Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Junk is for dustbin

Omg just had my second macs meal of this year and i feel so grossed out. Haha this is good news cause this means im getting sick of fast food. Rmb when i used to treat myself to kfc once a week wow so glad im done w that shit.

But idk what food i like now? I can never decide what to eat like i could walk around for an hour looking at all the restaurant's menus and nothing seems appealing hahaha.

Sian lovehate relationship with food still going strong. And i keep watching weight loss shows they are damn amazing and motivational hahahah. Esp extreme weight loss that is some hardcore stuff like the ppl actually lose half their body weight HALF!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


HAHAHAHA. Ya they do call it study break. Like break for you to study. STUDY and BREAK dont go tgt gdi.

Okay I think I going cray alr. YKNOW WHY?


I woke up at 830 cause helentan say must wake early if not later exam day 8am brain still havent wake up THEN DIE. Model student right here man.

And then I debated whether I was going to look presentable or homeless. Decided on homeless. So shirt on fbts on hair up slippers on. Then I left the house. And I realised I forgot to bring jacket. Debated whether it was worth it to go back. Decided wasting a few mins better than freezing my ass off later. So i went back took my jacket and left again. AND STILL CAUGHT THE BUS! HECK YA.

(omg since when do i blog like this. send help. pls.)

SO. I reached coffee bean and it empty and quiet, just how i like it WHOOP. Bought breakfast and drink and settled down and.....


Yeah, i know, wtf.

I was gonna stay for 14 hours but by 9pm my back pain throat pain eyes pain. So fuck this, my health more important.

It would have been great had I actually been productive. But no, I legit think I became dumber this year. It takes me damn long to understand and remember and apply. There is so much shit that I still dont get and idk how I am going to pass promos (lets not even talk about A levels i beg you).

HAIYA when will i ever learn to start being more consistent throughout the year instead of always panicking last minute and just hecking everything in the end.

okok NO RAGRETS. Lets hope for a better STUDY BEAK DAY 2.

mug steady
mug strong
mug smart

(I came up with that myself ISNT IT SO COOL) okay yuexin stop daydreaming plsplspls

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Talked with the pimp yesterday and wow. Lets everything turns out fine for everyone in the end.

For the next one and a half weeks, I am going to throw aside everything else and just focus on my acads. I know I can do this!

So for now, I shall leave all my thoughts here, store them away, and clear out space in my brain for more important stuff.

Yup, thats the end of it. The time I end this post is the time I stop letting stuff bother me.

So in..




Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why relationships so confusing

Omfg so much thoughts and nowhere to let loose. 

What happened this afternoon WAS SO DAMN UNEXPECTED AND INTENSE. And it happened so suddenly like whoa i was NOT prepared for this at all. Just because i happened to be there omg like what if i had not sat there

So much deep stuff but i focus on the person thinking about the stuff instead of the actual stuff itself?!? 

Hahaha why am i always so overwhelemed by stuff like this. Why people so deep IDGI or am i just too shallow

Saturday, September 6, 2014