Orchard everytime I go there I have to go inside JEM and ohgod I spent so much money. I think my earnings are nearly half gone, 2 days after I received it, HOW AM I GONNA SURVIVE NEXT TIME.

And I did not know there is a new Factorie store at Westgate. But now i do know. So I have to go. I think I will go today.

Btw my new favourite pizza is from pezzo. Go try! I recommend Hawaiian and BBQ chicken.

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