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A week in a post

I know I know I KNOW. WORST BLOGGER EVER. And I'm losing viewers sobsob );

To make up for the lack of posts, I am gonna spend time to find pics and upload them okay. And also because these past few days have been quite amazing.

Lets start from last Monday. Which was supposed to be the last day of options, but guess who did not go (Sorry mel we did not mean to leave you alone at entre :(. Went to Bugis with kelly clarissa cynthia. We had pizza for lunch and it was really really big slice and yumz. Shopped at Haji Lane first but the stuff there was so not within our range. Moved back to Bugis Street and we spent damn long shopping. Bought some stuff that I am quite happy with hehehe :D But when we were leaving the RAIN WAS SO HEAVY. I put on my new sweater on the way home; it was a good buy.
Then one thing led to another and I met mum at JEM. While waiting for her I went to cotton on to try on the shortall and suspender skirt thingys cause I thought they looked quite cool. But nope everyone else I asked said they looked weird. Went to this Malaysian restaurant for dinner. I wanted curry chicken but my mum was like 'no no must try their signature dish!' That turned out to be nasi lemak WHICH IS REALLY GOOD and was served with curry sauce so YAY. (I PROMISE THERE ARE PICS FOR OTHER DAYS)

Tuesday was another cool day. Was supposed to go for CCA awards but well uhm I couldn't find my no.3 shoes HHAHAHA. So I went for this stupid watson test that was so pointless it was just a URL why couldn't I have done it at home. I was so pissed off I just randomly chose my answers. Went to pack stuff for entre and we weren't even done at 11.45 although matriculation starts at 12 and its at RI. We packed up it record time and ran out of school to take taxis. Not bad we were only 5 mins late. Jasmine the NOOB came in when the talk was already half-done and we were waving to her but she just couldn't see us HAHAHA cue small-eyes jokes.
 A bunch of things happened after and I sort of got separated from my group so I just followed the other group around and we were like okay we will meet at salted caramel. But when the bus came my group was already on it WHAT i had no idea and was still calling clarissa hahahaha.


Less than 10 mins later
The PEANUT BUTTER is really really really good. But not everyone appreciates it though. ALL THE MORE FOR ME :)

Went to Prata House next. What cool kids right, dessert before actual meal. Had my usual cheese prata but OMG their curry is really nice. Hahahahaha I can't seem to stop talking about food #sorryimnotsorry 
Before going to Gillian's, we stopped at the playground and acted like 6 year olds.
(wah i really cannot do this pics thing. Please forgive me and anw everything is on FB)
Played modified Cluedo that I came up with and everyone got really creeped out when some (NOT JUST ONE) people guessed it on their first round like WHAT EVEN HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Took bus with Thengyi to clementi and reached home to find there was no dinner so I had cup noodles. 

Wednesday was quite emotional tbh. Jasmine and I walked into school through bus-stop gate then walked out through main gate just to welcome kelly clarissa natalie. Its really cool that they reached at almost the same time like THAT IS FATE. Went to the hall where no one was listening to the teachers giving instructions and our entering amphi part was quite screwed up but i dont even know what went wrong. Farewell assembly was alright and I actually legit sang the school song. It is SUPER HIGH it took a lot of effort to hit those notes. Our class took a lot of photos on a lot of different cameras HAHAHAHA we were just waving like mad to different ppl to get them to help us take pics. 

Was quite tired at the end so I found myself a seat and someone else had the same idea

Entre group ran around like headless chickens distributing stuff and everything was so confusing. I think we messed up a lot of things but couldn't be bothered to fix them. In the end we gave up and was like 'lets continue next year' so that became the official plan. We went back to class and found out we actually earned quite a lot (though not as much as we initially expected). I was swarmed with a lot of documents and papers and Ms Ng saw me sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of stuff and she came over to make sure I was okay. She's really super sweet! 

