Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do hot people know they are hot

It has been such a crazy adventure. But the fun only began after our interview; before that was just stress nosleep tired scrapbook poster display flaps brochure game crossword memorise talk explain rehearse.

But it was soooo worth it. I think everything went rather well, and even mrs lee said we are already winners. Hey she is not one to give praises to us.

Hoho SHOPPING. Went to college mall on friday and saturday. TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Their sales are to die for man. Viv got an adorable sweater for less than $3 can you believe it. got so much nice pretty cute stuff. oh and chocolates. Even zek who actually shopped said everything was so meeee. I WANNA LIVE IN AMERICA. And monday going to premium outlet. Ahhhh my luggage is running out of space and weight.

Just now shayna wang vivian and me went to the social dance and actually danced around. It was like a disco suppppper COOL. Everyone just huddled together and did jumping and bouncing and raising hand stuff and being really really high. When it was almost our curfew this insanely cute guy decided to come and dance with us. Ben. Thats his name. He is tall blonde handsome lively cool what more can you ask for. So sad when we had to say bye at 11.

Whoooo cant believe i almost didnt want to go to the dance. Thanks viv for convincing me to wear my newly-bought clothes :)))))

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