Tuesday, September 23, 2014


HAHAHAHA. Ya they do call it study break. Like break for you to study. STUDY and BREAK dont go tgt gdi.

Okay I think I going cray alr. YKNOW WHY?


I woke up at 830 cause helentan say must wake early if not later exam day 8am brain still havent wake up THEN DIE. Model student right here man.

And then I debated whether I was going to look presentable or homeless. Decided on homeless. So shirt on fbts on hair up slippers on. Then I left the house. And I realised I forgot to bring jacket. Debated whether it was worth it to go back. Decided wasting a few mins better than freezing my ass off later. So i went back took my jacket and left again. AND STILL CAUGHT THE BUS! HECK YA.

(omg since when do i blog like this. send help. pls.)

SO. I reached coffee bean and it empty and quiet, just how i like it WHOOP. Bought breakfast and drink and settled down and.....


Yeah, i know, wtf.

I was gonna stay for 14 hours but by 9pm my back pain throat pain eyes pain. So fuck this, my health more important.

It would have been great had I actually been productive. But no, I legit think I became dumber this year. It takes me damn long to understand and remember and apply. There is so much shit that I still dont get and idk how I am going to pass promos (lets not even talk about A levels i beg you).

HAIYA when will i ever learn to start being more consistent throughout the year instead of always panicking last minute and just hecking everything in the end.

okok NO RAGRETS. Lets hope for a better STUDY BEAK DAY 2.

mug steady
mug strong
mug smart

(I came up with that myself ISNT IT SO COOL) okay yuexin stop daydreaming plsplspls

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