Mr Lim came to class (he has been looking for us since morning) and demanded me the treasurer to justify our earnings for entre. He refused to accept the one we had came up with so me kelly clarissa decided to whip one up right on the spot. IMO we did a really good job. 

Then photo-taking time!

 Do we look alike? Apparently a lot of ppl think so. But I guess backview really does lah. we are like same height same weight.
 More of the twins of 415!

Ah the good old times of sem1 #backrowswag 

Not just any group pic, its a COOL group pic. We were demonstrating how to do the pyramid after the other group failed their 2 attempts. I think we are quite good.

 Such school pride :) While taking this pic this bus filled with HC guys drove past and they were judging us so much. And we disturbed these 2 juniors twice to get this perfect pic.

Settler's Cafe afterwards. Its a really cool place please go check it out if you have the time. Its only 6 bucks for students for 3 hours of boardgame + free flow of drinks super worth it. Went there for entre before and the guy recognised us. He even gave us half an hour extra to play their huge wall of boardgames so sweet right :)

I say I was emotional that day because the previous night I was suddenly flooded by a lot of memories. I think it was partly due to everyone suddenly reminiscing on Twitter. Then during Chloe's speech when she looked like she was going to cry I felt exactly the same. I have complained to many people on countless occasions about all the things I cannot stand in RGS, but I guess what made those things abit more bearable are the people. Especially 415'13, 213'11, thpowerof10, WISH. When sitting in class I tried imagining it was the last time seeing those people and that made me really really sad, so I started thinking about JC instead. Please don't pretend we are strangers when we meet in JC next year.
And may we have many reunions in the days to come :D

On to Thursday. Woke up quite early cause previous night I just reached home and crashed. Went for a short jog and felt healthy for like 2 minutes until I came home and had choco mint cookies HAHA. Went to bishan to study with kelly. Sat at marble slab for 4 hours, supposedly doing chinese but i gave up after half a paper. She tested me chengyus and I tried force-fitting these ridiculous stories but nope. Mum was going to Bartley to go house-shopping so the plan was to meet her but her train got stuck so we about-turned and went back to clementi to have dinner. Left lazy dad at home to fend for himself oops. Idk why but this whole week I have been feeling damnn tired so I reached home and crashed again.

Friday. Supposed to be feeling relieved its the end of the week but tbh everyday feels the same now so no diff. Went to bishan library at noon to study with kelly clarissa natalie gillian michelle. Gillian had a bit of crisis in the middle and somehow we ended up at J8 looking for food. Shared a box of chewy juniors and OMG the CHEESE is still my FAV. Bought a big pack of chips back to eat in the library. Discovered we had a nice little gift from the librarians who were being extra annoying that day. We found this pink slip that basically told us we were breaking a bunch of rules. It was quite funny though we put the chips in nat's bag and pretended that we were stealthily eating when in fact the whole wide world could see us but THERE WAS NO "NO EATING" SIGN. I had a little adventure otw home cause I got lost twice when I thought there was gonna be a bus home at 2 diff locations but turns out both these locations DID NOT have any buses home.
Rushed to get to ballet but there was no need cause teacher was late. So we decided to play a prank on her. Well 2 pranks actually. First, we would tell her nicole was in the toilet when in actual fact she was waiting behind the door and would jump out at her. The second prank was that the rest of the class hid and left me nicole victoria to tell her that everyone else had gone home. She legit believed us and was gonna start class with the 3 of us and it was super funny when the rest all streamed into the studio hahahhaha.

The plan for Saturday was to study Chinese, but my mum decided going to Johor's premium outlet was more important. Went with aunt and cousin as well. The 2 parents were super happy to get a lot of deals on their stuff. While they were legit trying on stuff I went around the Armani store being a nuisance and trying on random stuff that cost thousands of dollars. I have no idea why its so ex though. When I have time to figure out how to upload pics from my phone I will post my FAV BUY and other pics okay. But that took the whole day so I really have to study Chinese today. Its O's in 3 days in case I have forgotten.

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