Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Can june hols just start now

I need someone to teach me from the start everything we have learnt for chem this year. In return, I wil umm... give you food.

I am already doing math and physics myself kayyyy. Today I managed to do one math question by myself and I felt sososososo proud of myself. And it was not a short question. The solution took up ONE WHOLE PAGE. hahahaha but actually I just copied the working from in front and it sort of fit but still. And apparently I look professional doing physics so tyvm i accept that compliment and shall assume that physics is my friend.

While I was contemplating my life while spacing out during malay just now, I seriously considered just giving up on bio. I honestly do not get anything. And even if I somehow manage to understand things there is like no way I will memorise everything in time. But then I realised HEY I have friends who are bio experts. And one owes me a favour for lending him math worksheets cause yk smart people like to study in advance. SO hopefully by the end of next week I will understand all things bio.

English: I am putting all my hope on Jasmine and Nigel's notes. Like, ALL MY HOPES.

And malay karangan. HAHA forget it please. I study a bit the day before not bad alr can.

Guess who ran 2.4 today. It was so hot and draggy and slow and I felt so unfit and tired by the 3rd round. And people who have timings like 12 and 9 are coming to me telling me they are too slow. PUHLEEZ at 9 minutes I wasn't even done with my 4th round. And you wonder why I don't want to go running with you.

Finally set SENTOSA DATE. Omg we have been talking about it since like the start of the year hahaha not bad we will all be turning up at open house all tanned and stuff. we need the atas hotel sleepover tooooo omg sounds so fun :D

Hopefully primary sch ppl are more free during June hols. We NEED to go somewhere besides the west (which does not include sending Nicole to tuition at bugis or meeting me at orchard). sentosa pls pls pls. hahaha liren has been wanting to go since like last year.

This post totally shows the mood I have been in since the end of malay class and i was walking along the track with minyi and the sun was so warm and soft and life just seemed so good. Also no waiting time for  buses today and pizzahut for dinner equals to good mood me :)

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