Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where r my friends

Waiting for tuition to start and suddenly i feel v relieved.

That there is holiday next week, even though its gonna be spent studying, but at least still a break from school.

That i have everything i need. Finally starting to appreciate instead of being jealous hehe 

I think the sudden feelings of panic and worry and helplessness and confusion that are so damn overwhelming wont go away, but idk lah

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lol go away pls

Closed minded people get on my nerves so much like OMG DAMN ANNOYING!!! That internal fustration ughhhh wake up pls just because u think a certain way doesnt mean everybody else does too like wtf who do u think u are. Oh btw i also think the way u think is damn fucking stupid but at least i dont say it out loud 

can i hibernate

Hi guys its 1am on a friday morning and i really want to blog.

On Wed night i finally managed to have sortof a break with og. At the start it was only me and wiwi and hozuan, and we sat on the floor in this hut place in botanics waiting for the rest and the mood was almost like depressing?? IDk how to explain lah but shit it was q bad. Luckily the ogls came and it was a nice chill session at macs. Went back to botanics and GUYS i think its q a romantic place hehee can just lie on the grass IF ONLY there were stars in the sky omggg.

things just feel vvv different and its like my emotions went on a rollercoaster ride mutiple times that night