Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eating is essential to living

Phew finally able to go for a jog without formulas and facts swimming about in my head. Today I just let my mind wander, and it felt like such a nice escape.

Post-CTs weekend break is half over (BREAK TOO SHORT WALAO). Crazy crazy week. but at least I only had to wake up early twice. Exam week also means A LOT of stress eating. And here are  some of the nicer food in order of being eaten.

Green apple SOGURT on Tuesday. When I went to the pool after my brain died from morning physics paper.

Banana waffle at CBTL on wednesday. When I tried to study chem. WHICH WAS USELESS CAUSE THE PAPER WAS THE HARDEST PAPER I HAVE EVER SAT FOR.

After chem when we lost all hope for passing any subject. So we went to udders and pigged out.

POST-CTs CELEBRATION at Old School WOOOHOOO. Went there with the gang and guess what my half my class came trooping in OOPS.
We think we cute CAUSE WE REALLY CUTE :)

SOGURT again HAHAHA. We went at around 4 and the next time I looked at the time is was already 7?!?! SO CONTENTED :)

Then yesterday while nua-ing in the canteen, kelly was watching Autumn's Concerto AND NOW I AM SO ADDICTED. and holy shit vanness wu damn hot how did i not know of his existence.

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