Sunday, May 5, 2013


I was deluded into thinking the only stressful thing this week is the 3 F-ing papers on Tuesday. ENGLISH (genetic engineering better be easy to write, otherwise I am screwed). PHYSICS (It looks easy on the surface, but the you realise HOLY SHIT). BIO (I just want to give up on this.)

Then I realised that nope thats not how other teachers see it.
So I have to write a malay compo by tomorrow, since it was actually due on Friday.
Then there is 3 hours on philo this week. With 2 hours of his face. Its like life is not letting me escape his face. And 1 hour of philo exam, which apparently you are supposed to study for.
Math Assignment. (IM STUCK ON SOME ln question HELP)
Chem Assignment.
And OMG Sunday is Mothers' Day. The same day my mom is flying back from USA after 3 months. Which means I have to prepare some sort of present. And I want to buy a cake. But to buy a cake you have to go to the mall. And me+mall=not a good idea during the busiest period of term.
And ballet lessons resume this week. Taking up my Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. How nice.

So survive this week and I'm good? NO.

The following week:
Philo (AGAIN WTF) COI on monday
SS AA proposal due latest latest Friday.
Malay exam on Friday.
Then ATC.

And then the CmPS craziness will start. WAILLLLLLLL. (At least the prospect of USA will be such a driving force for us)

I just want time to read Mockingjay and Beach Blondes. Books I have been meaning to read since 2 years ago. Can everything else please just go away.

Time seems so much longer when your night ends at 2am instead of 10pm. Yet the work left to be done seems to never decrease.

Just now when I went to buy dinner this weird dude came up to me and asked me if I liked apples. It was damn WEIRD. I was going up from 2nd to 3rd level, and he was coming down. Then when I was on the next escalator from 3rd to 4th floor he suddenly ran up next to me. WHY DO I ATTRACT WEIRD PEOPLE THIS IS NOT COOL.

Please try not to be surprised if I start swearing in front of you. I am seriously losing it. And I have been under bad influence. Very few people have actually heard me swear, but at times like this I don't give a F. (wow I amaze myself with my decency to at least keep it to acronyms when I can)

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