Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take me back to primary school

Can't remember the last time i went home when the sun was still up. 

Its currently 1pm and it feels sososososo nice to be on the bus, headphones plugged in, sun high up in the sky, the whole afternoon stretching out ahead mmmmm 

I think Tuesdays are now my favourite school days :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"It is so easy to forget how precious it is to be alive"

Hair for Hope on friday was damn intense. I have soooooo much admiration for everyone who shaved their heads, especially all the girls OMG all of you are such beautiful humans.


HAHAHAHHA we just stood there and waited for someone to ask if we wanted a photo HAHAHAHHA

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Since when did it get so hard to smile

I don't think I have ever ever felt as low as I did today. All the pent-up stress and fustrations. The cui-ness of school and life. Feeling so damn alone. Dreading and counting down. The general sadness lingering in the air.


I felt so empty, and had sambal fish w curry for dinner so that the spice will at least fill up my tummy. And just so I could add on stomach burn to my heart ache. Thank god for understanding friends; don't know what I would do without them. I took the red line home from Bishan to Bt Batok, one nice long empty train ride. I thought so much, and talked a little. Hahahha actually its quite funny looking back now, when 2 ppl who are both feeling damn shitty just keep sighing at and for each other. Still, its always nice to know there's another person who's got your back :)

I did what I always do when things get overwhelming: a long sweaty jog can never go wrong. But I think today I didn't run long enough, or hard enough, or maybe it was just the spicy food.

Still can't get over it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eating is essential to living

Phew finally able to go for a jog without formulas and facts swimming about in my head. Today I just let my mind wander, and it felt like such a nice escape.

Post-CTs weekend break is half over (BREAK TOO SHORT WALAO). Crazy crazy week. but at least I only had to wake up early twice. Exam week also means A LOT of stress eating. And here are  some of the nicer food in order of being eaten.

Green apple SOGURT on Tuesday. When I went to the pool after my brain died from morning physics paper.

Banana waffle at CBTL on wednesday. When I tried to study chem. WHICH WAS USELESS CAUSE THE PAPER WAS THE HARDEST PAPER I HAVE EVER SAT FOR.

After chem when we lost all hope for passing any subject. So we went to udders and pigged out.

POST-CTs CELEBRATION at Old School WOOOHOOO. Went there with the gang and guess what my half my class came trooping in OOPS.
We think we cute CAUSE WE REALLY CUTE :)

SOGURT again HAHAHA. We went at around 4 and the next time I looked at the time is was already 7?!?! SO CONTENTED :)

Then yesterday while nua-ing in the canteen, kelly was watching Autumn's Concerto AND NOW I AM SO ADDICTED. and holy shit vanness wu damn hot how did i not know of his existence.