Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Up All Night


Its already OCT9. WTF. The first day of OCT doesnt feel that long ago. Time is passing really slowly, but really fast at the same time. I dont even know man.

Options were supposed to be fun, not boring. sighpie. Ok, time for an update.

Baking - is so not ponnable. She keeps track of our attendance+performance like a hawk. Fortunately chiangthebaker is in my group, so at least we get our things done :) But during pracs cynthia and I are always just walking around, cause cheryl is in my group and joey is in her group and those 2 are like the pros measuring whisking baking washing cleaning. Then there we are just waiting to eat ahahaha.

MedBio - you simply can't expect to have my attention during a 3-hour lesson. Mrs Huang is super entertaining though; wonder how my bio grades would have turned out if she had been my bio teacher instead hmmm. But 3-hour lab lessons are like the bane of my existence.

Matrix - SO SIAN. Last week donna cynthia clarissa and i decided that nope we do not want to go for matrix class, so we went to the library. cynthia and I spent the hour watching one direction videos on youtube, while the other 2 slept. Donna was snoring a little, so guess what cynthia took a video HAHAHA it was damn amusing. Audrey was sleeping on the couch beside me and when she got woken up by our laughter and saw our 1D video on youtube, she just went like "SERIOUSLY?" i feel you i do not know what my life has become.

Entrepreneurship - I think this is the best options ever. maybe because kelly clarissa and i just sit in the back row as usual and laugh at things. And who can forget $$$ hehehe.

2 and a half more weeks of this. Actually it wouldn't even be that bad if options weren't in the afternoon. Wasting so much time in school after core lessons/ checking paper and waiting for options to start.

OHOHOH but one time we went to magic lab to watch movies and guess what I watched. A HORROR MOVIE - sinister. Walao it was damn scary leh. At first nat clarissa gillian were gonna watch on their com, but then not working, so they came over to my com and i sort of joined them. I have not watched a horror movie since my first one in P5 because I got so damn freaked out. I basically spent the whole movie half covering my eyes. The volume wasnt even that loud but the music was just so damn scary. URGH i am getting creeped out okay no more.

On monday we started out watching now you see me but halfway through kelly clarissa and i decided to start finding jobs. We creating a fake email account using jasmine's name and no. and when we told her she was like super confused hahahaha.

uh more updates.

A few weeks ago i got sucked into the one direction world on youtube, and I couldn't get out. yeah, i know some ppl are so gonna judge me, but wtv. HAHAHA yes one direction became my obsession. oops. but thats not all. I dragged the gang out to watch THIS IS US with me, and we had like the whole theatre to ourselves and we held a mini party there. So now 1D is not an uncommon topic of discussion :D but now the initial super obsessed period has passed. No longer listening to their songs on repeat or spending nights watching their videos or stalking them. Just reading fanfics otw to school.

omg updates seem to never finish. Speaking of going to school, I have decided to be independent for the month of october and not take school bus. Also because some morning I don't need to be in school that early. So now I have to wake up 15 mins earlier to take mrt to school. Meet jasmine at orchard every morning cause the first time i didn't know how to get to school. yes, after 4 years I had no idea how to take  mrt to school . BUT now i do ok so no mocking. And its good to talk to the innocent child because I don't get to see her much nowadays.

Past 2 mornings + last week was paper checking. Kelly and I have been having spending the time having some pretty enlightening conversation. But since sharon is right beside me, we have been guessing her marks too and its pretty demoralising. oh wells.

And yes i am awake at 3am on wednesday because past few days i have been feeling super tired and yesterday i reached home at 5+ and just crashed until 11. so yeah. today is a longlong day. Bio paper checking in the morning but whats the point i already know my score. Followed by double chinese which is like DOUBLE SIAN. Then got matrix and dundundundun 3-HOUR  BIO LESSON. well back to sleep now i guess.

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