Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hai viewers why are you guys so persistent.
I know there are a lot is posts and updates that need to be made.
Such as what happened in the amazing land of AMERICA.
yes yes it is pretty exciting.
And super unbelievable.
Everyday not spent there feels so long and draggy.
Feels like ages ago when I was there and it was merely a week ago,
I would love to spent another two hours here typing out the whole trip but....

I'm sick.
It's like a combination of stomach flu and super serious flu.
It was very sudden, and I sort of got better, but now it's coming back.
I shall hopefully post more after I get better.

Although I haven't completed any holiday work at all.
IM NOT SUPPOSED TO. No homework policy and all. Teachers are such cheater-bugs hmph.

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