Thursday, July 17, 2014

Since when did it get so hard to smile

I don't think I have ever ever felt as low as I did today. All the pent-up stress and fustrations. The cui-ness of school and life. Feeling so damn alone. Dreading and counting down. The general sadness lingering in the air.


I felt so empty, and had sambal fish w curry for dinner so that the spice will at least fill up my tummy. And just so I could add on stomach burn to my heart ache. Thank god for understanding friends; don't know what I would do without them. I took the red line home from Bishan to Bt Batok, one nice long empty train ride. I thought so much, and talked a little. Hahahha actually its quite funny looking back now, when 2 ppl who are both feeling damn shitty just keep sighing at and for each other. Still, its always nice to know there's another person who's got your back :)

I did what I always do when things get overwhelming: a long sweaty jog can never go wrong. But I think today I didn't run long enough, or hard enough, or maybe it was just the spicy food.

Still can't get over it.

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