Friday, January 3, 2014


HAPPY 2014!!!!!

Let me start with the last week of 2013.

29th Dec
One and half months since the gang last saw each other, and JASMINE WHO SUGGESTED GOING OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS GROUNDED. But Nat Kelly Clarissa and I had a nice meal and long catchup at TCC. I have missed talking to them SO MUCH and I know I am going to miss them even more as classmates :( I mean who else is going to sit with me for one whole night talking about boys and JC until the waiter at TCC hints super obviously at us to leave.

LOOK I wore a skirt for once! And ya pretty christmas tree.

30th Dec
Supposed to have 6R gathering but we suck at planning (OK WE DONT PPL JUST SUCK AT COMING). So went another movie outing with Liren and Michelle. FROZENNN. Its M's 3rd time watching it can you believe it. We had a lot of time to kill before the movie and just sat at Macs talking, but liren was like a stone that day. Anywhere we go he will just sit down and stare into space tsk over-complicated brain.

31st Dec
Set 5 alarms to wake myself up before 9 (the first alarm was at 7). Went for a jog at the park because I havent climbed those hills in months; got a  bit of workout until I saw monkeys and I hate monkeys so I left.

NCO+Jenny lunch outing at Ajisen :) Haven't seen these people in damn long too so it was nice. Kish the cool kid has 7 piercings now and I was so psychic I guessed the existence of the 7th piercing and it turns out it really was there!! Left Jenny at a fish shop and the NCOs went to camp at the secret spot under the escalator. On the bus home with Jenny, we had a little h2h and I felt quite bad for not talking with her more often. Well at least she has finally joined WA (AFTER 4 YEARS WITH AN IPHONE)

Helped out a bit around the house in preparation for our new year's dinner. But guess what WAKING UP EARLY IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Fell asleep at 6 and relatives came at 6.30 and I almost missed all the fun THANKS COUSINS FOR WAKING ME UP.

Went with the cousins to a little countdown party. Watched The Wanted on TV and they are damn cool, but 1D is still the coolest boy band. Facetime with Gillian and co. at midnight hahaha my cousins were super amused by my platoonmates.

1st Jan
Legit did not go out that day. Just lazed around cousin's house, stalking Insta and watching movies. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START 2014 :D

2nd Jan
Brought cousins out to watch Frozen cause they haven't watched it and FROZEN IS A MOVIE THAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED. And it was their first day of school those poor things. HAHAHA so many sad secondary school students going home after their first day of school. I cannot imagine it at all IM THOROUGHLY ENJOYING MY HOLS. I leant something cool though: Mrs Chan (my p6 teacher) and Mr Kwan (my p4 teacher) are BOTH teaching my cousin like SO COOL RIGHT.

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